Monday, June 15, 2009

If you're There, you can put this crap down.

Abraham, 2007 Alaskan Cruise

Guest: I have cognitive dissonance between my world of business, which I can play in and have fun, and the world you share of, the spiritual side. I, I found, you know, I wanted to sort of run away from it so I said, Let's go on cruise, it just happened to be an Abraham cruise, my wife was thrilled. And, I find that the business side is so easy and fun. And the spiritual side is a lot of work, for me.

Abraham: Well if your business side is easy and fun then you've got the spiritual thing down, and don't worry about it. [applause]

Guest: I'm there!

Abraham: Because there is not something that you're supposed to do. And there is not some vocabulary that we want you to learn. In other words, if you say, I have found something and when I focus upon it it thrills me and calls me forward, then we say, you have intuitively listened to your Guidance and you're right on track. And these words are superfluous.

Guest: I'm there .... I'm there!

Abraham: Yes, indeed. [big applause]

Abraham: Now he's going to the Lido bar. No point in listening to anymore of this crap ... We mean that in the nicest way. (Big Laughter from Group).

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