Thursday, April 2, 2009

Abe: The Economy is the Exchange of Human Energy

Do you know this extraordinary monetary boom that is happening around the computer industry was set into motion by fewer than ten people. And now millions of you are reaping the financial rewards from the momentum that they established because they got off to themselves and allowed themselves to imagine something that currently did not exist in reality. And the economic benefit has been extraordinary. Some of them are not even part of the economic benefit, because they had a habit of thought about dollars that doesn't allow that part of it to flow to them.

What is the economy anyway? The economy is the exchange of human energy. We did not say the exchange of human activity. The economy is the exchange of human energy, and it will expand or shrink depending upon the intent or desire of the masses. So think about what's happening. Billions of people on this planet banging around with each other giving birth to constant new desire. And remember, ask and it is given. So the nonphysical is answering that desire and a very small percentage of you are in a place of allowing the desire to flow. Everyone could receive it, in other words the universe has the capacity to expand to could all be billionaires, every one of you. Every person on the planet. Because the universe has the capacity to expand to meet that, you see. But there are not that many that are asking. And there are even fewer that are answering. You get a sense of how this works?

Abraham, San Francisco Workshop, 2/20-1/99

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