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She wants to be Recording Artist on a Mass Level

Abraham-Hicks,  Atlanta, GA 09-13-97B

Guest: Abraham, I have strong desire and passion to be a recording artist on a mass level, and to awaken and to uplift people through my music, and in many respects I've been a very powerful creator in moving my career along. And yet at the same time I've been a really powerful self-sabotager.

I've had scenarios where, for example, I created ... a record company was interested in signing me, and the A & R person ended up getting fired, so I lost the deal. I had another situation, through a miraculous series of events, I created meeting a President of a record company who signed me, and I waited a year to record the album, and it just never materialized. He wanted to produce the album and had various commitments that kept getting in the way.

And then I was really pleased with myself thinking I'm a very powerful creator, and created a billionaire that I met through - I have a spiritual counseling practice - and he was going to fund the album and gave me the first installment, and I went out, booked the studio, and through another series of miracles, met the right producer, the right musicians, and started to record the album, and then he withdrew the funding. And he was very manipulative, and it got into kind of a sexual cat and mouse game with him. 

And so I received another gift a money to continue trying to finish and, you know, get this album recorded to begin shopping it to labels, and was able to complete three songs, and was preparing to shop it, and had received very favorable response from a number of people about it, and then I created a horrific car accident in January that I ended up having two surgeries on my hand, and it didn't escape my notice that one of the fingers that was injured was the, and I don't know a whole lot about palmistry, but it's called the Apollo finger which is about putting your creativity forth in the world...(laughs)... 

So, I'm just kind of, I guess, perplexed cause I know I have strong desire and wanting and I've been listening to your tapes for four months now, and I've explored what my resistance might be in terms of possible  fear of fame, or...

Abraham: We don't think that's it, do you?

Guest: I don't know. So I'm just, I guess, I'm worried that I'm formulating a belief that every time I get close, and right now, you know, I've recuperated from my accident, and...

Abraham: Well, it is possible that you have begun to formulate a belief because when something, you see, when something happens, you have a strong desire, and you're moving along on it, and then something happens, and the tendency is to take score about what happened and then to talk about what happens, and to sort of achieve a habit of that vibration, so that the universe just lines up more, iow, the  universe is lining up good things and bad things, both based upon the vibration of your output, and so what you're wanting to do is to begin - right now- talking only about your successes. IOW, these are amazing accomplishments, in other words,  tell the first half of the story, just don't tell the second half of the story. And as you stop telling it, you'll stop feeling it so much.

What you're wanting...Here is the bridge that if we were standing in your physical shoes we would amplify:

Already, with very little effort, I've opened more doors  than most people in this field ever open in a lifetime.  I truly am on the track of unfolding. There have to be countless artists, who have walked down this same road I'm walking down, and when I listen to their editorials or when I listen to their interviews, almost every one of them tells stories just like this.

And we can feel from your vibration that the vibration of your desire is the dominant vibration. And we believe, these gridlines that we were talking about earlier, we believe that these hindrances that you're picking up along the way, are not so much a reflection of your deep-seated belief as they are just the frivolous attitude that mass consciousness has about these kind of things. 

And because you didn't know about flowing energy, and you didn't really have your vibration in an absolutely pure place when you began, you're being buffeted around by the beliefs of mass consciousness relative to this subject. And most artists are, in other words, they almost all tell these kinds of stories in the beginning.

But most people who are making the endeavor that you are making do not have anywhere near the successes to tell that you do - you get the sense of what we are talking about? So you are not in the same league at all with the masses who don't make it, you are absolutely in the league with the handful that do make it, in other words, that's where you are, that's where you are, that's where your vibration is, that's what your future holds.

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You see, here's the way it works, the universe is responding to your vibration, so when you say I'm wanting more money, the universe responds to the vibration of your desire. But then when you say, but money is hard to come by, the universe responds to that vibration, too. So now the universe is responding to two opposite vibrations so nothing changes for you.

People will say Abraham I want to be well; I'm afraid of this illness. So they're offering two contradictory vibrations, and as the universe responds to both of them, nothing changes for you. So all you have to do is just talk this one, but not this one, in other words, tell this side of the story. 

And there is a habit, almost everyone has it, and we're hearing it here with you, where you say," da da da da da da...BUT. Da da da da da BUT...da da da da da." And so, that's what's happening: Bring it, take it; come to me, go from me; I want you, I'm not having you; I deserve you, I'm not getting you. " IOW, can you feel..and so all you have to do is put this arm in your pocket, in other words...

Jerry: Can you give an example of the first three scenarios that she projected... of just half of it?

Abraham: I've created three songs that are being very well received. And there are stations that as they are playing them, are really enjoying what they are hearing. My music has reached people on many levels. I had producers wanting to produce. I've had studio owners interested. I've had funders ready to fund. IOW, my work is right up there with the best of it.  People are enjoying what I have. The universe it lining things up for me. It is a sure thing that it is unfolding.

I'm exhilarated as it unfolds. I'm learning so much as I go. Everything that has happened has sharpened my desire. I'm clearer about what I want now than I've ever been before. I have new desire in my belly that was not there before. Each person that I've interacted with has helped me in the clarification of what I'm wanting. I can feel the universe responding to my vibration now in a more powerful way than it ever has before.

