Monday, January 18, 2010

Doctors and Beliefs about Health and Illness

Abraham - Atlanta, GA 11/03/01

Guest: I'm a physician, and I'm amazed at what is possible. And what I've observed is, those who have spontaneous healing are absolutely convinced that it will take place. Their consciousness, if you like, is convinced that they will be whole, or they are whole. Would you say that's so, or how would you?

Abraham: When someone is sick, out of that sickness comes an exaggerated desire to be whole, or to be well. And so, even if they're not speaking it with their words, it is an implied desire that emanates from them -- literally from every cell in their body. And in the moment that that is so, Source Energy goes to work on answering that. And so, the only question, relative to how long will it take them to return to their wellness, is -- how long will it take them to stop the resistance that is keeping the wellness away to begin with? And so, if they are convinced in their ability to be well -- then they are well very quickly.

When a person is really convinced of their ability to be whole, most of the time they don't get sick, to begin with -- because that belief in wholeness keeps them in the place of allowing Well-being on a pretty steady basis.

You are multifaceted Beings and different things can get your attention. And it is not hard to get out of balance, just like it is not difficult to get back into balance. And so, as they find themselves out of balance, there is just a stronger part of them that is seeking that balance.

As a physician, or as any healer, we would say to you, in a powerful way, that your value to them is in providing for them a further measure of believing in their Well-being. They come to you in an exaggerated desire to be well, and you are able to speak from your belief in wellness. And that's not hard to do if you will look at worldwide statistics. But this sometimes happens to physicians: their world becomes so much about sick people, that they forget that there are many more well moments than there are sick moments. And when a physician takes that turn, where he begins to believe more in sickness than he does in wellness -- then he is of no value to those who come to him for the discovery of Well-being.

Guest: That resonates very loudly. Thank you so much.

Abraham: Yes indeed, yes indeed.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Expectation, Friendly Fire, Sabotage, and Money Lost Part 2

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 02/04/2008

(Continued from Part 1.)

Abraham: We want you to say to anyone who is saying anything to you, especially those things that you don't want, whether you say it out loud or whether you just say it to yourself ... Let's say someone is rude to you. We want you to stop and say (to yourself), "Clearly, there's something in my vibration that is attracting this."

When we first began playing with Jerry and Esther, Jerry said, "I have the perfect plan for the incarceration system. I think there should be islands where we'll put all the robbers on one island, and they can rob each other. We'll put all of the rapers on one island, and they can rape each other. We'll put all of the murderers on one island ,and they can murder each other." Just seemed like the perfect justice system to him.

And we said you already have that because Law of Attraction is managing that. And the group did not like that answer. They said, "How does the raped end up on the same island with the raper? How does the burgled end up on the same island with the burglar?"

And we say, it's the same vibrational frequency. When you focus upon what you do not want, you activate a vibration that makes you then susceptible to that thing that you do not want. So what you think, and how you feel, and what comes to you, are always a vibrational match.

So if you're attracting people that are discouraging you, your friend's words were the perfect words: It's not time yet. If you're attracting that sort of thing around you, that means you're not in the vibrational stance that you want to be in. You want to be in the place where you say, "I don't care what you think, that's what I'm going to do." When you feel like that then you'll be ready. And then you'll be in a place where the Universe can accommodate you in all the ways that you want, you see.

Guest: Well, I was kind of like that and my husband said "Yes, I see you're going to get there, but Honey, we need to be practical. You need to wait."

Abraham: But here's the thing that we want you to understand: It doesn't matter what any of them say because nobody else has a say in what you attract, but what they're saying to you is evidence of what vibration you got going on. So you've got to leave the peanut gallery out of it. You've got to clean up your own vibration, and when you do, you'll start getting different feedback from everywhere in your environment, you see how it works? Everything that's coming to you is an indicator of your vibration. You've got a lot of ornery people around you? One thing's true, you're ornery!

Now we want to clear one thing up and then we'll take segment of refreshment. Just because you're murdered, doesn't mean you were a murderer. Just because you are raped, doesn't mean you are a raper, but it does mean you've been giving attention to that. In other words, you do not get something that is outside of your vibrational patterning.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Expectation, Friendly Fire, Sabotage, and Money Lost

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 02/04/2008

Guest: My heart is pounding.

