Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Cannot Bargain with Vibration

Abraham, San Rafael, CA, 7-22-07

Most of you stand in this place of defending why you need or want something better. You say, as if you were pleading to your mother—you did that when you were little: I NEED it! I REALLY NEED it!

“Mother, I really WANT this.” “Well, we all want things, son. You don’t get what you want.” Many mothers say that, misguided beings that they are. “You don’t get what you want.” “Well, I NEED it.” “Oh, well that’s different. How badly do you need it?” “I will DIE if I don’t have it.”

As you plead your neediest cases, that’s when Congress puts the money there. That’s when your mother gives up the goods. That’s when people who are weary of your complaining, cave in and say, “Alright TAKE the car!”

But we’re wanting you to understand that even though humans may cave in to your negative demands or pleading, the Universe never, EVER gives you what you want, when you’re beating the drum of what you don’t want. Everytime you are justifying how much you NEED something, you are vibrationally preventing yourself from having what you want. You cannot offer the frequency of NEED, and DESIRE, at the same time. You cannot be a vibrational match to what you want, and its absence, at the same time.

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