I know that many famous people have walked this very path that I am walking. I am exhilarated and I always want to remember the deliciousness of these beginning points. I know that one day I will be very far from where I am now and I will remember the tender beginnings of the magnificent creation. I am having such joy in this work as it is unfolded.

Guest: Thank you. Thank you. It's wonderful.

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Abe on How We Attack Ourselves

Abraham - Sedona, AZ 9/30/03

We have noticed that the thing that keeps you, most of you, more disconnected from Who You Really Are longer than anything else while it is happening is your attack on self. When you are standing beating up on yourself, or feeling ashamed because you are not doing better, that is about the strongest point of disconnection you can achieve. Your Inner Being adores you so. And when you are choosing something other than self-adoration, you are realy picking a bone of contention with your Inner Being. You are saying, "I am choosing the exact opposite perspective Who I Really Am!"

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Save the World

Abraham - Albuquerque, NM   09-01-04

You didn't come on a mission to save the world, or to fix the world, or to correct the world, or to make the world see the errors of their ways.

You didn't come forth to align the world, to unite the world. You didn't come forth to do anything other than have your experience give birth to your preferences, align with your own preferences, and live happily ever after.

You didn't come to earn worthiness. You already are worthy. You didn't come forth to become intelligent, you already are intelligence. You didn't come forth to achieve godliness, you already are God.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hard Labor v Visualization

Abraham-Hicks,  Boston, MA -10/09/99

Act a little less and think a little more. We're not saying stop acting and do it all in mind. We're saying work your 8 hours or your 10 hours or your 16 hours, just spend at least 10 or 15 minutes -- in a day where you are working 8-10-16 hours of physical action in order to maintain the physical stuff that you've gathered around you -- trying to find pleasure from some vision. Afford yourself that. And that 10 or 15 minutes that you are finding pleasure will cause a focalization of Energy within you that the Universe will actualize around. You will begin to notice that you are more productive, because of 15 minutes of  visualization, than you were from 16 hours of hard labor.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Abraham on Jerry's Struggle with Taxes

Abraham - Tampa, FL 01-8-05

Abraham: Jerry struggled as you do, with the idea of paying a lot of taxes and the taxes being used for things he does not approve of... And then we said to him, "Mentally project your taxes towards those things that you appreciate." And then relative to the subject of your government...what you would do if you were in charge. We want to give you something here that will soothe you. And soothing you is what this is all about.

But we want you to understand that everything that is happening - is happening as a result of mass consciousness' participation in it, and your government who makes the decisions about waging the war or dropping the bombs, is a smaller part of the unfolding of the events than you think.

Because all of this has been projected into your future experience. What is happening in your experience today was set into motion by a long-time history of thoughts. So what we're really getting at here is that as an individual, certainly you want to play a responsible role in contributing to your mass consciousness, but we are really wanting you to understand, that you cannot as an individual, nor would you want to, put on your shoulders the responsibility of dictating the way these affairs should turn out because they are not as it appears the results of the decisions of one man, even one merry band of men who are sitting around deciding what they are doing. It's a BIGGER CURRENT than that.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pathwork Lecture Excerpt: Role of Daydreams

Blogger's note: Every once in a while, I post something that is neither Seth nor Abe. Today's blog excerpt is from "The Guide" channelled by Eva Pierrakos. More psychoanalytic in approach, the tone of these lectures is more structured and harsh than Abe, and at first glance they can seem opposed - especially on the subject of reality and daydreaming. But I don't think that's actually the case if you stay with it. To me, it's about the difference between fantasy or wishful daydreams and something that will actually manifest in your life.  This was clarified in a later lecture that I can't find right now. You'll just have to take my word for it. :-) Hope you enjoy the temporary interlude. 

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 98 - 02/16/62

And now, my friends, I would like to discuss a new topic. Let us discuss wishful daydreaming. Let us understand their origin, their harm, and their benefit. For there is also a benefit, although often a precarious one.

Basically, there are two different kinds of wishful daydreams. One kind comes from thoughts, and the thoughts come from drives. These drives are connected with your idealized self-image, your self-glorification, inadequacy, your lack of self-confidence. There is no human being who does not, even consciously at times, indulge in daydreams. In them, he sees himself in situations in which he proves to those who have slighted him his superiority, his greatness. In such daydreams, now they admire him instead. They convince themselves that they were mistaken about him, and he experiences satisfaction, revenge, gratified pride. Thus he enjoys living in a way that is the very opposite of his deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. He corrects his undesirable reality by fantasies, as it were.

The harm lies in the fact that precious energy is being spent on fabricating such wishful daydreams, energy that could be spent in the much more constructive pursuit of finding the root of the inadequacy and eliminating it. In living such fantasies, a certain momentary relief is experienced, but it is a relief that is purely illusory. It is not enough to say that daydreaming is escaping reality. This is true, but let us understand more precisely in what way this happens. If you resist finding the truth about yourself -- the truth of your errors and misconceptions -- you cannot come to terms with yourself, with others, and with life as a whole, or at least in all those aspects that are affected by your problems. So you whisk these inadequacies away by experiencing the opposite in fantasies. It is true that this brings relief in a drab life, but the fact that this relief is available will hamper your efforts at finding cause and effect, in removing cause and effect, and in instituting more constructive patterns.

