Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seth: Disapproval of Self Hinders

Now: Right now, self-disapproval is involved. You disapprove of yourself because you feel poorly—and because you do not approve of the basic feelings that are behind the difficulty. (an upset stomach for Rob)

You do not approve of yourself because you think you should be making money “on your own.” You do not approve of yourself because you think you should be a better artist, or a better writer—but in any case, you do not let yourself appreciate the self that you are.

When you realize this, then you disapprove of yourself for not being wise enough to understand. Behind this is still the idea that self-disapproval is somehow valuable—it will somehow make you better.


Try to be more compassionate toward yourself and your feelings. Do not judge your feelings. The disapproval causes you to bury them. Out in the open, you can handle them easily.

Ideas have changed also since your (childhood), when those ideas were instilled in you. The feelings become exaggerated, and prevent you from accepting the quite valid feelings of your own worth. Approve of yourself as you are, now. Avoid thoughts of regret. Doors of all kinds will open when you take away that restraining mental habit.

(Pause.) "Peace."


  1. I read your blog quite a lot, and i have found usefull material (i especially enjoyed abe- group dinamics). I have a blog of my own, in which i translate Seth into my language. It seems that right now i lack creativity, but i want to say to you that i apreciate what you are doing.

  2. Thanks, Alex. Good to know. I've put in time on other people's seth sites and lists over the years, so this is a way of passing it on.

    iirc, the Abraham on Group Dynamics was transcribed from an old session someone sent to me. It's especially useful in dynamic, creative environments - like starting a band or a tech startup.

    I'm assuming there are no Seth books (in Romanian?); I think it's great that you're making it available where it's likely never been before and to people who would otherwise never see it. Good work.

  3. Corect, in Romanian. There are some persons who are familiar with this material but for the "large mases" it sounds extremely unusual and weird. I have finished translating Seth Speaks and only have to polish it. The details are important in order to keep the original message, the flow of ideas.

    I will keep studying it, and i'm quite curious to see where it would led me.

    And again, the materials that you are posting are quite usefull. Good bye and see you around.