Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abraham: Losing Your Temper

Abraham-Hicks Workshop: (If anyone knows what workshop this is from, please let me know.)

Guest: I just don't want to lose my temper.

Abraham: Well, we don't care if you lose your temper or not because your temper is not your Point of Attraction; the vibration that's behind that emotion is, so losing your temper is irrelevant. You think that that just causes them to respond in a stronger way, but they're getting your vibe whether you blow up or not. In other words, people can tell how you feel. They can tell if you appreciate them or if you don't. They can tell if you think they're doing good work or if you don't.

This is the answer to your dilemma here. Don't demand that they do good work before you see them doing good work. If you can see them doing good work before they do good work, they'll do good work. But if you need them to do good work before you see them doing good work, you'll never get there.

Now we just want to wrap this up today with this really big idea and as you ponder it over the next few days it's going to bring all of you to a place of greater alignment: The dominant reason that any of you feel negative emotion is because you've become something that in this moment you're not letting yourself be. In other words, you're denying your own expansion and that's why you feel negative emotion. You're not letting the expansion that has occurred vibrationally blossom in your experience in terms of manifestation.

So when you have, in that way, disappointed yourself by not keeping up with Who You Are then you want to find fault with Everybody in the World because if they'd just be better, you'd feel better. Just know that every time you're mad at anybody, it's your own disappointment about not being Who You Are, you see. And now we remind you it's never about the doing, it's always about the vibrational aligning.

You have options in every moment: You can feel good or you feel bad or you can feel badder or you can feel gooder. You can feel a little better. You can feel a litter worse. You can poison the well a little or you can try to filter the water a little. You can stir it up and more trouble. You can stir it up and make more positive. You can make people smile. You can make people frown. You can make people feel better. You can make people feel worse. You can dig in make a negative point. You can dig in and make a positive point. You can be a little more hopeful. You can be a little more worried. You can make an effort to laugh. You can make an effort to cry.

You have options that you can exercise and as you let what drives you be the way you want to feel, as you reach for feelings that feel like what you think that would feel like and as you achieve them and you will again and again and again and again and again... people that are doing exactly the same thing that they're doing now that are annoying you, will not annoy you, you will see them as children on their path of discovery.

When you see a child who has not yet learned to walk, who is attempting to, but who isn't good at it yet, fall over, you don't say, "Get up, you litle dummy." Instead you say, "That was good and you'll get better. And you'll like it when you're walking because it's really really fun." Just know, that every time you see a deficiency in another, it's about you're own Gap and nothing else.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Abe on Drama Queens

Los Angeles, CA 8-4-07

Something big shows up in your life, as a result of this tension. Could be a bankruptcy, that's on the subject of money, but it could be a physical breakdown, which is also on the subject of resistance; so whatever it is, it got bigger.

And now you have a manifestation. Ooooooo, a real life manifestation. (laughter) A diagnosis in your body. Or something. And what we want to say to you in a way that you will really, really hear it, know it, feel it, and benefit from it, is: that manifestation, big bad and awful as it may seem to be, is only an indication of vibration. Period.

It's not a death sentence. It's not a proclamation of how good you are. Or bad you are. It is not anything more than just the extension of indicator of how you have been offering your vibration.

You don't go to the gas station with your indicator on your gas gauge on empty and have a sort of emotional meltdown, (laughter) putting your head on the steering wheel, "I had SO hoped for MORE!" (laughter)

It's just an indication.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Abe on Alzheimer's.

Abraham-Hicks San Antonio, TX 11-17-07A

So much has been thought about getting it right. That you've been sent here to prove worthiness. And we feel sorry for anyone who has been given a set of rules that they have been told to keep because first of all you're insecure about whether you've got the right set of rules or not, and there isn't one of you who believes you KEPT it right.

And so if that's the mindset that you have, you're not ready to have your death experience. And that's another thing that holds people in that awkward, uncomfortable place for so long. There isn't something in this physical lifetime that's still calling them, but they don't believe that they have fulfilled the requirements so they are AFRAID to go there for fear they will not be prepared. And so under those conditions, these loving, benevolent universal forces of Source Energy just create the path of least resistance.

