Friday, October 30, 2009

Abe on Drama Queens

Los Angeles, CA 8-4-07

Something big shows up in your life, as a result of this tension. Could be a bankruptcy, that's on the subject of money, but it could be a physical breakdown, which is also on the subject of resistance; so whatever it is, it got bigger.

And now you have a manifestation. Ooooooo, a real life manifestation. (laughter) A diagnosis in your body. Or something. And what we want to say to you in a way that you will really, really hear it, know it, feel it, and benefit from it, is: that manifestation, big bad and awful as it may seem to be, is only an indication of vibration. Period.

It's not a death sentence. It's not a proclamation of how good you are. Or bad you are. It is not anything more than just the extension of indicator of how you have been offering your vibration.

You don't go to the gas station with your indicator on your gas gauge on empty and have a sort of emotional meltdown, (laughter) putting your head on the steering wheel, "I had SO hoped for MORE!" (laughter)

It's just an indication.

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