Abraham: That's good.

Guest: So I'm getting really good at basking, and appreciating, and expecting because I know that expectation summons.

Abraham: Isn't "expecting" a good word? Expectation, expecting, wanting and believing, expectation. Perfect stance.

Guest: Yes, and so, and I've got some like-minded people in my life...and I...

Abraham: Is it possible to expect something you don't want? Not wanting and believing? That's expecting to isn't it? Just had to throw that in a little.

Guest: So, I got excited. I started to expect a Lexus GS Hybrid car. And I went and I gave the guy 500 bucks as a downpayment and started looking. And I was so excited. I was expecting it to come to me. I expected the Universe to conspire, it was going to come.

I shared it with a friend, and she said, "Tara, you need and wait until the checks come in," (because I'm on a path of financial freedom), "You need to wait until those checks come in." "No, no.." So she instilled this doubt. And I listened to her. And I stopped expecting.

Abraham: Well, we want to say to you that we can see how influence from others can influence your expectation, but when you said she instilled within you a doubt that sounds like assertion, and there isn't any of that. And if you make it feel to yourself like someone else has such powerful influence that you are powerless against their influence, that's really the bigger issue here, isn't it?

Guest: Well, I started to say I'm not going to listen to her, I'm not going to listen to her.

Abraham: But those are just words. I'm not going to focus up on this thing I'm focused upon. Go Away from me this thing I do not want.

Now let's go back to the word "expectation" for just a little bit because we wanted to say to you that if your vibration was in the place of the power of the way you spoke the world "expectation", no one could have knocked you off of that. And that's really want you want.

We think your friend is a wonderful helper in helping you to realize you want to be in a place of expectation, you just weren't really there because if you'd been really there and she'd said anything to you that countered it, her words would have sounded to you like "Blah blah blah blah blah blah". And you would've just smiled and said, "I just love how you care about me, and thank you for this information," and you would have just gone on your merry way knowing what you know.

But, now here's the most important thing, you could not from a place of that kind of expectation attract into your experience someone who is delivering to you information that is so counter to what you want. You brought her into your experience. She didn't instill in you, Law of Attraction said you feel just like she feels and that's why she was able to deliver the words to you in such a powerful blow.

Guest: Well I told her to shut up and I didn't want to hear it...

Abraham: Now think about what you're saying, and this is a good thing, and we don't blame you for wanting her to go away and shut up, but here's the thing that we really want you to hear. You're really going to ike this, and you brought us to a place that we're going go into a new place.

The battle that's going on here is not the battle between you and having something you want. It's not the battle between you and a pessimistic friend that doesn't believe in what you believe in. That's not the battle that's happening here, the battle is between you and You - the battle is between what's over there in your Vibrational Escrow that you want, and where you are about it.

And all your friend did was enhance because Law of Attraction will not allow a friend to enhance something that's not present in your vibration. You can't get stuff that's not present in your vibration. When you really expect the people that will be rendezvousing with you will be saying: I can see that. That's just exactly who you seem like to me. I can feel that exactly.

When someone's coming to you that tells you something that you don't want to hear, you've been beating that drum long enough that Law of Attraction has made them come to match you.
Isn't that good to know?

(Continued with Part 2.)

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Should He Submit to Diagnostic Medical Tests? Part 2

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 08/04/2001

(Continued from Part 1.)

Abraham: So then, all that other stuff that people are all worried about becomes inconsequential. The only question is, "Does it lock me on or does it lock me off?" Period.

It's well intentioned. They have a business. They want to be of value to you. They've been taught by the society at large that the society at large does not understand their ability to be well, otherwise everybody would be. And that there are people that are wanting wellness and don't know how to get there.

It's all co-creation. The doctor would not exist if it were not for the people who do not believe in their own ability to be well.