We would like you to put that label on Alzheimer's: Rather than calling it a dreaded disease, call it the gift of Source of the path of least resistance to those who are no longer focused and wanting to live, who can make an easy and comfortable transition into the wholeness of who they ARE. That's a much better and much more accurate label for it, you see.

[audience applause]

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Procrastination Is Not a Bad Thing

Abraham-Hicks tape G-02/08/91

Abraham: Don't beat up on yourself about procrastination, for this reason:

When you are focused upon what you want and you are in a place of really expecting, in other words 'pure creation', you will be inspired to action and the action comes easily, but if you are not really clear about what you want, or if your expectation is not quite yet in alignment then it takes more action. But even in offering the action, it is counter productive because you are working against yourself. In other words, you are splitting the energy.

You are following?

So, procrastination is nothing more than your physical realization that you are acting too soon, that some mental alignment is in order, or that the fire isn't there yet, so don't spray the hose in the house!

It is interesting that you ask us to reinforce your memory of the Book of Positive Aspects for it is the key of the final statement or question that you have asked. It is the way to bring your self from a place of procrastination - which isn’t a bad thing!

Procrastination is not a bad thing! It is the realization that the Universe has not sufficiently aligned. It is the same thing as saying "Abraham, I went out to the garden. I looked at the bush. I saw that great big green hard tomato and I just didn't feel like plucking it and eating it." We would say of course you didn't feel like plucking it and eating it. You'd rather wait a few days until it becomes soft and delicious and ripe and ready for you.

And in the same way we say don't try so hard to bang your way forward. Allow, or trust, that the laws of the Universe will bring things into the perfect alignment. And you be one who is at the right place at the right time, and you _will be_ when you are looking for reasons to feel good.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If They Can't Meet Your New Vibe, Let Them Go.

Abraham -- Asheville, NC, G-09/05/98

You have more harmony points with every person on the planet than you have disharmony points, because there is much more of you that is in harmony with your Core than you realize or that most of you allow. The closer you come to being in harmony with your Source Energy, the more in harmony you are with each other.

When you think about other people and what they think of you, do you understand that what they think of you has very little to do with what you are? It has mostly to do with the habits of thought that they have developed. It has more to do with them as thinkers than it does with you as the subject of their thought. If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good, you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy, because Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing.

When you decide that you want to feel good, and you reach for the vibration that feels good to you and you establish that as your Tone, either the people around you will be uplifted to join you in that vibration or, if their vibration is already very well chosen otherwise, they will clatter right out of your experience. But what happens to most of you is, while they are clattering out of your experience, you notice they're clattering. You begin to clatter too, and then they clatter right back into your experience, and you clatter together miserably and continually.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Co-Dependent vs Independent Relationships

Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City, MO 9/15/04-B

It is possible for you to be selfishly oriented and care about someone else at the same time, but you can't let what they want matter more to you than what you want, or you are going to get out of balance. Then that's where you start sacrificing, which lays the groundwork for resentment.

Then you find yourself in an adult relationship, like so many adults who have parents and parents who have adult children, and none of them even like each other because their relationship is based on sacrifice and resentment instead of upon balance and alignment and self-sufficiency.


Someone who really wants to help really enjoys a needy friend, sort of a nice balance. "I like to help and you like to be helped, so we get along really good together."

But most of you have to acknowledge that the people who make your heart sing the most are those independent, self sufficient beings who aren't dependent upon you for their joy.

When someone says to you, "You need to do something so I can feel better", if there is only one of them, you might take them in as a friend. But if you get a handful of them, then you've got a burdensome crowd hanging around you.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Play like Michael Jordan?

Abraham-Hicks, El Paso, TX 2/17/01

When you watch the replays of your Michael Jordans, or any of them - there are many of them that have talents that you are wanting to experience yourself - as you watch them, ask yourself one question: Where's his mind? What's he thinking? But most importantly, how's he feeling? What's his mood or attitude?