However, there is also a benefit to this mechanism. One benefit is that, out of the fact that the realistic remedy is not sought, through the activity of correcting life in fantasy, aggression and hostility and destructive impulses are removed. Another beneficial factor is that these daydreams are a symptom. How can you ever find a sickness if there is no symptom? If a physical disease is hidden in the inner organ without its producing a symptom, it would deny you the opportunity of seeking and treating the origin before it is too late. The same mechanism exists when it comes to your soul life.

However, most people enjoy the symptom, and do not wish to recognize it for what it is, and therefore do not benefit from the symptom. Again I say, to simply repress, by some form of discipline, your desire for producing daydreams will not serve any purpose. It will create greater anxiety and different outlets and symptoms. It is better to pick up a little detached distance from this activity of producing corrections in your life by daydreaming fantasies. Observe their particular pattern. Keep a note of them. Realize their general characteristics, their common denominator, their underlying goal This will offer you invaluable material about the root of your problems.

Instead of repressing daydreaming and instead of indulging in them without trying to observe and understand, make them the beneficial symptom that they are. Thus you will turn a destructive activity into a constructive one as long as this activity is a necessity for you. But your psyche will give it up to the degree that you learn to live life in reality. Then they will simply cease by themselves. This cessation must be a natural, organic process, but before this comes about, you must learn to observe and evaluate them.

The second category of wishful daydreaming is emotional in nature and comes from needs, as opposed to those from drives. We have gone into the subject of needs quite extensively. Your repressed, unrecognized needs may create an even stronger force just because they are repressed. This force must have an outlet, which then occurs often through this other kind of daydreaming. If the healthy pursuit of need fulfillment is hindered through your pseudosolutions, unrealistic fears, erroneous images that paralyze your constructive energy and resourcefulness, then an imaginary outlet is necessary. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfillment is then possible only in fantasies. Again, this is a relief, and again, it is not enough to say that it is merely escape from drab reality.

When you are unwilling to leave your isolation, your needs cannot be fulfilled. As you know from previous talks on the subject, you then either repress awareness of these needs, or you displace them into indirect, superimposed needs that are not your genuine ones. All this creates confusion, knots, paralysis of your spontaneity, of your capacity to feel, to live, to experience in reality. This in turn creates many vicious circles which then make it even more difficult to come out of this destructive pattern. Since your psyche refuses to let you cheat it from living, the accumulated pressure often makes it necessary to provide some outlet. So you may experience a certain fulfillment in daydreams. Only by observing and evaluating your daydreams can you learn to what category they belong -- it is very likely that you produce both kinds -- and what unfulfilled real needs may be contained in them.

The more satisfying your fantasy fulfillment is, the less incentive will you have to resolve your problems so that fulfillment can become a reality. You live a life of your own behind your walls of isolation in which you can direct everything as you choose without interference from others, without outer obstructions. This seems more favorable. The more you live in these daydreams, the less will it be possible to deal with outer obstructions, and the greater will become their influence on you. It will finally seem to you that actual fulfillment is impossible because, in reality, you cannot direct as you choose. This, of course, is utterly untrue since fulfillment is possible in spite of the fact that not everything happens exactly how and when you desire it. But this is only possible if you are flexible and go with life's stream. In the unconscious conviction that fulfillment is impossible in reality, you completely withdraw from living and no longer try. The precarious pseudofulfillment is, at least, something and is so much more than, at this stage, you are capable of experiencing in reality. Determine if this holds true with you, and to what extent. This will be so beneficial, so health bringing!

Yet, to a degree, the existence of some daydreaming of this sort may even spur you on to seek fulfillment in reality. Then they do have a beneficial effect. It depends here on what level you produce them and what your attitude is to them.

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The more immature a person is, the more "successful" will his daydreaming be and, therefore the less will he be capable of and willing to live his life now and in reality, and the more will he need complete control of circumstances to which he has access only in his daydreams. And conversely, the less will he be capable of experiencing fulfillment even while he is flexible and resilient to outer circumstances that are not entirely according to his plans and prescribed ideas. The discrepancy between his daydream situations in which he can make others behave, say, feel, react as he wants, and the reality situation which is often different and does need flexibility, patience, and a lack of childish obstinacy, is too much for him. Thus he prefers living in his dreams, in a would-be situation in which he deceives himself into believing that all that will occur in the future -- now he lives it in fantasy, tomorrow in reality. Of course, the morrow never comes. It goes on being deferred. Fustration is often caused by the fact that the reality situation never conforms to the fantasy situation that has been laboriously prepared in daydreaming. The latter seems so much more satisfying. But the former is infinitely more satisfying, provided courage and flexibility is adopted, provided one gives up the need to control everything, provided one gives up the blueprints and lives spontaneously.