The range of thought is the range of thought that you hold. And you do not have access to those bright happy fluffy thoughts over there when you are messing around in resistant thoughts that are depressing or angry in nature. So the best you can do is just reach for the least angry thought that you can find. But you're not going to find a joyful thought in your range. Law of Attraction says that it is not possible. So you reach for the best feeling thought that you can find, and it's not that much better than the worst feeling thought, in reality -- but there is a distinction between the worst thought and a better feeling thought. So as you find a better feeling thought and you deliberately focus upon it (or even put your brain on pause for a moment while your vibration catches up with the higher vibration) that better feeling thought will then be the mid-range thought, and the terrible thought, now, is slightly out of range, and a little bit better feeling thought is in range. So now you reach for the best feeling thought, and even though it's not all that great, it does feel better than that one over there -- so you hold it for as little as 17 seconds -- and now it becomes the mid-range vibration. Which means, that really uncomfortable thought is gone altogether -- and a much better feeling thought is coming into view.

Quote Compare Apply

Can you see how the exact opposite of that happens when you're looking for trouble: You're a little unhappy; you've been locked off; you've got something that's bothering you; you're not allowing your Well-being. So, you don't feel as peppy as you usually do, or your joints are hurting, or something. And so, you begin thinking about it, you begin talking about it, and then somebody says you might go have that checked. Can you see how you're reaching for a less good thought and a less good thought, and a less good thought? And then they say, let's take some tests. So, which way is that going? How many days for the results of the test to come back, and what's the condition of your mind during that time? More locked on, or more locked off?

It's really easy to see how, little by little, you teach each other, how to lock off your signal. You're looking at the statistics of the world of people whose vibrational patterns you know not, looking at the results of their vibrational patterns as manifestations, and then you're saying, "That could happen to me!" And we say, that is the symptom of being locked off. If you're not locked off, it could not happen to you. And you say, "Well, I worry about it." And we say, locked off. And you say, "And I know people that that's happened to." And we say, locked off. And you say, "Well, bad things do happen; there is a boogey man out there." And we say, locked off, locked off, locked off. You say, like Esther said, "But it's true!" as if speaking something that is true gives you a little latitude in your vibration. Finally you come to this place where you say, "True or not, other people experiencing it or not -- all of what everybody is living, and what everybody has always lived, has always been a combination of their locked on moments and their locked off moments."

And every single time, if you're up close to somebody and you get to examine the content of their day in terms of their mood or attitude, you never, ever, under those conditions question what they're living. Because what they're living is so evident in what they're letting in or what they're not letting in.

The more joyful you are, the more you thrive. It is just that simple. So we wouldn't spend too much time trying to scrutinize any particular sticking point. Get off of it. Go into a clear space, connect with Source Energy, and then if you want to revisit it from a better feeling place, that's fine. But we would not go looking for trouble at the doctor's office.

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Should He Submit to Diagnostic Medical Tests? Part 1

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 08/04/2001

Guest: I have a homeopathically oriented doctor who's aware of Energy; he's a good doctor. Recently I went to a routine checkup, and he said, "You know, you're looking good, but we had a mutual friend who had created cancer for himself. Why don't we do some blood tests on you?" And I said, okay.

Abraham: "Let's not assume Well-being, let's look for trouble."

Guest: Right. And so, I said, "Okay, is there anything up?" He said, "No, you're getting to the age where it'd be good to have blood tests and check these things out." And I was going, "Okay."

Abraham: Because, "That is the purpose of my existence, you see." (And we do not mean this unkindly, we are certain that this is a very well meaning person.) "I have spent many years putting myself in the place where this is the way I interface with you. And while it seems that everything is perfect with you, shouldn't we probe a little deeper in order to satisfy my reason for existence?"

If a doctor gives you a test when you're locked off, the results will be very different than the test he gives you when you're locked on. You take the test and you call it reality. And we say it was a snapshot of a moment in time, and it doesn't have anything to do with anything except where you were in that moment. Except, once you get the test, you focus upon it more. As you focus upon it more, it holds you in that vibration longer. As it holds you in that vibration longer -- you disallow the Well-being longer. As you disallow the Well-being longer, then there is another test. In other words, we would not take the first test.

