Friday, October 2, 2009

In ALLOWING There is No Tolerance

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 08/18/2001

We want so much for you to discover the joyous delicious freedom in recognizing that you cannot control others -- but that you do not have to. You cannot control what others are choosing to do or experience -- but you CAN control YOUR vibrational participation with it.

Once you understand vibrational participation, then, you are able to be the absolute ALLOWER that you were born to be. Many misunderstand, they think that ALLOWER means, let someone spit in your face and don't spit back, or let someone abuse someone that's important to you, and just passively do nothing about it, grin and bear it. Tolerate the injustice.

In ALLOWING there is no tolerance. In the moment of tolerance there is usually anger or fear, or rage -- there is just absence of action about it. While in the ART OF ALLOWING, it is true there is not the aggressive action, but there is not the pushing against, in the form of anger or fear. What ALLOWING truly is, is standing in my physical now, and choosing a vibration that ALLOWS who I really am to be fully present within me, in this moment.

When you are in the state of ALLOWING, your Source Energy is flowing through you in a non-resisted way. You are feeling love or appreciation. You are acknowledging Well-being. You are knowing that all is well. You are looking for evidence of that. And you are reverberating your resounding affirmation of Well-being in your moment of ALLOWING.

So, in your moment of fear, or in your moment of hate, even though there are circumstances where everyone would agree that you are utterly justified in your temporary disconnecting from who you really are, there is no value, and nothing good has ever come, from that feeling.

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