The foregoing should make it quite clear wherein lies the harm of such daydreaming. It may prevent you from living in reality. Now, what is the benefit? Apart from the same benefit applying to the other type of daydreaming, namely the fact that it presents symptoms from which much insight can be gained, there are still further benefits. One, already mentioned, is that daydreams may spur on the incentive to live fully. Also, they can be thermometers and show up inner changes. The different quality of your emotional daydreaming, of the kind of satisfaction you derive in your fantasy, may indeed be an indication of your growth, of the direction in which you are moving onward. To determine this is very beneficial.

Moreover, the activity of daydreaming of this kind encourages your repressed needs to reach your awareness. You will appreciate by now how important this is. But it happens very often, my friends, that this conscious awareness of your needs exists in a way rather halfhearted. You are conscious, but without the evaluation of what it means. You allow your emotions to experience these needs only during the activity of your daydreaming. However, the moment you step into real life, you shut off this awareness, and you live as though this other part of you had nothing to do with the rest of your life. This fragmentizes you and causes a split that could be mended by an increasing awareness that is retained, evaluated, and with its significance understood. That then is the harm of daydreams, the failure to take advantage of the benefit they could be.

If you develop a greater awareness of all your daydreaming, you will derive much benefit. It is my advice to many of you who are on this path that whenever you find yourself engaged in this activity, develop a new approach. Observe, watch, evaluate, note, weigh, determine, but do so without strain, compulsion, or pressure, just calmly and quietly. Make daydreams the useful symptom which they are meant to be by learning from them about yourself, about your real needs, about your drives, about your pseudofulfillment in them, about their goal.

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Now, are there any questions on this subject?

QUESTION: I have many daydreams. When I stop, my fears become active. When my fears recede, I start daydreaming again. Why is that?

ANSWER: Because, you see, my friend, both have the same common denominator, the same root. They both are an expression of your self-alienation. You know perfectly well from your recent findings that your conscious fears are not your real fears. They are displaced fears. They are the fears you want to have rather than the basic fear that you do not wish to face: the fear of being yourself. You are aware of this, are you not?

Therefore, since these are not your real fears, they take the same escape mechanism as your daydreams. You experience either substitute fears or substitute fulfillments. Since you do not face and tackle the problem of becoming yourself, you cannot have the fulfillment that everyone inwardly strives for. Therefore you create substitute fulfillments which you partially experience only in fantasy. It is just as though your psyche says, "So long as I do not face my real fear, I do not mind having other fears. But as long as I remain in this attitude, I cannot be fulfilled. Therefore I need substitute fulfillment." The one is tied to the other. This is why you alternate between experiencing pseudofears and pseudofulfillment in daydreams.

QUESTION: I can't connect my daydreams and my fears in a concrete way.

ANSWER: This is not necessary. If you proceed to face the reason why you fear to be yourself, and develop from that point, these other questions will fall into place. But if you wish, you can observe the nature of your daydreams and the nature of your fears, and you might discover the connection that I just indicated.

QUESTION: What is the difference between drives and needs?

ANSWER: A need is a very basic function of the human entity. A need is something real unless it is displaced and superimposed with an unreal one. A drive, as I mentioned earlier, comes from compulsions which, in turn, come into existence out of misconceptions, out of your images, your lack of belief in yourself, your idealized self-image, and from resorting to pseudosolutions. All these create drives, while the needs may be wants that are utterly healthy.

QUESTION: If a person does not daydream at all, is this a sign of lack of imagination or of maturity?

ANSWER: It could be a sign of maturity, but not always. It would again be a hasty and oversimplified generalization to answer this question with an either/or. If a person does not consciously daydream, it may also indicate something else, but not necessarily a lack of imagination. This is a label that would not get us very far. For what is lack of imagination? It may mean that your creative faculties are inhibited. Not having conscious daydreams may also indicate resignation, stagnation. This may sound paradoxical because I just finished telling you that an overproduction of daydreams at the expense of actual living is unhealthy. Now I am telling you not to daydream may also be unhealthy and a symptom of your unresolved problems. Nevertheless, this is often so in many respects. The presence of a symptom may indicate something quite similar to its absence. Overproduction of daydreaming at the expense of actual living may indicate that a part of the psyche is not at all reconciled to not living. Underproduction of them may indicate an inner giving up. But it depends very much on the kind of daydreaming, as well as on many other considerations, to accurately determine the reason.

The loss of conscious desires, wishes, and goals, or the hopelessness about them due to not daring to leave isolation and separateness may paralyze the life force so much that the person no longer strives in any direction, not even in fantasy. But there are many other factors, too, and it is quite impossible to give a pat answer.

QUESTION: Isn't it often the case that when one is younger one daydreams, but when one gets older and when one knows that these goals are not anymore reachable that one gives up daydreaming entirely?

ANSWER: Of course, it is possible. But it is also very often the case that these daydreams have not been given up. They merely take on a different form or manifestation.

 1999 The Pathwork Foundation (An Unedited Lecture)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Abraham Is Unbeatable No Matter How Intense the 'Opponent'

Abraham - Tarrytown, NY  3/30/06

Guest: So, illness, uh...I've chosen that illness? I should...I chose my...

