Friday, July 23, 2010

Reality is Old News

Abraham, Phoenix AZ, 12/5/09

You want to say, "Reality is OLD NEWS!"

Even what's manifested right now, it's old news, it's past tense. The money in my bank account right now is past tense. My physical bodily conditions right now are past tense.

They're past tense because there is a vibrational reality that's new and vivid and current, and it's who I really am, and it's based on that (which) all of my emotions ARE.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who is God? Your Spiritual Guide.

Abraham, Sydney, Australia 12/13/09

Abraham: You have to know that since we are vibrationally projecting, since we are all vibration, that it isn't possible for this creation of you to be standing there singularly. You are vibrationally a cooperative component with so much more,  and it is that cadre of vibration that man sometimes calls "God" that is your Spiritual Guide, you see. It doesn't matter what label you give it.

Someone said to us, "Abraham I have come from religion and I don't hear you speak much of God," and we said we don't talk about anything else. But we don't talk about it in the way you've been hearing it because you talk about God from outside the Vortex and we talk about God from inside the Vortex. You talk about God as if you are not God, and we know that you are that which you call God.You talk about God as if you are separated from God, and we talk about God with the intention of bringing you into alignment and Oneness with that which you call God. And mostly, we don't use the word God because it takes you out of the Vortex.

You talk about God as One Who Punishes.  You've made God petty, and immature, and irrational, and arbitrary, and we know nothing like that in this Vortex of Creation. There is only consistent, eternal, always-offered Unconditional Love that is God, you see. And when you find something other than that, you've tuned into something different from that, you see. And so if we were standing in your physical shoes, that is the Spiritual Guide we would be reaching for and your emotions will take you right to it.

You will find it through Love and you will find it through Passion. You will find it through Eagerness, and through Happiness and through Joy. You will find it through Trust. You will find it through Worthiness. You will find it through  Satisfaction. You will find it through reaching for Ease and Flow, Ease and Flow. In other words, it's a feeling. It's an emotion. It is a State of Being which is represented to you by the way you feel.

So when someone says, " Who is God"

You say, "It is Love."

And they say, "No, not what does it feel like, Who is It?"

"It is Love."

"Well, have you seen God?"

I know God. I feel God. It is Knowledge. It is Certainty. It is Sureness. It is Stability. It is Wellness. It is Friskiness.

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