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Divorce and Children w/ Disabilities Part 3

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

(Continued from Part 2 and Part 1.)

Abraham (to a divorcing mother - one of whose children has Cerebral Palsy):

And so, the thing that most often happens in divorce is that... it's sort of the thing where you'd rather be right than feel good? And, oh, much of your world cares more about being right. You get together in factions, and you try to get together in numbers, and you try to influence this with your numbers and that with your number.

All along taking all of that action and not going with the flow, and so even though you might be on top of the pile in terms of comparison with other humans you are a far cry from alignment with Who You Are. And so, you see masses of people that are so sure that they are right and in their rightness it is evident that they are nowhere near alignment with Source Energy.

And so, as you as a parent or as a mentor, as anybody who cares about anybody, or as anybody who cares about themselves, as you remind yourself, and then teach yourself, through effort - we know it takes it - to reach for the better feeling thought, and reach for the better feeling thought, and reach for the better feeling thought, what begins to happen is you come into alignment with Who You Are much easier than you think. And in that alignment your timing is good; the things that you say are right on target. In other words, and then you get in synch with the knowledge that these children have not yet forgotten. What a powerful combination that is, you see.

And so then, they go off to see their father, let's say. It's their time to be there. And as they do you worry, oh, now it's not going to be as good for them because I am in alignment, or working to be, and he is not.

(cell phone rings.)

Abraham: (ad libs) There he is now. (laughter)

Abraham: I am in alignment, or trying to be...and he is not. And we say, well, what's the worst thing that can happen? They have a comparative experience where now they want more alignment. And now they have an opportunity through your words and example to come into alignment.

And wouldn't it be wonderful if they could have a father that by earth standards was doing everything wrong, and they were still able to love him. Wouldn't that be something? If they could have this early experience of not letting something that ordinarily would be your reason for splitting you apart, not split you apart? Doesn't that mean that they would be ready for anything?

So, why would these children come into an environment that had this sort of destiny? And do you know what we mean by "destiny"? In other words, those vibrations were already in the works, so these energies that come forth, why would they come forth and rendevous with that? Because they understood the power of their own Guidance.

Why would a child come forth and live an experience that you are labeling a disease? Why would a child come forth and be less than that perfect child? Because that child is wanting to make the point that we do not have to control the circumstances that it is all about vibration and energy you see. Powerful teaching there.

So when you say, "I just want this child to be whole," we say that's the most whole person you have in your vicinity.

Guest: That's true, she's more clear than anybody I know.

Abraham: She came to make a point. And once she makes it, things may evolve. But as you stand looking at something and saying, "I want that not," and use that as your dramatic example of something that causes you to push hard against, it not only splits up your marriage, it splits up you. And when you're split up, you can't be happy. In other words, you got to come back into alignment.

So, there's nobody out there that can turn enough knobs that can change that condition into something that when you look at it you'll feel better. So what does that mean? You've got to find a way of feeling better without that condition changing. That's the promise you made to each other.

Guest: Thank-you.

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