Sunday, December 6, 2009

Truth and Communication

Abraham, Orlando, FL 2/15/97

You've heard us say that communication is essential. You all cannot stop communicating. You're vibrationally radiating your communication constantly and what trips you up and makes you think that maybe you're not a good communicator is that very often [what you say and what you vibrate is not the same.] What you mean is being communicated - and what you say is something different, and they're getting what you mean, and not willing to accept what you say.

How often does your partner says to you: "Are you mad at me? " And you answer "No.", but you are! What you are FEELING is what you're COMMUNICATING!! You all are communicating much more clearly than you think. [When you think you're not communicating], you're just not a vibrational match to what you think you're saying. What you think you're saying is not what you're really saying. That's the problem. Not a match.

Do you follow?

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  1. Very true. Lack of clear communication is the cause for most misunderstandings. That is true for both personal as well as professional relationships.