Guest: Well, that's my point. I haven't decided to do it.

Abraham: Well, here's the criteria. "Do I take this test from a locked on or locked off position?"

Guest: Why do I need to take it? If I know that the way I need to show up in life is be as locked on as I can -- choose the thought that feels better -- why do I need to take it, in the first place?

Abraham: Because his vibration might be more dominant in the moment. He might have more Energy revved up around necessity of tests...?

Quote Compare Apply

Guest: No, I'm fine with telling him no.

Abraham: So then, let's put this in a very clear place:
Does the idea of the test lock me on or lock me off? There's a question about this?

Guest: The idea seems neutral. I think that most everything is going to be fine, but I was thinking, Well, if a result came back and said "Oh, your cholesterol's too high," or "Oh, we need to check this out." I'm pretty good at being aware of where I'm putting my attention. But still, suddenly my attention may go somewhere where it hasn't been. So, am I fooling myself by not wanting to go there?

Abraham: You've invested so much in this, you might as well have taken the test. And we want these to be quicker decisions. We don't want you to struggle, because the test, in and of itself, is a non-issue. The tests, or even what they might produce, in terms of results, are non-issues. Even if the tests said, you've got 14 things that people die from, it's a non-issue. Because all that is, is a registering of whether you're locked on or locked off, in the moment.

If you have some negative emotion and you don't realize what it means -- so you don't reach for a thought that feels better and allow the Energy to flow -- don't worry about it, the negative emotion's going to get bigger. And if you still don't recognize it, it will get bigger. Until eventually there is something tangible, something measurable, that is still only an indication of being locked off your signal.

It wouldn't matter to us; it wouldn't matter to you, either, if you'd come back and said, "I went to the most renowned doctor tester of physical bodies in the world and he's giving me these horrible, horrible, horrible results," we would say, "Well, what's that got to do with anything?" You say, "Well Abraham, don't you understand, according to these tests I'm really, really, really, sick." And we say, "No. According to these tests you're really, really, really, locked off your signal. Choose another thought, and get locked back on -- and all of that will go away." You say, "Oh, but I don't think I want to get locked on. I think I would rather study the results of these tests for a really long time, and continue to use them as my excuse..." You're getting the sense of what we are talking about?

The health test, the snapshot in time, does not matter -- because in the next moment you can lock back onto your signal and allow the Well-being to flood back into your experience. Where you are is only the platform from which you desire and then allow. And that's why you can never get it wrong, because in the next moment you have a different desire, a more emphatic desire, a more specifically focused desire, which you have the ability to allow. You just have to get it that you have the ability to allow -- and that allowing always feels good.

(Continued with Part 2.)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can She Grow Another Set of Teeth?

Abraham - Phoenix, AZ 03/21/99

Guest: Abraham. I've had a lot of problems with my teeth and about 15 years ago I decided I was going to grow a third set of teeth. So I informed my dentist of this, and he said to make sure to let him know when this happened. But that was about 15 years ago, and I haven't even created a little nub yet.

Abraham: Well, how often are you taking score about this? Do you look every day?

Guest: Yeah. I look in the mirror for that little tooth, and I notice that it's not there.

Abraham: It is fun to listen to you offer that desire into a sea of doubt. You couldn't launch that rocket of desire an inch in an environment of human realists who, like your dentist, mock you as they say, "Well, let me know how that one turns out." But, we say to you, if you have the ability to desire it, you have the ability to achieve it -- provided you align your Energy with your desire. All things are possible.

Save on All Your Dental care Needs!

Sometimes people want to prove others wrong. Well, you're dead in the water, right now, when you begin that, because now you're pushing against those doubting Thomases, which means, you are now part of that doubting vibration.

You have to let your desire build up -- and then you have to find vibrational harmony with that desire. And for those who have done that, before, all kinds of things have been invented to satisfy those desires that are an easier way of going about it. There are all kinds of teeth. You can buy them off the rack these days.

Guest: Mmm, no, no, no, I've got to grow them. When you buy them off the rack, they're not very comfortable, from what I've heard.