Abraham: No... here's the thing. No one would ever deliberately choose it. First, let's talk about what illness is. Illness is me in my physical body having created a faster a current than me with my thoughts and beliefs will let myself go with. That's the best definition of illness that we could ever give and so you say, but what about babies? We say it's no different.  The stream is going faster than my thoughts are letting myself go with, period.

A woman said, I'm pretty positive, and I'm really sick. My friend is negative and she's not sick. It's not fair. And we said her stream isn't moving as fast as yours is so she can mess around more, and it doesn't take the toll on her. In other words, if your stream is barely moving, you can mess around without any negative repercussions.

Jerry and Esther spend one whole summer putting a rubber raft in the Bitter Root River in Montana and just floated. It was so slow and easy. They laid in the boat; sometimes they took a little nap; they watched the clouds go by. They weren't doing that on the river in Colorado. Different kind of river you see. When your life has caused you to create a fast moving river, now you gotta be pointed in the right direction in the river or it will beat you up.

Guest: Yeah, cause I was pointed in the absolute wrong direction when it hit me.

Abraham: We don't call it wrong direction we call it opposite of the self-created flow. And this is so easy for us to explain because we know how the flow got there. We know the Well-Being in the Flow. We know the Eternal Legacy of the Flow.

And so you just can't not let yourself stay up to speed with Who You Have Become. And you can - you all can - can you not feel the intensity of him? And so when you are so clearly focused, and you are opinionated, which is a wonderful thing, and you are willing to get out there in the world and dive in to issues, the more you do it the more you say, I want it this way and this way and this way and this way and the more you get your stream going.

But we really want to emphasize it's your stream. You're not creating the world's stream. You're creating your stream. And as you get your stream really moving then it really behooves you to go in the direction of your stream. And when you don't, you'll get sick.

Guest: You know it'd be great if you were like a 200 lb man that I could wrestle the crap out of. You know, just to play around, just ...that's great, you know. Like two wolves, you know,  just wrestling. Not Esther, Abraham, you know. (Audience Laughter)

Abraham: In time you will come to appreciate the power of thought over any possible physical prowess.

Guest: Laughs. [Audience applause.]

Abraham: And the thing that is so interesting with people who want to wrestle with us, is that what they forget every time is that you've never ever had anybody in all of your life more on your side than we are. So it's such an interesting thing as we wrestle towards the same end of your success because you can't beat us.

Guest: Oh, I don't want to beat you. I just want to tumble with ya...

Abraham: What we're getting at is that we're unbeatable because we're not in competition. In other words, you can't beat us because your win is Ours. Oh, that's so good. That's really worth thinking about because that means that when... as we play together, you can't help but give birth to greater clarity, and then we turn our undivided attention towards that which you have become, and then we radiate it so powerfully and call you toward it, you see. Oh, it's great fun.

Guest: Spiritual Orgy.

Abraham: It's great fun for non-physical beings to play with intense humans. It's the best of all worlds. In other words, take that airplane, put it high in the sky, and move it at an incredible rate of speed, and go with the flow of it, nothing is more exhilarating than that. Put it on the ground, not so fun.

Guest: Right. Right.

Abraham: Good.

Guest: [Simultaneously] Good. Nice to meet you.

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Friday, April 9, 2010


Abraham - Fort Collins, CO  6/14/03

 Abraham: Watch for the evidence that the universe offers incessantly to help you feel valued. In other words, Esther loves it when she is driving, and a thought will occur to her and at the same moment she will look over and see something that is identical to the thought. And she just smiles and feels warm all over as she knows that we are all in this together. In other words, she knows that it something that was much bigger than her own mind. This is the thing that we want you to begin to feel, is that, something that is much bigger than the brain that you were born with is the mind that is the Source that is within you.

You are never, ever, ever alone. You are always embraced. You are always understood. You are always adored. You are always cared for and well-being is always pre-paved before you. In other words, you do live in an environment of absolute grace. And the more you practice thoughts of that and watch for evidence of that and speak it, beat the drum of it whenever you see it.  In other words, we love it when we hear you say “I am so blessed. I am so blessed.” Because there is something about those words that says at the same time, not only are good things coming to me but I am finally understanding my deservability in the good things that are coming.

When you reach that place you just move from sublime to sublime to sublime to sublime. You are so tuned in to the source you have plenty to give. You never are trying to withhold it. You always have plenty, you are expressing it everywhere you go. People are benefiting. It's like Johnny Appleseed going everywhere, rays of sunshine going everywhere. Benefit surrounding you everywhere you are. Never a feeling of lack, never a feeling of not enough, never a feeling of someone more important than me. 

Certainly a feeling of difference. Certainly a feeling like in the band where everybody plays a different part and together it makes such beautiful music. In other words, not a comparison that that part of the engine is more important than that part of the engine because all parts of the engine are important to the whole. In other words, you just reach this place where you are so satisfied with who you are and your deservability and worthiness becomes a non issue, because you finally accept it. You are worthy. Then you just get on with the blissful joyous creation of expanding the universe.

Oh, life is so good. And we are so appreciative of the part that you play in our expansion.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

To Quit Smoking/Change Bad Habits Ask What Are You Saying Yes To?

Abraham-Hicks (tape), G-02/18/95

Guest: A thing I have a lot of resistance with is to quit smoking. I've quit three times a year for about the last nine years, but I know I like it, but then I still feel ambivalent about it.

