Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Religion's Catch-22

Abraham, Mexican Cruise, 2/2009

Guest: But then the Buddhists have this kind of almost guilt trip that says that if you do commit suicide then you set yourself back many many many lifetimes. That's what spawned my thought as you were talking previously.

Abraham: Well, there are many people who teach that in their effort at controlling the behavior of others. Isn't that the ultimate control or grip around your neck? Your life is miserable. (It's like being at Guantanamo.) You're miserable, but we won't let you die. IOW it's the same sort of trying to control.

People say, "if you want to be part of our religion then you have to keep these rules."

And you say, "Well those people are thriving and they're not keeping the rule."

"Oh, we forgot to tell you, you don't get to know whether you've kept the rule or not until after you die. And here's the list of rules that you'll be punished for after you die."

And so then so many people are just scrambling around trying to figure it out. And we say, how do you ever let someone outside of you, and some set of rules outside of you, be louder and clearer and stronger than your own Guidance that is being offered to you from Source. In other words, Source Loves You.

The thing that you, you and we (it's the work that we do)...we want to help them to understand there's not a Dark Switch.

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