Abraham: When you say, "I want this because I don't want this," you can't get there from there. So talk to us about what you want and why you want it.

Guest: Well, all this dental work that I've had done has been painful...

Abraham: Now, you're still talking about what you don't want. Talk to us about what you do want and why you want it. Talk to us in more detail about the teeth, and why you want them.

Guest: I want great teeth that look good, so that I don't feel self-conscious.

Abraham: Now, you're still talking about what you don't want. You cannot get to where you want to be from the vibration of what you do not want. Law of Attraction says, you must find the Feeling Tone of what you do want. And that's the reason that you're not getting a little nub. And that's the reason that most people don't -- because most of you are so aware of where you are.

If you could go into a sort of dreaming attitude every day for 10 or 15 minutes...and if people say to you, where are you going? You're saying, "I'm going to eat lunch with my new teeth." Don't tell it to anybody who isn't ready to understand, but this is the thing that we would say. "I'm going to eat lunch with my new teeth." And then, just go into your dream state, and close your eyes, and get into your place of meditation, and feel your delicious, powerful, beautiful, strong resilient, teeth. Feel the Energy pulsing through your gums. Feel them, and then eat an apple with them. And then eat something really gooey, eat a caramel with them, and then eat, eat, eat ...

Feel the fun of your teeth, your teeth that are so strong and in your mouth. And then smile in your imaginary mirror, and feel gratitude and appreciation for your teeth. And then go on with the rest of your day. But every day go and enjoy your new teeth. Find the feeling place of your perfect teeth. As that becomes the familiar vibration -- the cells of your body have the regenerating quality to produce the outcome that you are fantasizing.

Imagine Your Body's Perfection

Any condition in your body, if you have the ability to imagine the perfection (that some disease has now highlighted) if you can get into that place -- the Universe has to deliver it to you. It is Law. Ask, and it is given. The question is, "Am I letting it in in this moment?" You've been asking, but you've been taking score.

If I want something that isn't coming, it only means one thing. I'm a match to my old belief and not a match to my new desire. If I'm a match to my desire -- it's happening.

If you will say, "I'm going to have fun in this vision. I'm going to have fun in this dream. I'm there already. I'm there vibrationally, and if I'm there vibrationally, I have to be there in terms of manifestation," it must be.

The manifestation always follows the alignment of the Energy -- it always does.

Where Did This Earth Come From?

How do you think you all got here? How do you think your bodies are formed? How do you think this podium is created? How do you think the earth exists? What did it come from? Is it an illusion? It's not an illusion, it's a reality! A reality that exists because lots of thinkers, somewhere, sat and thought about "new teeth". Someone envisioned. Before there was matter that is tangible and discernible by your physical sensors, there was a thinker, in this case many thinkers, that envisioned and imagined and knew and found it familiar -- before the manifestation occurred.

You, out here on the leading edge of thought, continuing the experience of your physical life, are not different from the Non-physical creators that set your earth into motion to begin with. You, at another level of your being, are that creator. And here you are in this body, continuing that process. You are creators, you see? You have access to the Energy that creates worlds! We think you can create some teeth.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flatlining Part 2

Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 07/04/1997

(Continued from Part I.)

Abraham: It's so important that I feel good, that I'm going to watch specific television programs. It's so important that I feel good, I'm going to spend more time with this good feeling friend and less time with that not so good feeling friend. It's so important that I feel good, I'm going to change the magazine subscriptions that I read. It's so important that I feel good, that I'm going to ponder thoughts from my past that make me feel better and I'm not going to ponder the ones that make me feel less than good.

It's so important that I'm in harmony with my Core. It's so important that I connect with Core Energy. It's so important that I fulfill my reason for being.

It's so important that my cork floats, that I'm going to begin to behave differently than I have been, because what I was doing before, I was not doing on purpose. I was doing it because others taught me, because it was my habit, it was pervasive, it was dominant, and because it was there. But I was not doing it decisively. I was doing it by default. And now, I am decisive.

I have decided who I am. I have decided I'm an extension of Nonphysical Energy. I have decided I am a joyful person. I've decided I want to feel good. I've decided that's who I am.