Abraham: It's interesting because even your decision is resistant because you're talking about not doing something. In other words, you're saying, "I have resistance in quitting." And so, let's talk about this just a little bit. If you could smoke and not feel resistance, the smoking would not be of any detriment. It's not the smoking that makes you sick, it's resistance. The reason that smoking is becoming more and more detrimental is because people believe it's bad but they're doing it anyway -- and whenever you do something that you believe you shouldn't do, there is extraordinary resistance.

To do something that you believe is right, there's no resistance. Or to not do something you believe is wrong, there's no resistance -- but to believe that it's bad for you and to do it anyway, that's where the resistance is.

We think that the struggle you're having with it is because there's a part of you that is wanting you to know -- and to assist others in knowing -- that it is not the cigarettes that are the problem. It is the resistance that is the problem. So when you say, "I want to stop smoking," we would say, well, what is it you do want? You're saying "no" to smoking, which really what you're saying is "no" to sickness or "no" to disapproval of others or "no" to being banished in restaurants or in offices. You're saying "no" to disapproval mostly, or "no" to declining health.

So what are you saying "yes" to? "I want to have a vital, happy life. I want to feel the best I can feel in my body. I want to harmonize with people as much as possible." As you begin talking about what you say "yes" to, what you will begin noticing is that sometimes the "yes" to harmony will be stronger maybe than the "yes" to cigarettes, or maybe they are not separate. "Maybe I can have my cigarettes and have all of that too."
We, some years ago, saw smoking as very beneficial to people because they usually did it purposefully to relax. It was a time that they sort of put everything else down, they went to a specific place to do it, they relaxed, they breathed deeply while they were doing it. Don't you see people, very often, as they are drawing in the smoke, don't you see them sort of relaxing and basking as the Energy flows through them? Can't you see them sort of using it as an opportunity to release resistance? And if you could enjoy every cigarette you smoke, not by saying, "to hell with you who thinks I should go to the smoking section..." -- in other words, as you resist the laws; as you resist the non-smokers who are so pious in their pushing against you; or as you resist anything about it that you don't like -- that's resistance. Jerry talked about the holes in his clothes that he was putting there or the stains on his fingers that he was putting there, and even as you resist those things you disallow the Well-being. So what we encourage you to do is, rather than saying, "I want to stop smoking," we would encourage you to begin saying, "I want to allow the Energy to flow. What I'd really like is to find a way to let the Energy flow -- I'd like to have my flow and smoking too. I'd like to be able to smoke and have Energy flow through me at the same time."

The advocates against smoking would not be very happy to hear us, but they are wrong. They misunderstand. It is not a disease that kills you; it's resistance that kills you. It's not smoking that kills you; it's resistance that kills you. It's not a disease that makes you unhappy; it's resistance. In other words, you have been misinformed. So if you believe, as we do, that smoking is not inherently bad for your health, would you want to stop?

Guest: No, the only reason I want to stop is because people I care about, care about me smoking, you know what I mean?

Abraham: Yes, because they love you and they think it's bad for you. They have decided that if you smoke you can't be well. And so, you're wanting to seek their approval by doing what they want. The resistance you have is not to smoking. The resistance you have is having to stand on your head to please others. The resistance that you have is promoting conditional love. In other words, they're saying to you, "I can't feel good about you as long as you're smoking. I'm afraid you're going to die. I can't allow the pure, positive Energy to flow through me as long as you're smoking. You need to change what you're doing in order for me to feel good."

And your resistance is that every part of your Nonphysical being knows that it's not your job to change your behavior so that they can feel better. You can't change your behavior in enough ways to make them feel better. You quit smoking, and then they'll want you to lose weight, and you lose weight, and then they'll want you to dress better, and then you dress better, and they'll want you to buy a different kind of car, and then you buy a different kind of car, and they want you to move to the state where they live, and then you will move to the state where they live, and they'll want you to let your hair grow out, and then they'll want you to cut it and then they'll want you to make it a different color and then they'll want you to act your age and then they'll want other words, you just can't stand on your head in enough different ways to make disconnected people happy, because what you're doing, isn't what's bothering them anyway. It's their own disallowance of the Energy. And to just play into that by standing on your head only perpetuates this myth about conditional love, you see.

And so, what you're wanting to say to those who love you who say, "I don't want you to smoke because I don't want you to be sick," say to them, from your place of knowing, "Hey, I'm strong and well! Everything's all right here. Actually, this smoking soothes me. I'm a lot less likely to die of a heart attack when I smoke than if I were to quit.

If I stopped smoking now it would aggravate me!"

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Would Someone (A Child) Lose Self-Confidence? Part 2

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex"- pp. 180-182

Continued from Part 1.

Jerry: I recall the negatives that were directed at me, criticizing me and causing me to feel really bad about myself, but then I remember my grandfather, who uplifted me tremendously. There were teachers who deflated me and tried to humble me and embarrass me and belittle me, but then I remember my speech teacher, Mr. Hanley, who uplifted me and made me feel good about myself. I remember the people in the gymnasium who made fun of me, but then Mr. Piers, the gym coach, uplifted me tremendously. I remember enjoying participating in the teenage programs at the church and in the choir and the Scouts, but then there was so much criticism in the church directed at all other churches and toward the rest of the world that I just wanted to get away from it. I wanted to take my physical body away.

