Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Abe speaks to a Mother whose son was murdered

Abraham, San Rafael, CA 7/25/04

He's in such a good place of Pure Positive Energy, while you are still in despair and rage, you don't have access to him. You think that the loss of contact with your son that is the heart of your discomfort when what it really is, is the loss of full connection with your Source!

And now your son and your Source are vibrationally in the same place, so reaching for a re-establishment of a relationship wtih one will cause you to re-establish a relationship with the other.

And that is the glory of death. We just love it when someone dies because it stimulates within you the desire to reconnect with joy you have not yet known in this physical life experience.

As you begin playing the game of moving up the emotional scale and you begin receiving these communications, instead of hurting you, they will thrill you. Goose bumps will move through you. So. Good to know!

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