And what you will see, again and again, is, he feels invincible. He feels sure. He has utter confidence. In other words, it's his MOOD. That's what you're wanting to practice when you're watching. Not what's his shot. Not what's his game. Not how he's moved. Not what's happening with the other players around. You're wanting to look into his eyes as the camera gets there, as much as you can, or look into his body behaviour and you're wanting to ask yourself: What's his mood? What does he know, right now? What's he KNOWING, right now?

There's never a particle of uncertainty or anger or belligerence or getting even or blame or doubt or fear. It's all that other stuff, that knowing, that confidence.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seth Classic: There Are No Accidents

Seth Class, June, 1973 excerpted from Conversations with Seth.

(Slightly modified to fit blog dialogue format.)

Seth: Any accident – and this applies to each of you - is no accident. Your good health or poor health is no accident. All of this has meaning to you.

If you cut your finger, it is no accident. If you stub your toe, it is no accident. If you come down with the flu, or with a virus, it is no accident. If you have a chronic physical difficulty, it is no accident. If you are creative, it is no accident. If you get good news, it is no accident. If lovely things happen to you, it is no accident.

You form your reality. And this applies all the way down the scale from your consciousness that you think of, to the tiniest molecule in Lauren's eye!

Bob (Class Member): I was thinking about my motorcycle accident. It was basically the same thing. It's true that I solved a lot of problems, but I can't help thinking that I could have solved the same problems without doing something so radical.

Seth: Perhaps now you will work out problems at conscious levels. It is only when you are not willing to face consciously your own beliefs, and face them through and make distinctions, that seemingly unconscious accidents occur: when all of a sudden you are not as quick as you should be; or, when all of a sudden, your reactions are not as good when a car comes that should not be there.

Each of you has your own way, and an event that seems horrendous from the outside-from the inside, from your private viewpoints, may be something else entirely.


In nature, there are no accidents. If you accept the possibility of the slightest, smallest, most insignificant accidents, then indeed you open a Pandora's Box, for logically, there cannot be simply one small accident, but a universe in which accidents are not the exception but the rule. A universe in which, therefore, following logically, your consciousness is a combination of an accidental conglomeration of atoms and molecules without reason or cause that will vanish into nonexistence forever even as, indeed, they would have come from nonexistence.

Once you accept, you see, that idea, then if you follow your thought completely enough, you must accept the idea of a random accidental universe, in which you are at the mercy of any accident, in which mind or purpose have little meaning, in which you are at the mercy of all random happenings, in which 300,000 human beings can be swept off the face of the planet without reason, without cause, simply at the whim of an accidental happening.

And if that is the universe in which you believe that you live, then it is a dire and foreboding universe, indeed.

In that universe, the individual has little hope, for he will return to the nonexistence that his random physical creation came from. Following that line of thought, then, if you follow this through, a group of atoms and molecules were accidentally sparked into consciousness and song and then will return to the chaos from which they came; and the individual has no control over his destiny, for it can be swept aside at any point by random fate, over which he has no recourse.

All of this can be related to ordinary life. Whenever you think that you have a headache, simply because you have a headache; or you bump into a door simply because you bump into a door; or you have an accident simply because you happen to be in a particular place at a particular time; whenever you feel yourself powerless, then you think that accidents happen and that you have no control over them. The only answer is to realize that you form physical events, individually and en masse. And as I have said time and time again, you form the physical reality that you know.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Divorce and Children w/ Disabilities Part 3

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

(Continued from Part 2 and Part 1.)

Abraham (to a divorcing mother - one of whose children has Cerebral Palsy):

And so, the thing that most often happens in divorce is that... it's sort of the thing where you'd rather be right than feel good? And, oh, much of your world cares more about being right. You get together in factions, and you try to get together in numbers, and you try to influence this with your numbers and that with your number.

All along taking all of that action and not going with the flow, and so even though you might be on top of the pile in terms of comparison with other humans you are a far cry from alignment with Who You Are. And so, you see masses of people that are so sure that they are right and in their rightness it is evident that they are nowhere near alignment with Source Energy.

