Saturday, December 5, 2009

When You Don't Know What to Do

Abraham-Hicks, Pivoting and Positive Aspects, Special Subjects, Vol. 2

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a situation, you struggle to find any positive aspects within it, we know that. Some things are intolerable, some things are so big and so bad that it does not seem possible for you to find any positive within it. But that is because most of you are trying to decide what action to take that would correct it, and sometimes you are in a situation where there isn't any action that seems appropriate, you feel pretty much in a corner.

What we're wanting you to always remember, is that while there may not be a positive aspect to your action in this moment, while you may not be able to figure out what to DO that would make you feel better, you ALWAYS can figure out how it is you want to FEEL. In other words it is a matter of coming back, coming back, coming back, coming back, or another way of saying it would be to draw inward, inward, inward.

If you were watching a gymnast on the balance beam, and he is out of control, he has lost his balance, you would note that those who are really professionals do not try to somersault themselves back into balance. Instead they stop and regain their balance, and then they proceed forward. By focusing on how you are wanting to feel, this is how you regain your balance.

And friends, we acknowledge that, very often, the action, what to do is not absolutely clear. And we also acknowledge that you are not always clear even about what you are wanting to have. But it is our ABSOLUTE KNOWING and our absolute promise to you, that you always know how you are wanting to feel. You know you would rather feel happy than sad, refreshed than tired, invigorated rather than enervated. You KNOW you would rather feel productive than unproductive, free than confined, growing rather than stagnant.

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