I've decided that this thought doesn't feel so good, so I'll choose this one. I've decided this thought doesn't feel so good, so I'll choose this one. I've decided to eat this. I've decided to go there. I've decided to breathe this. I've decided to pause for a moment. I've decided to think about this. I've decided to call this friend.

I'm decisive, and I'm making those decisions with one singular intention, only one criteria: How does it feel? Not hard. I remember how it felt last time: I go to call my mother. Augh! Does this mean I shouldn't call my mother? No. It means, I shouldn't call my mother, given the vibration that I remember most. But I want to call my mother. I feel guilty about not calling my mother. Augh!

I want to call my mother and feel good about calling my mother. Bless her heart. She really means well. She is a very wise person. She knows much that I know. I have so many wonderful memories of the times we've had together. I'm so appreciative of all that she is. I adore her from the depths of my being. I'd like very much for her to know how much I love her. I think I'll call my mother.

Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action, and the Universe responds powerfully to your Energy.

Anything that you do that helps you to conclude that you're not where you're wanting to be, makes it harder for you to find that feeling place of where you are wanting to be. You're doing very well. Be easy about it. Lighten up. And most importantly, do anything and everything that you can to get your attention off yourself. Don't misunderstand. We don't think you're too self-absorbed. We don't think anybody can be. If you will give more attention to what is flowing through you toward something, instead of what's flowing through someone else toward you, things will get better right away.

If you have a desire and a vibration that doesn't match it, and you don't notice that that's what negative emotion is telling you, so you don't take this pivot and raise your vibration, don't worry, the negative emotion will get bigger. And if you still don't do anything about it, don't worry, it will get bigger.

It starts out with a little sensation that you would call negative emotion. Then it becomes a little stronger sensation that you might call concern. Then it's a little stronger sensation that you might call physical sensation. Then it's a little stronger thing that you might call physical discomfort. Then it's a little stronger thing that you might call physical ailment or illness. Then it's a stronger thing that you call croaking.

Anywhere along the way you can make a conscious decision to let the Energy flow. And that's what relief is. You don't have to have physical relief in order to have mental or emotional relief. An illness doesn't have to go away altogether for you to feel better about it.

Most of you think, "Well if this would just go away I'd feel better." Well, we don't doubt that. But it's not going away if you don't do something to change your vibration. That's why if you go to a physician and your desire now, in light of what you're living, is to be rid of that, and you say, "What do I have?" And he says, "You've got this and this." And you say, "What does that mean?" And he says, "Well, take this pill and it will go away, and take this pill and it'll go away." In other words, there are things that they can give you for many things. Now, your desire and your belief are in the same place, and it goes away. And often he gives you a sugar pill. It isn't what he is giving you is that is making the difference. It is that he is giving you, now, the reason to allow what you desire.

Something has happened within many of you, within most of you, where you must justify the good that comes to you through some effort. And we say, oh, we would really like it if you would get over that one, and just begin to accept that the good comes to you, and that is what is natural. But we're very delicate when we say that to you, because the next thing you do is beat up on yourself when you don't let the good come.

You can't get it wrong. Just be easier about this. Nothing so wrong is so wrong. In other words, you're doing very, very well. You're giving much too much attention to insignificant things. And we know that it is easy for us to call them insignificant because we're not living them, but we are telling you they are insignificant.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is delicious to come together with creative Deliberate Creators like you. Be easy about all of this. Don't make too much of it. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flatlining even when doing the Processes?

Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 07/04/1997

GUEST: I would like help boosting up the Energy of my appreciation. When I'm feeling negative, I try to shift my attention to something I can appreciate, but it's almost a flat line. I look at the beautiful sky and say, "Oh, that's a beautiful sky."

Abraham: Just stay there a little longer. You see, when you already have a trend going toward the negative, and most do, and then you say, "But I want to feel better," it's sort of like strong attention to this and then blip, and then strong attention to this and then blip. So what you have to do is want this more. Make a stronger decision that you want to feel good.