And so, as you as a parent or as a mentor, as anybody who cares about anybody, or as anybody who cares about themselves, as you remind yourself, and then teach yourself, through effort - we know it takes it - to reach for the better feeling thought, and reach for the better feeling thought, and reach for the better feeling thought, what begins to happen is you come into alignment with Who You Are much easier than you think. And in that alignment your timing is good; the things that you say are right on target. In other words, and then you get in synch with the knowledge that these children have not yet forgotten. What a powerful combination that is, you see.

And so then, they go off to see their father, let's say. It's their time to be there. And as they do you worry, oh, now it's not going to be as good for them because I am in alignment, or working to be, and he is not.

(cell phone rings.)

Abraham: (ad libs) There he is now. (laughter)

Abraham: I am in alignment, or trying to be...and he is not. And we say, well, what's the worst thing that can happen? They have a comparative experience where now they want more alignment. And now they have an opportunity through your words and example to come into alignment.

And wouldn't it be wonderful if they could have a father that by earth standards was doing everything wrong, and they were still able to love him. Wouldn't that be something? If they could have this early experience of not letting something that ordinarily would be your reason for splitting you apart, not split you apart? Doesn't that mean that they would be ready for anything?

So, why would these children come into an environment that had this sort of destiny? And do you know what we mean by "destiny"? In other words, those vibrations were already in the works, so these energies that come forth, why would they come forth and rendevous with that? Because they understood the power of their own Guidance.

Why would a child come forth and live an experience that you are labeling a disease? Why would a child come forth and be less than that perfect child? Because that child is wanting to make the point that we do not have to control the circumstances that it is all about vibration and energy you see. Powerful teaching there.

So when you say, "I just want this child to be whole," we say that's the most whole person you have in your vicinity.

Guest: That's true, she's more clear than anybody I know.

Abraham: She came to make a point. And once she makes it, things may evolve. But as you stand looking at something and saying, "I want that not," and use that as your dramatic example of something that causes you to push hard against, it not only splits up your marriage, it splits up you. And when you're split up, you can't be happy. In other words, you got to come back into alignment.

So, there's nobody out there that can turn enough knobs that can change that condition into something that when you look at it you'll feel better. So what does that mean? You've got to find a way of feeling better without that condition changing. That's the promise you made to each other.

Guest: Thank-you.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Divorce and Children Part 2

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

(Continued from Part 1.)

So let's say that you are discussing the children's father, and let's say that you don't feel all that good when you do. Let's say that you have very strong feelings of disempowerment and even anger within you as you approach that subject. And so, what we want to impart to you is that when you speak to your children about their father or about anything when you feel that way, you are presenting to them a contradicted being, a contradicted mother, because the Inner Being Mother is over here in this place of Pure Positive Energy and Love, and you are not. And so what you are offering is something that is really hard to hear. It's like the radio dial that is set on 630 while someone is trying to listen on 98.7. And so your children who are much closer to alignment will hear you better when you are in alignment.

And this is one of the most fascinating things about divorce is that if the children have the benefit of one or the other, it usually isn't both and it's rarely either one, but if the children have the benefit of one of the parents having come into conscious awarness that what they feel matters and this person has deliberately tried to think about that relationship in a way that feels best.... so that at least you're turning and going with the flow.... we're not saying that you have to be all the way over there in Love and Light, but at least you are no longer pushing against that, as you begin to turn and go with the flow, these children who are much more like your Inner Being than they are like you in your disconnected state, will begin to hear you.

They'll begin to hear the reasonable voice of well being that you are speaking and then if they have the benefit of another parent who is not doing that all the more reason for them to have a close up other words... Don't you find that.... there's a saying that 'you get more flies with honey that you do with vinegar' and isn't it the same sort of thing that as you become more Inner Being like that you will have a much stronger influence for your children.

Do not feel regret that you are a family that is split apart, instead, let your dominant intent be that you do not be a catalyst that splits your children apart, and by that we mean, apart from Who They Really Are. Let them continue to be the dominantly loving, good feeling beings that they are.

