Monday, October 12, 2009

Divorce and Children Part 2

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

(Continued from Part 1.)

So let's say that you are discussing the children's father, and let's say that you don't feel all that good when you do. Let's say that you have very strong feelings of disempowerment and even anger within you as you approach that subject. And so, what we want to impart to you is that when you speak to your children about their father or about anything when you feel that way, you are presenting to them a contradicted being, a contradicted mother, because the Inner Being Mother is over here in this place of Pure Positive Energy and Love, and you are not. And so what you are offering is something that is really hard to hear. It's like the radio dial that is set on 630 while someone is trying to listen on 98.7. And so your children who are much closer to alignment will hear you better when you are in alignment.

And this is one of the most fascinating things about divorce is that if the children have the benefit of one or the other, it usually isn't both and it's rarely either one, but if the children have the benefit of one of the parents having come into conscious awarness that what they feel matters and this person has deliberately tried to think about that relationship in a way that feels best.... so that at least you're turning and going with the flow.... we're not saying that you have to be all the way over there in Love and Light, but at least you are no longer pushing against that, as you begin to turn and go with the flow, these children who are much more like your Inner Being than they are like you in your disconnected state, will begin to hear you.

They'll begin to hear the reasonable voice of well being that you are speaking and then if they have the benefit of another parent who is not doing that all the more reason for them to have a close up other words... Don't you find that.... there's a saying that 'you get more flies with honey that you do with vinegar' and isn't it the same sort of thing that as you become more Inner Being like that you will have a much stronger influence for your children.

Do not feel regret that you are a family that is split apart, instead, let your dominant intent be that you do not be a catalyst that splits your children apart, and by that we mean, apart from Who They Really Are. Let them continue to be the dominantly loving, good feeling beings that they are.

(to be continued)

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