But now, what I am hearing from you is that it's not an action kind of thing - that we need to leave what we don't want. We don't need to look to those other teachers or family members to uplift us or give us self-confidence, although it does help. We can find it directly in ourselves, no matter what's going on around us, right? 

Abraham: You have just pointed out, through the examples in your own life, the problem with looking to others for upliftment. Those who were in a state of appreciation - and therefore were in alignment with Source, with their Vortex, with the Pure, Positive Energy that creates worlds - as they held you as your (sic) object of attention, you felt the advantage of their gaze. But when those not in their Vortex, not in alignment with Source, held you as the object of their lackful attention, you felt the disadvantage of their gaze. It is the inconsistency of the response that you garner from others that eventually erodes your confidence.

Your Vortex of Creation, the Source within you (your Inner Being), is undeviating and dependable. When you make your way to your Vortex of Creation through the thoughts that you choose - you will always be replenished. A balanced, good-feeling life requires that you return often to drink from the Source.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Would Someone (A Child) Lose Self-Confidence? Part I

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex"- pp. 180-182

Jerry: Well, I guess I usually talk about my own experiences because they are the ones where I'm surest about what happened and how I felt. I remember that, as a little child, I had such self-confidence. I didn't know a stranger. I felt capable of accomplishing just about anything. But then, as the years went by, I began to accept the criticism of others, I began to feel criticism toward myself, and I lost that self-confidence. I became almost introverted.

Today, when I see little children coming in with that bravado and high self-confidence, I remember feeling that way. But hen, little by little, I see them get what I call "chopped down" as their self-confidence diminishes. Would you clarify why we experience this erosion of self-appreciation and how we can prevent it? And how can we uplift others to a higher degree of self-appreciation?

Abraham: You are right -- it is really only through your own experiences that you can understand anything, for this reason: your life has caused you to expand, to launch rockets into your Vibrational Vortex of Creation; but true knowledge, or understanding, is experience only when you allow yourself to catch up with and merge with those rockets. No knowledge is ever experienced by your trying to catch up with rockets what have been launched by others. That is why words do not teach. It is only your own life experience that teaches.

That is why you are so fiercely independent in the beginning: not wanting to take other people's word for things, wanting your own experience, wanting to make your own decisions, wanting your own freedom to choose. None of that wanting ever recedes or becomes less. In fact, it becomes more! The reason why the bravado that you are born with usually fades is because you allow yourself to become distracted from your Vortex. In other words, you allow others to convince you that it is more important to you to pay attention to how they feel than how you feel.

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Every emotion that you feel is an indication of your relationship with your Vortex. When you feel confident, that means that your current thought is a perfect match to the way the Source within you, from inside your Vortex of Creation, is feeling about you. When you feel embarrassed, that means that your current thought does not match the way the Source within you is feeling about you. So, when parents or teachers or friends project an attitude of disapproval toward you (in an effort to evoke a more-pleasing-to-them behavior from you), if you respond to their disapproval by modifying your thought, words, or behavior to please them, you have distracted yourself from your own true Guidance and from your own true Source of confidence.

And so, it is not that your self-confidence erodes, but rather that you are disallowing the continual replenishment of it.  As you seek approval from them, you are distracted from your fountain of Source Energy renewal. Again, "looking for love in all the wrong places."

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For you to uplift others, you must direct them to their own fountain of replenishment. You do not help them by asking them to respond to your approval or disapproval. Many of you think that they way to uplift others is by showering them with your own approval. But if they are looking to you for the refreshment of their being and you have other things to which you want to give your attention, they will be in trouble. Or if they are looking to you and you yourself are not connected to your own Stream of replenishment, so you have nothing to give them, they are again in trouble. But if you help them understand that they have a Source of Refreshment that is independent of all other humans and that they have only to understand the nature of their own Vortex of Creation and align with it often, now you have offered them true upliftment that will serve them, independently, all of the days of their lives.

Continued with Part 2.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

When Bad Things Happen to Kids (Long)

Abraham, San Francisco, CA  02/24/07-B 

Guest: I was having lunch with somebody who asked me to ask a question for her. She wanted to know if you could explain why bad things happen to children.

Abraham: When something unwanted happens (you're calling it a bad thing), the assumption is that it is punishment. The bad thing that happened isn't punishment that's being exacted by some greater power, it is this person who is receiving the punishment, or the bad things, not allowing the good thing to be there instead. So it's a vibrational resistance that is keeping them from living the well-being that they want and deserve.

So now the next question is how would a child get into a place of vibrational resistance? They weren't born with it.. how did they get there so fast?

And we say, in some cases they are born with it in the sense that they picked up the vibration of a worried parent even before they were born. The misassumption is because they can't talk they're not thinking. And that's not true.  You don't need language to think. The best thinkers on your planet are the beasts and they don't talk at all. They don't formulate their experience of life into words or into sentences. They Be It.