(to be continued)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Positive Aspects Divorce Can Have for Chidren

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

Guest: I think my biggest question has to do with relationships and specifically dealing with divorce and helping increase my children's ability to stay in alignment with Who They Really Are...

Abraham: First thing we'd like to say about children of divorced parents is that they have a wonderful opportunity to, at an earlier age than others, see Law of Attraction responding to different vibrational points of view. And when they have the benefit of someone up close to them that understands that, then they get an earlier opportunity to understand that they have more control over their life than they might have thought.

When children are born into a sort of feathered nest where two other people are doing everything that they can to make everything be just right, their opportunity for contrast and their opportunity to create their own vibrational escrow is slowed down a little bit, and therefore their opportunity to consciously feel the separation between Who They Really Are and who they are allowing themselves to be has more opportunity (pause)... some of those beliefs can become very well entrenched before you become enlightened to your own Guidance System and to that vibrational crevasse between Who You Really Are and what you are doing right now.

So imagine a child who early on is exposed to contrast and has a mentor up close to them who is teaching them that through the power of your thought you can bring yourself into alignment at an early early age, what an advantage that is. IOW, we won't find these children in some environment later on where they are holding to beliefs that are limiting and struggling to break loose of them because they have, at an early age, had an opportunity to understand the power of their own mind and the power of their good feelings.

So, we always say to parents, your children are the teachers because they still remember that All is Well, you see. They're not bucking the current, they're not fighting the flow, they Know That... until you get hold of them really good and train that out of them which most parents, in a well-meaning attitude, derogatorily do.

You can't teach your children through your words, you must teach through the clarity of your own example which means you have a hard job in having lived enough life where you're not easily releasing beliefs and going with the flow of Who You Are but that's the effort that you must make. You must reach for the best feeling thoughts that you can.

(To be continued.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Optimism There is Magic.

Abraham -- San Rafael, CA 03/04/98

We're asking you to trust in the well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing.

What you're wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place.

In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy, familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that well-being once you find that place.

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Abe on Aging, Arthritis, and Alzheimer's

Abraham from "Money and the Law of Attraction", p. 132

Jerry: Can the gnarled joints caused by arthritis or the memory loss caused by Alzheimer's be resolved? Is it possible to recover from those types of illnesses at whatever age?

Abraham: The conditions of you physical body truly are vibrational indicators of the balance of your thoughts - and so when you change your thoughts, the indicators must change, also. The only reason that some diseases seem stubborn and unchangeable is because your thoughts are often stubborn and unchanging.

Most people learn their patterns of counterproductive thought often based on "truths" they have witnessed or learned from other, and as they hold stubbornly to those patterns of thought (which do not serve them), they then experience the results of those thoughts. And then an uncomfortable cycle occurs where they think about unwanted things (valid, true unwanted things) and, in doing so, by the Law of Attraction, they prevent wanted things from coming into their experience and allow unwanted things to come instead - then they focus even more upon those unwanted things, causing more unwanted things to come.

You can accomplish change in every experience, but you have to begin to see your world differently. You have to tell the story the way you want it to be rather than like it is. When you choose the direction of your thoughts and conversations by the way they feel as you think them or speak them, then you begin to deliberately offer vibrations. You are Vibrational Beings, whether you know it or not, and the Law of Attraction is eternally responding to the vibrations you are offering.

(c) Abraham-Hicks Publications

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does Better Nutrition or More Exercise Add to our Health?

Abraham from "Money and the Law of Attraction", p. 133

Jerry: Does better nutrition or more exercise add to our health?

Abraham: You may have noticed that there are those who are very deliberate about food and exericse whose physical well-being is obvious. And there are those who seem to be offering tremendous effort regarding food and exercise who struggle for years to gain benefit and still have no success in maintaining their physical well-being. What you do in terms of action is far less important than the thoughts you think, the way you feel, your vibrational balance, or the story you tell.

