Thursday, June 11, 2009

Abe: Go to the Beach in Your Mind

Abraham advises a man who feels imprisoned because his employer is playing power games as he tries to transition to a career in speaking instead of his current job in sales (excerpted from Law of Attraction in Action DVD):

Partial text excerpt: 
No one can prevent you from anything when you line up with it, but when you focus upon them you're preventing yourself because you're splitting your energy, and then giving them the credit, and that's how people like that feel powerful.  They're just energy splitters, that's all. They're very good at convincing you to focus your mind in a way that splits your energy. Anyone that seems to have power over anyone that's all they're doing. They're just dancing such a flamboyant dance that you can't get your eyes off of them, and because you can't get your eyes of them, you've got your energy split, and then you're not powerful, but it's not because you can't be, it's because you're focused in a way that's keeping you from your power.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for posting. It's always good to hear the same message in a new perspective. And now, I'm off to the beach...