Focus on the word and the feeling of "decision". You know what it feels like to decide? Can't you just feel a focusing of Energy in decision? At the heart of this we can feel that you're not yet convinced that it's all right for you to, or even that you're supposed to, feel good. We feel from you that you still feel a little guilty about feeling good. Even though you want to feel good, there's something within you that is not really allowing you to give your full attention to it.

We think this will help you: Imagine that you are swimming and you find yourself tired and in trouble. Well, if you would just relax, you could float to the surface and regain a little stamina and then off you could go again. But if you start flailing about in your fear that you're going to drown... The worse it gets the worse it gets the worse it gets... And what we would like you to do is just do more relaxing.

The key to raising your vibration is reaching for a thought that gives you a sensation of relief. You all are hitting this too head on. You're saying, "Well this negative thought is not where I wanted to be so I've got to deal with this negative thought and make it better." Well the problem is, the whole time you're dealing with that negative thought you're embroiled in that negative thought. Better to release it and choose a positive thought, and then once you've reconnected you can look back at that from your place of connection and raise that.

Whatever your vibration is, you shine that light on whatever you are giving your attention to. And that's why we want you to let it be a feeling process rather than a thinking process. So let's say you bump into somebody who is aware of who you have been, and you have a specific relationship with them. You might have even confided in them about some trouble. So they say, "How's it going?" And what they mean is, "Give me the dirt." And you say, "Do you want to know how it is right now or how it's becoming?" They'll say, "What?" Because they really wanted the dirt. But what you're saying to them is, "I don't want to go there. I know we've talked about it before, but things are so much better and I'd really rather go here." So they say, "Are things really better? Really better?" Meaning, "I don't see any evidence of improvement. Why are you pretending and fooling yourself? Why are you in this place of delusion?" And you say something like, "Things are better. I'm not sure if it shows outwardly yet but it sure feels like it inwardly, and that's all I really care about. I'm feeling great." Then they might say something like, "Why? Are you sure you really feel great?" Now sometimes you are the one playing this other part "Are you sure you're really feeling great?" You answer, "Well, I thought I was feeling great. Well, maybe I'm not feeling so great." "Why? What have you seen? What have you heard?"

We encourage you to Set Your Own Tone. It isn't difficult for you to Set the Tone in the physical realm, because you've got a Nonphysical Tone that is flowing to you at all times. And when you choose something that resonates with that Tone, you feel elation. You feel Joy. You feel Passion. You feel Enthusiasm. You feel clarity. You feel full. You feel good. But if you're choosing something that doesn't resonate, you're going to feel something different from that. Never mind what the subject is. Concentrate on how you feel, and make a decision, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good."

(Continued with Part 2.)

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Leading v. Being in the Parade

Abraham - Buffalo, NY 05/20/03

Abraham: Those that we see who are living long lives don't do so without powerful intent that keeps drawing. In other words, what continues the motion forward itself is the continuing setting forth of the new intent that draws life through. In fact, intending for long life assures that you must be leading the parade; people don't start diminishing their life until they stop leading and start falling back into the ranks of the parade, trying to do what others are leading them to do.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Abraham - San Rafael, CA 3/24/01

Guest: Is there such a thing as an economic cycle? Is there a natural law to economics, like summer is summer, and fall is fall

Abraham: Your economics are, in terms of your individual success, your exposure to contrast which gives you your idea of desire, and then your success has to do with your alignment. So, the alignment of your own Energy is the only thing that causes anything to affect you. Of course, your Energy is affected by what you think about other things. And so, your economy is the consensus of the mass consciousness thought, because, as you have become a global world, and as you are all tied into the same media information, you can simultaneously be affected -- and therefore mass consciousness is affected -- therefore your economic conditions are more worldwide experiences.

These are rip roaring times. This is the leading edge of thought. There is not a reason for there ever to be a decline. And the declines are always false. Always man-made. Never necessary. And they always serve some extremely well.

As we watch your television and we see, through Esther's eyes, the newscasts, we notice that although the good news of your planet is huge in proportion to the bad news -- the bad news is what is amplified and given to you. What the media is showing you, is the bleakest picture, in order to get your attention, because that sells newspapers or television programs, or whatever. And even if they are all doing it, it does not need to affect you. But, it usually does affect you. And as it affects you, then there is a greater ripple effect.