When you take the time to find vibrational balance, the physical effort you apply will yield you wonderful results, but if you do not tend to your vibrational balance first, there is not eough action in the world to compensate for that misaligned Energy. From your place of alignment, you will feel inspired to the beneficial behavior, just as from your place of misalignment, you are inspired to the detrimental behavior.

Jerry: I remember hearng a line from Sir Winston Churchill. (He was the British leader during World War II.) He said, "I never run if I can walk, and I never walk if I can stand, or stand if I can sit, or sit if I can lie down," and he always smoked a big cigar. He lived to be 90 years of age and, as far as I know, was in good health. But his lifestyle was clearly not what we consider today to be healthy, so was it just a belief factor then?

Abraham: Leaving at such an early age? (Fun) The reason that so many are confused about the correct behavior for healthy living is because they are only factoring in behavior and they are leaving out the part of the equation that is most responsible for every outcome: the way you think, the emotions you feel, and the story you tell.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Coffee or Abraham? What if You're Healthy, but Tired.

Abraham from "Money and the Law of Attraction", p. 134

Jerry: If a person seems to be in good health but feels tired or listless most of the time, what would you suggest as a solution?

Abraham: People often refer to that state of being tired or listless as a state of low energy, and that is really a good way of saying it. While you cannot cut yourself off from your Energy source, when you offer thoughts that contradict that source, your resulting feeling is one of resistance or low energy.

The way you feel is always about the degree to which you are in alignment or out of alignment with your Source. No exceptions.

As you tell the story of what you want (which is the story the Source within you is always telling), you feel happy and energized. The feeling of low energy is always a result of telling a different story than the expanded, Source Energy part of you is telling. When you tell a story that focuses upon the positive aspects of your life---you feel energized. When you tell a story that focuses upon the negative aspects---you feel enervated. When you focus upon the absence of something that you desire in your present experience---you feel negative emotion. When you imagine an improved condition---you feel positive emotion.

The way you feel is always about the relationship between the object of your attention and your true desire. Giving thought to what is wanted will give you the invigoration that you seek.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seth: Leave them Alone!

Seth Class Session - 09/08/73

Class Member: How can you help a person who believes that you are making them miserable?

Seth: Leave them alone!

CM: Wait, let me finish, - and they believe that you are making them miserable. How can you help them change that belief, to see that they themselves are doing it can you help someone to see that they create their own reality, or to accept that in this tenet?

Seth: First of all, if they believe that you're causing them misery, then you should leave them alone. It is the best help that you can give them at that time. It is false sympathy to do otherwise. You are not helping. The help now can come, but while that belief is held it cannot come from you.

CM: Even with my own thoughts, or whatever my beliefs are, without coming near this person, how can my attitude, my thoughts, or whatever I direct toward this person, help them change that belief?

Seth: Then, in your own mind, imagine them realizing that they form their own reality, and, in your mind, see this realization on their part, and, otherwise, do nothing. You cannot force a belief on another person. You cannot know, as Ruburt would call it, the inward order of their events. You should not try to force your ideas upon them, or your beliefs.

CM: Then you say, 'I'm not making you miserable, that way?'

Seth: Let them go their way, in their own way. You are your responsibility. Each person is his own responsibility. You are trying to prove a point. You want to help, but you are still trying to prove a point. You are settting up resistances and the more you insist that your way is right, the greater the barrier. Ideas are fluid, like water. Left alone, they will change. You set up a dam when you insist, "You must see it my way". Beliefs form reality.

CM: What if I have never said that? But it may be that I take that attitude, in a certain way, but I don't think that it is that vocal and outspoken, but i understand that I am not the cause of this person's misery, or wish or not wish to live.

Seth: Then let that be sufficient. The individual is using you also, and you are allowing it. As long as someone can point to you and say, "You are the cause of my misery", then they do not have to face themselves. And, as long as you play the game, you take part in it and you do not help. You do not have enough faith in the individual involved. They will find it their own way, in their own way, and joyfully take that for granted.

