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If All is Curable, Why is there Death?

Abraham, San Francisco, CA 2/24/2007-B

Guest: I have three questions.

Abraham: We have one answer.

Guest: I'm wondering if nothing is incurable, why is death inevitable.

Abraham: Oh, that was such a loaded question because what your question seems to mean is that there is life and then there is the long, sickly slide into death. As if the only reason anyone would ever die is because they have an illness. IOW, it's hard for you to conceive that anyone would want to die.

And we say you understand that you want to be born into this physical body, why is it hard to conceive that you would want to reemerge into pure nonphysical energy? The death experience, energetically speaking, is as exhilarating as the birth experience since there is no death. We like to call it croaking. We like to be as disrespectful as we can because there is no such thing as death. Did you feel the depth of the resistance in the human perspective relative to that though?

Guest: Yes, I think so. I'm trying to assimilate what you're saying.
Abraham: So ask the question again.

Guest: So death, "croaking", let's call it "croaking", okay, croaking seems to be an inevitable experience.

Abraham: But hear it from our POV. Life is inevitable. A changing of perspectives is inevitable. Eternalness is inevitable. That's like would like it if you say: I was born into this physical life experience, and I went to a movie one day. And now I have to watch the same movie over and over and over and over and over. Every time I try to get out of theatre they say No, it's not your time yet; go back.

IOW, this is just one of the aspects of Who You Are. You never intended to stand in one place.

Guest: Okay

Abraham: You begin to develop this resistance to, and it is odd, because it is inevitable, you don't know anyone that doesn't experience it, and yet you dread it. And a question like this further enhances the dread, doesn't it?

Guest: Well, I'm not sure, exactly, really. I'm trying to reconcile, if there's nothing that's incurable...

Abraham: IOW, if disease doesn't take you out, would anybody die. Let's take away train wrecks, car wrecks, trucks running over you. And disease...and there's leprosy...

We love this question because what you're helping us amplify is that there are many people who make their death experience in the same way that you make your next choice in life experience. IOW, sometimes you've lived enough live and you've put enough into vibrational escrow that the death experience is the call of Source.

IOW, when this time space reality is no longer serving you in the powerful way you've intended, you often opt for reemergence into nonphysical and a fresh start again. Humans don't like the thought of that because they say oh the last start was pretty rough going and I just got it squared away and now I have to start all over? I have to be a teenager again?

But, we lovingly want to say to you that that is a question that would ever only be spoken from human perspective and from a disconnected human perspective as well.

Guest: Okay. Thank you. My next question: we can decide how we're going to die and when we're going to die?

Abe: You are the creator of your experience and in that sense, without exception, every death is suicide because nothing happens to any of you that is outside of what's going on in your vibration.

Guest: Whether we're conscious of it or not.

Abraham: A lot of creating by default going on by a lot of people because you're offering vibrations all over the place not tending to them because you've forgotten that it matters how you feel. It's a very common thing. People will say, "I must speak the truth. I must face reality." And we say why keep active in your vibration something that you don't want. "Because it's true."

We say but surely there are things that are true that cause alignment with source. IOW, just because it's true, it doesn't deserve your attention. Pick the things that are true that feel good when you focus on them and let that be the vibrational base of your life experience. Good.

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