How could you go through eight years of one presidential administration, having economic booming times, and then days into a new administration, have economic disaster? It is because a handful of people began saying a handful of things that a few billion listened to. And so, it affected a few billion vibrations, and now you're having the ripple effect of all of that. It is a powerful example of the power of mind.

There are popular trends and there are unpopular trends. And positive attitude has, as long as you've been in your physical body, not been a very popular trend. It doesn't sell newspapers. It doesn't sell television programs. (It doesn't sell "protection".) If you are in a position that you are wanting to soothe people's troubles, then isn't an aggravation of their troubles beneficial to you? That's sort of what is at the heart of all of that.

You are having glorious economic times, and there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you individually. You are having glorious economic times. And there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you as individuals, or you collectively. But don't let what they are doing, collectively, affect you individually. It need not. Begin making statements that always keep you in the receiving mode: "I'm not affected by what's happening outside of me. I'm only affected by the alignment of Energy between my desires. I'm actually benefiting by what's taking place here, because I'm giving more thought to what I am really wanting. I am fine tuning my desires in a more powerful way. I'm pulling more Energy through me than I ever have before. And I'm more deliberately paying attention to when I'm in the receiving mode than when I am not.

"I anticipate that I will thrive even more during these economic times. These are boom times for me. I'm clearer about what I am knowing. I'm in a much better place this time than at any other time. All is really well here, and the Law of Attraction will sort everything out, and we are all doing extremely well."

When you hear others that are expressing otherwise, sometimes it is to your advantage to stop, just for a brief moment, and ask: what is their reason for perpetuating this? In many cases, they haven't thought it through. But, sometimes the answer will be, it is to their economic advantage to do so. And as you begin to acknowledge how many people are using this to their economic advantage -- you won't worry about the economy any more.

Economics has always been about supply and demand. So if you are the diamond dealer and people are digging diamonds up in their back yard, you might want to go find something more rare, like a chunk of coal, or something like that.

There is no shortage. We know that there is no shortage, because we know that when you ask, the Universe has the ability to yield. There cannot be a shortage. All there can be is an individual or a whole bunch of individuals cutting themselves off from the supply of Well-being -- by finding one thing or another to be upset about.

Remember, there are the three points... You ask, the Universe yields, and you just must be in the receiving mode. It does not matter what games anybody else is playing. You have the ability to stand in a place of prosperity -- no matter what. And so, is there ever, really any shortage? There is never ever, ever, ever, ever any shortage! It is all something that is man's making. Sometimes deliberate, sometimes indeliberate. But it is never reality. It is only a perception of reality.

Life is good, let it be. It is our powerful wanting that you let yourself receive half the benefit that we all receive in our interaction through you. It's time for you to begin letting it in.

There is great love here for you.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Life is Now

Abraham-Hicks - Albany, NY 10/1/02

We're not teaching reaching for thoughts that feel better so that you can make things turn out the way you want them to out. W
e're teaching it because in this moment of your frustration is your life, and we would not squander life on frustration. In other words, we want you to reach for thoughts that feel good not to get end-results that you want (although you will), but because when you reach for thoughts that feel good, you allow the connection of who you are here and now. That's what matters, you see.

We're not teaching the Art of Allowing or the Science of Deliberate Creation because we see the absence of things you need or relationships you need and we want to show you how to get those into your life experience. Your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now. And everything that you've ever wanted, anyway, is because you think you will feel better in the having of it. Feeling is life.

Feeling is life. Life is how I feel. There's nothing more. Life isn't about what has been and how I felt about it, unless how I felt about it is conjuring the way I'm feeling now. What is coming isn't about anything except how I'm feeling now as I'm thinking about what's coming. Life is right now.

Right now is the juncture between me in my focused leading-edge experience and who I really am as Source. And the way I feel now is about the way I'm managing that connection.

Life, my life - whether I call [it] a joyous life or whether I call [it] a miserable life - the sum of my life, which is all right now, is about my relationship with my Source, nothing more.

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