(c) Robert Butts via Ric on yahoo.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What if Someone Chooses to Molest a Child? (Long)

Abraham-Hicks, Portland, OR 5-8-01

Guest: I always try to get a big picture of the world and what we're doing--and it's like I can hold almost everything, but then there's just some things on the smorgasbord, and I go--that thing--people are still killing whales and killing each other and molesting kids and somehow that balance of not putting my attention to it...then I think, well, that's somehow saying that that's okay. I get stuck there.

Abraham: Here's the thing. It's a quandry between doing something about something--so many say if you don't do something about something then things don't change.

Guest: Yeah.

Abraham: And putting my head in the sand which might feel better to me but it doesn't feel like it's helping humanity.

Guest: Right!

Abraham: And what we're saying to you is, as you're seeing things not wanted and you feel that feeling you described as you see it, and within that you feel desire within you that things be different, now your work is to find harmony within your own rocket of desire; which means every time you turn back and look at things not as you want them to be you are in discord with your own rocket.

Guest: (Laughs) Yeah.

Abraham: So what's the question; there's a problem...?

Guest: No, that's me walking through the world sometimes. I'm very idealistic and there's this discord, and I don't really know how to manage it.

Abraham: See, what you're defining here is the exact process of perfection that you knew you would be embarking upon as a leading edge creator. You did not say "I will choose an environment where everywhere I look things please me."

Guest: Yeah, yeah.

Abraham: You said, "I will choose an environment where I will be stimulated to better ideas, and when the better idea comes, I will attune to the better idea. I won't keep looking back at what caused the better idea to be born." That's the discipline that is required. There are those that would say to you, "Well, we need you to keep looking at the problem because we've discovered we can motivate you to the action that serves us more by keeping you looking at the problem. You're more likely to give up money to support our organization, or you're more likely to give your money in order to keep our dream afloat."

Guest: And that keeps the problem going.

Abraham: If we can keep you aggravated about all of this...

Guest: Right, right.

Abraham: And what we're wanting you to say is, "I felt the aggravation. I felt the rocket of desire. I asked the universe on your behalf for a resolution. I know that when anyone asks the universe always answers, so help is on the way. And I'm going to do my best about helping us all to receive the help that is on the way by holding myself in vibrational harmony with the signal that I've identified." Oh. That is creating at its best, you see.

Guest: Okay, okay.

Abraham: And there's so many well-meaning people who see the contrast; give birth to the rocket of desire; feel it powerfully; shout it to the universe; the universe is answering; and then they're campaigning against what's wrong holding themselves apart from the solution. So even though solutions are happening all over the world, they never have access to them, because they are so vibrationally different from the solutions that, even though they're happening, they never get to see a glimpse of them.

Guest: Okay, okay.

Abraham: You have to find vibrational harmony with where you want to be before the universe can deliver it to you, you see.

Guest: Okay.

Abraham: We wouldn't attempt in any way to try to convince you that there are not things that are happening in your world that you don't want to happen in your world, but we will say to you that looking at the things that you don't want in your world will never make your world more as you want it to be.

Guest: Right. Yeah, yeah.

Abraham: It will only drag you down into the discord of that. We'll also say to you that, as a creator, you are better off with those things you don't want in your world than if your world was, by your standards, perfect in every way today. Because those things cause you to reach beyond what is, and if there's not reason to reach beyond what is, then you stand still, and none of us can do that. In other words, there is only motion forward--contrast assures that, you see.

Guest: Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: We want you to begin to make contrast your friend. Let it be all right that there are unwanted things around.

Guest: Yeah--that's a whole different shift, yeah...

Abe: And let's talk about why. Let it be all right that there are things you wouldn't choose because there are others who would choose them....We are ALL free or none of us are free. And so, if you like being able to choose the things that you like to choose, then it must be all right with you that others choose the things that they want to choose. And you say, "All right, I can go there within reason, but what if they choose something really awful, like molesting a child? What if they choose something really horrible like killing the whales?" ...And we say, it still has to be all right with you that there are things that you don't want them to choose. Oh, that's so hard!

