Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Abraham on Wall Street 2008

Abraham, author of a N.Y. Times bestseller on $$$,  fields a question on Wall Street as the financial Crisis erupted in 2008:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Seth on the Double Entendre Economic Catch-22

When I say economy, however, I am not simply speaking of economics in financial terms--rather in the larger meaning of economy in sparing down, cuffing out non-essentials, fearing to waste not simply money, but energy or time.

All of these ideas are based upon the fear that an individual possesses only so much energy that must be hoarded, directed--not easily, but with fantastic force. The clothes dryer in the basement represents energy that you are afraid to use. You realize you have the money to run the machine or to buy the washer. It seems somehow sinful, however, wasteful and wrong.

(9:30 p.m.) Give us a moment...it, the machine, rebukes you by its presence, because it represents a dilemma. All of this is quite aside from the exterior energy crisis.

The grasping, licentious attitudes connected with world energy are the results of the same attitudes.

There is not an energy crisis.

While you believe, however, that energy is limited then you are gluttonous for using it at the expense of poorer nations--who will then, sharing the same beliefs, retaliate.

Energy must be used. It creates more of itself. It cannot be hoarded.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seth: the Economy Is Also A Reflection

You will benefit by the economy's misfortune--but because your ideas are what people need in order to change the conditions that caused the economy's lack of comfort. The economy itself is a reflection of people's concepts, their way of life, and it is not working. Your ideas offer hope and literal promise. The people have brought this upon themselves in their beliefs, and so it is indeed a creative venture.

Those who looked entirely to money and position are forced, and will be, to question their beliefs. The troubles with the economy can be the answers to the problems of Western civilization. There are always psychic checks and balances. When people feel they have gone too far in one process, they disrupt it, stop it, look at it.

Seth 12/18/74

Friday, March 27, 2009

Seth to Pasteur and Germ Theory: Drop Dead!

Seth (ESP Class, 11-10-70):

You can get rid of all the illness when you realize that you have the habit of creating and drawing it to you out of fear. What you fear most you draw to yourself.

Instead you must concentrate upon what you want and do not be so worried about where I am, just listen to what I have to say for now. You can learn to concentrate upon what you want and draw that to yourself and you can learn and without too much difficulty, to completely restructure the health habits of your family.

Now there are some past-life reasons for your attitudes and also for the profession in which you find yourself, and we will go into those.

But first of all you must understand that you can draw health to yourself and vitality and strength and that you are not at the mercy of any poor crawling germs or little flying monsters that come to attack you or your family, nor are you at the mercy of any fact.

Now I tell you this because there is a connection in your mind and illness becomes to you the symbol of something far different and far more profound.

It becomes in your mind the symbol of evil which attacks you in your mind in small ways to small illnesses. Now, this you have created for yourself and you can cease creating it. And now go home and feel well.