Then the next question is so does that mean that anyone, a child, could learn a vibration of resistance so early in life that they begin blocking the Stream of Well-Being?  And we say of course that resistance is passed on from generation to generation. Look at the hatred in the homes that so many children are being born into. Look at the family squabbles and the abuse that some children are even born into.

As you follow the paths of serial killers (and we don't recommend it), but if you could get to know their history and if you could hear from them what their life was like they would tell you about all of the abuse that they experienced and how many people were pushing against them. No one ever behaves badly who is in alignment with source, so it's just a chain of pain where I'm not in alignment with Source which means I feel totally disempowered, so I'm seeking revenge because it makes me feel better than the disempowerment that I feel, so I offer something negative to you, and now you feel powerless, and on and on it goes, you see.

So then the next obvious question, we can feel it all over the room, is well that's a screwy environment that we would say we were willing to be born into. If we are Pure Positive Energy in the non-physical why would we, for a moment, say that we are willing for a moment to subject ourselves to  to an environment where we could possibly encounter this influence of disconnection to the point that we would then attract something negative into our experience

And we say from the Broader Non-Physical Perspective you didn't see any of it as risky because you knew you were being born with a Guidance System. And most of all, most of you, and especially those, there a lot of teachers in this room who had very shaky, uncomfortable beginnings. And the reason you did is because you wanted to hit the ground running, you wanted your own contrasting life experience because you wanted to fill your Vibrational Escrow full of wonderful things.  And as you listen to so many teachers you discover that even though they had rocky beginnings their desire was so strong... and when they found vibrational alignment with Source then the wonderful things that begin to unfold in their life are so much more than they could have been if they hadn't had the rocky beginnings because the Rocky Beginnings are what put the Vibrational Escrow stuff  there, you see.

Guest: Yes.

Abraham: Now do not misunderstand. We are not for a minute saying that we recommend hard lives so that you can firm up your vibrational escrow. That was not the point at all. But some of you come forth so invincible, so knowing, so ready to teach, so wanting to teach, that you are not picky about the environment into which you are born. You were not wanting to be born into a feathered nest. You are wanting to be born into an environment of diversity where you could gather a lot of information fast and come to your own conclusions fast, you see.

And the only thing that goes wrong, it's not wrong, but it makes it seem like it's temporarily wrong, is that you get into that environment and the rockets of desires are born, but instead of turning your undivided attention to what you want, you keep justifying why you want it by pushing against what's gone wrong. And there are so many parts of your civilization that encourage that. In other words, so many people are happier for you to be a victim, and to encourage you to continue to be a victim, and they'll join forces with you in pushing against the victimizer and none of that turns you downstream ever you see. Ever.

There are no victims there are just recipients of vibrational offerings. Does that mean everybody offers vibrationally what they mean to? Of course not. You aren't even offering vibrationally what you want to. Every time you watch CNN or spend some time reading a newspaper and get fixated on something that's going wrong in the world, you're not in vibrational alignment with what you want. But reading those newspapers and watching those world events is certainly what's putting the stuff in Vibrational Escrow. The question is how soon are you lining up with it.

And a lot of those children that people are worried about are in a much better place than the people who are worried about them. And there's so many people around the world who are using what's going wrong with each other as their reason to beat the drum of powerlessness that there is an epidemic about it, afoot, you see.

Oh... when you come into the vibrational alignment with the knowledge that all is well and that it is just a thought away to come into alignment with it. And when you start demonstrating as you and our friend before, so many of you, are deliberately putting Law of Attraction to test. You're saying okay I hear that it's out there, this is a thought that I'm thinking, and it's a pure thought, it's not a thought I've worried about for a long time, it's a thought that I'm putting out there... when you see how fast Law of Attraction responds to your pure thought, doesn't it make you want to clear up some of the others? Doesn't it make you want to come into alignment with your own worthiness and with your own abundance and with your own physical body? With the other people that are in your live that you love and that you want to love you. Don't you want to come into alignment withthose things?

And you do it by choosing thoughts that feel good when you think them.

So, now back round to your question:

Abraham how is it that a child, a little child, could be born into this world and have less than good-feeling thoughts? 

(That's really what you're asking because w/o that they could not be having a negative experience. )

And we say they are like almost everybody else. They are a byproduct of their environment and they offer almost 100 percent of the time vibrational response to what they are observing. So if they have the good fortune of being born into a happy home, they observe it mostly and they get off to a more positive start. if they have what you would call the bad fortune of being born into a negative home they observe it more and they get off on that foot.

But whether they are off on the foot of feeling good or off on the thought of feeling bad, in every moment they have this vibrational relevance between where they are and Who They Really Are and that Call of Source never stops calling, so We think you like the drama of it as humans, we do.  Very often you want to know what you don't want so that you REALLY know what you do want. And it doesn't make any difference whether you go a long time before you turn and go with the stream. It's more dramatic. I was without it and without it, without it, without it, without it, without it, without it, without it, then I figured it out and oh boy is life good. As opposed to I want it. I got. I want it. I got it. I want it. I got it. I want it. I got it. I want it.

And your public seems to enjoy you more if you suffer first.

Guest: Thank you very much.

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