Guest: It IS hard. (laughs)

Abe: "I want them to choose within reason, only things that I would choose." And we say, "Then somebody gets to choose what you would choose." And you say, "Well, can't we just all agree on what's all right for us to choose?" And we say, "How's that working out for ya?"

It turns out that it's all being orchestrated from that broader perspective. ...The balance of intent is coming forth from that broader non-physical perspective. The variety is supreme. Because out of that variety, each genius consciousness gets to choose something more. Do you know the discord and the squalor and the suffering and the poverty and the negative emotion and the illness-- all the bad stuff that you see or hear about in your environment, is not because blessed spirits are coming forth and choosing bad things? In every single case, every bit of that suffering or sickness or badness is because somebody's locked off their signal momentarily.

Attention to Rape

Abraham-Hicks tape G-4/17/94

Lets say that you are a young woman and your mother, when she was a young girl, was raped, so almost from the first thing you remember she talked about it in a guarded way, and so you started picking up on some of that vibration. Not really worrying about it yourself because you say " I live in different times and different places and I am a different person," but still the seeds of that negative vibration beginning in you.

So then because that vibration is within you, you start attracting from your physical environment information about that. And you become best friends with someone who before you met her was also raped. So now the vibration is starting to feel realer to you. You're thinking about it more, you're feeling more vulnerable about it. So now it's a very strong part of your vibration. And now because of the amplification and the amount of attention that you spend on this subject, now you are vibrationally in the perfect position to be the one that the next raper that is anywhere in your proximity chooses.

Now this is what we were talking about. In other words people interacting in your physical sphere influencing you to a vibrational pattern of thought. Now as you are in that vibrational pattern of thought your vibration reaches to the boundaries of the Universe. So you not only have access to a physical raper you also have vibrational access to any of the vibrations in the thought bank !!

In other words so you could have many other-dimensional experiences. So then you go to a past life regressor and you say, "I've got this trouble. I worry about being raped." And so they do a past life regression and in your past life regression you have the experience of having been raped. Or maybe the experience of witnessing someone being raped in this altered state of consciousness. And then your conclusion is "Ah this explains it!" I was raped in a past life and I didn't get it all dealt with so now here I am dealing with it again."

And we say, Balony!!! All that happened was along this physical trail you bumped up against some influence that caused you to start developing a pattern of influence that caused you to reach to the boundaries of the Universe for more of that experience.

...If you are not in a vibration of well-being before you start reaching, from whatever vibrational stance you are in, that which you will attract will be in harmony with that.

(c) Abraham-Hicks Publications

In ALLOWING There is No Tolerance

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 08/18/2001

We want so much for you to discover the joyous delicious freedom in recognizing that you cannot control others -- but that you do not have to. You cannot control what others are choosing to do or experience -- but you CAN control YOUR vibrational participation with it.

Once you understand vibrational participation, then, you are able to be the absolute ALLOWER that you were born to be. Many misunderstand, they think that ALLOWER means, let someone spit in your face and don't spit back, or let someone abuse someone that's important to you, and just passively do nothing about it, grin and bear it. Tolerate the injustice.

In ALLOWING there is no tolerance. In the moment of tolerance there is usually anger or fear, or rage -- there is just absence of action about it. While in the ART OF ALLOWING, it is true there is not the aggressive action, but there is not the pushing against, in the form of anger or fear. What ALLOWING truly is, is standing in my physical now, and choosing a vibration that ALLOWS who I really am to be fully present within me, in this moment.

When you are in the state of ALLOWING, your Source Energy is flowing through you in a non-resisted way. You are feeling love or appreciation. You are acknowledging Well-being. You are knowing that all is well. You are looking for evidence of that. And you are reverberating your resounding affirmation of Well-being in your moment of ALLOWING.

So, in your moment of fear, or in your moment of hate, even though there are circumstances where everyone would agree that you are utterly justified in your temporary disconnecting from who you really are, there is no value, and nothing good has ever come, from that feeling.

(c) Abraham-Hicks Publications