Thursday, October 22, 2009

Procrastination Is Not a Bad Thing

Abraham-Hicks tape G-02/08/91

Abraham: Don't beat up on yourself about procrastination, for this reason:

When you are focused upon what you want and you are in a place of really expecting, in other words 'pure creation', you will be inspired to action and the action comes easily, but if you are not really clear about what you want, or if your expectation is not quite yet in alignment then it takes more action. But even in offering the action, it is counter productive because you are working against yourself. In other words, you are splitting the energy.

You are following?

So, procrastination is nothing more than your physical realization that you are acting too soon, that some mental alignment is in order, or that the fire isn't there yet, so don't spray the hose in the house!

It is interesting that you ask us to reinforce your memory of the Book of Positive Aspects for it is the key of the final statement or question that you have asked. It is the way to bring your self from a place of procrastination - which isn’t a bad thing!

Procrastination is not a bad thing! It is the realization that the Universe has not sufficiently aligned. It is the same thing as saying "Abraham, I went out to the garden. I looked at the bush. I saw that great big green hard tomato and I just didn't feel like plucking it and eating it." We would say of course you didn't feel like plucking it and eating it. You'd rather wait a few days until it becomes soft and delicious and ripe and ready for you.

And in the same way we say don't try so hard to bang your way forward. Allow, or trust, that the laws of the Universe will bring things into the perfect alignment. And you be one who is at the right place at the right time, and you _will be_ when you are looking for reasons to feel good.

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