Sunday, June 21, 2009

Abraham: Did His Father Abandon Him or Free Him?

Abraham - San Francisco, CA 8/10/02

G: It's simple to say that he (his birth father) abandoned me, but now...

A: Or freed you.

G: I hadn't thought about it that way because

A: Freed you to be the chooser of your life without the influence of someone already undecided and unsure.

G: And troubled, he had...

A: Someone who wants more than anything to be of value. Who recognizes that he cannot guide his own life, what possibility does he have of guiding another...

G: Oh Abraham, this is wonderful.

A: ...and wisely said, "You'll do alright."

G: He used to spend a lot of his time in his fishing boat. He didn't, he was very much a loner.

A: He was much more a connected being than you have ever been allowed to believe that he was. Because those who wanted to justify to you his absence, had to make his being gone, wrong.

G: Ahhhh, exactly.

A:They couldn't let his absence be a noble thing, or a virtuous thing, or a guided thing, or a connected thing. It had to be a wrong thing. So you were spoon fed misinformation.

G: Because he got a lot of this ying, ying, yang from his family.

A: Of course he did. He did not stay put. And he did not allow them to pigeonhole him. And he refused to suffer in the ways that they chose to suffer.

G: Well now, because of the vibrational match, now Abraham, I did the very same thing. I fathered a child in another part of the world.

A: And then that child is blessed as you have been blessed.

G: Ahhhaaa. When I think of all the cheap melodrama I've gone through in my own head about all this. I don't have any guilt anymore. I freed him, too. Didn't I?

A: You did what so many of you intend to do. You come forth and provide an avenue for focused consciousness to have physical experience understanding that while guidance can be beneficial, that guidance is always coming from broader perspective and that Well Being is the order of things.

And so we're just using your example to sort of balance things out just a little bit. There's no right or wrong behavior. We're not saying it's wrong for a father to leave, or it's wrong for a father to stay. Or it's right to live in this way - wrong to live in that way. What we are saying is, you can't get it wrong. And your father didn't get it wrong. And you didn't get it wrong.

And anybody who's decided to make that wrong, is just using that as their temporary excuse to not allow themselves to have all of the riches that this environment is offering to them otherwise, you see.

You can use anything you want as your excuse to not allow Well Being in. And it is amazing how flimsy some of these excuses are. And on your world stage, many would say, "Abraham, this is far from a flimsy excuse...

We would focus in the more poignant now. We would make our relationship with our Source...

G: Oh, all right.

A: about things that you understand fully...

G: Yes, yes.

A: and not nebulous things you are piecing together. Since your father is not unhappy or unhealthy; since there is nothing that can be gained by going back and retracing it, then we just do not encourage it.

We encourage you instead to find something that is tangible in your NOW. And use that to activate your vibration and connect to your Source Energy, as a result of something that is more current.

It is exactly the reason that we think thses virtual realities are so lovely, and delicious, and life giving, and helpful. In other words, we would rather you get into a pure fantasy - than face any kind of factual reality, if the factual reality has the potential of taking you into a place that does not feel good.

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