Friday, October 2, 2009

What if Someone Chooses to Molest a Child? (Long)

Abraham-Hicks, Portland, OR 5-8-01

Guest: I always try to get a big picture of the world and what we're doing--and it's like I can hold almost everything, but then there's just some things on the smorgasbord, and I go--that thing--people are still killing whales and killing each other and molesting kids and somehow that balance of not putting my attention to it...then I think, well, that's somehow saying that that's okay. I get stuck there.

Abraham: Here's the thing. It's a quandry between doing something about something--so many say if you don't do something about something then things don't change.

Guest: Yeah.

Abraham: And putting my head in the sand which might feel better to me but it doesn't feel like it's helping humanity.

Guest: Right!

Abraham: And what we're saying to you is, as you're seeing things not wanted and you feel that feeling you described as you see it, and within that you feel desire within you that things be different, now your work is to find harmony within your own rocket of desire; which means every time you turn back and look at things not as you want them to be you are in discord with your own rocket.

Guest: (Laughs) Yeah.

Abraham: So what's the question; there's a problem...?

Guest: No, that's me walking through the world sometimes. I'm very idealistic and there's this discord, and I don't really know how to manage it.

Abraham: See, what you're defining here is the exact process of perfection that you knew you would be embarking upon as a leading edge creator. You did not say "I will choose an environment where everywhere I look things please me."

Guest: Yeah, yeah.

Abraham: You said, "I will choose an environment where I will be stimulated to better ideas, and when the better idea comes, I will attune to the better idea. I won't keep looking back at what caused the better idea to be born." That's the discipline that is required. There are those that would say to you, "Well, we need you to keep looking at the problem because we've discovered we can motivate you to the action that serves us more by keeping you looking at the problem. You're more likely to give up money to support our organization, or you're more likely to give your money in order to keep our dream afloat."

Guest: And that keeps the problem going.

Abraham: If we can keep you aggravated about all of this...

Guest: Right, right.

Abraham: And what we're wanting you to say is, "I felt the aggravation. I felt the rocket of desire. I asked the universe on your behalf for a resolution. I know that when anyone asks the universe always answers, so help is on the way. And I'm going to do my best about helping us all to receive the help that is on the way by holding myself in vibrational harmony with the signal that I've identified." Oh. That is creating at its best, you see.

Guest: Okay, okay.

Abraham: And there's so many well-meaning people who see the contrast; give birth to the rocket of desire; feel it powerfully; shout it to the universe; the universe is answering; and then they're campaigning against what's wrong holding themselves apart from the solution. So even though solutions are happening all over the world, they never have access to them, because they are so vibrationally different from the solutions that, even though they're happening, they never get to see a glimpse of them.

Guest: Okay, okay.

Abraham: You have to find vibrational harmony with where you want to be before the universe can deliver it to you, you see.

Guest: Okay.

Abraham: We wouldn't attempt in any way to try to convince you that there are not things that are happening in your world that you don't want to happen in your world, but we will say to you that looking at the things that you don't want in your world will never make your world more as you want it to be.

Guest: Right. Yeah, yeah.

Abraham: It will only drag you down into the discord of that. We'll also say to you that, as a creator, you are better off with those things you don't want in your world than if your world was, by your standards, perfect in every way today. Because those things cause you to reach beyond what is, and if there's not reason to reach beyond what is, then you stand still, and none of us can do that. In other words, there is only motion forward--contrast assures that, you see.

Guest: Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: We want you to begin to make contrast your friend. Let it be all right that there are unwanted things around.

Guest: Yeah--that's a whole different shift, yeah...

Abe: And let's talk about why. Let it be all right that there are things you wouldn't choose because there are others who would choose them....We are ALL free or none of us are free. And so, if you like being able to choose the things that you like to choose, then it must be all right with you that others choose the things that they want to choose. And you say, "All right, I can go there within reason, but what if they choose something really awful, like molesting a child? What if they choose something really horrible like killing the whales?" ...And we say, it still has to be all right with you that there are things that you don't want them to choose. Oh, that's so hard!

Guest: It IS hard. (laughs)

Abe: "I want them to choose within reason, only things that I would choose." And we say, "Then somebody gets to choose what you would choose." And you say, "Well, can't we just all agree on what's all right for us to choose?" And we say, "How's that working out for ya?"

It turns out that it's all being orchestrated from that broader perspective. ...The balance of intent is coming forth from that broader non-physical perspective. The variety is supreme. Because out of that variety, each genius consciousness gets to choose something more. Do you know the discord and the squalor and the suffering and the poverty and the negative emotion and the illness-- all the bad stuff that you see or hear about in your environment, is not because blessed spirits are coming forth and choosing bad things? In every single case, every bit of that suffering or sickness or badness is because somebody's locked off their signal momentarily.

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