Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Love = In the Vortex

Abraham- Los Angeles, CA 09/06/09 (Hat tip to David on Yahoo Groups.)

Guest: My wife says I'm "different".... We're each other's best friend, we do love each other, but she's just not 'in love' with me anymore. Something has shifted and I don't know what.

Abraham: That "in love" thing is not what people think it is. First of all, no one is ever 'in love', unless they're in the Vortex. Never. Because in the Vortex is connected with Source.

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So what happens is, you're young, you're more carefree, or you're distracted from stuff that's bothering you, by each other, so you inspire each other into the Vortex. "Ahh! Aha!" You're in the Vortex and you're looking at each other, and there's all that physical good stuff. And there you are in the Vortex, in the Vortex, in the Vortex, "In Love, In Love, In Love."

And then, you step into life, and you're out of the Vortex and you say, "You don't love me anymore, I don't feel the same way." And we say, it has nothing to do with THEM, it has to do with whether you're in the Vortex or out of the Vortex, in the Vortex or out of the Vortex.

That feeling of 'in love' is that feeling of 'in alignment' as you hold someone as the positive object of attention, you see.

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