Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seth: Leave them Alone!

Seth Class Session - 09/08/73

Class Member: How can you help a person who believes that you are making them miserable?

Seth: Leave them alone!

CM: Wait, let me finish, - and they believe that you are making them miserable. How can you help them change that belief, to see that they themselves are doing it can you help someone to see that they create their own reality, or to accept that in this tenet?

Seth: First of all, if they believe that you're causing them misery, then you should leave them alone. It is the best help that you can give them at that time. It is false sympathy to do otherwise. You are not helping. The help now can come, but while that belief is held it cannot come from you.

CM: Even with my own thoughts, or whatever my beliefs are, without coming near this person, how can my attitude, my thoughts, or whatever I direct toward this person, help them change that belief?

Seth: Then, in your own mind, imagine them realizing that they form their own reality, and, in your mind, see this realization on their part, and, otherwise, do nothing. You cannot force a belief on another person. You cannot know, as Ruburt would call it, the inward order of their events. You should not try to force your ideas upon them, or your beliefs.

CM: Then you say, 'I'm not making you miserable, that way?'

Seth: Let them go their way, in their own way. You are your responsibility. Each person is his own responsibility. You are trying to prove a point. You want to help, but you are still trying to prove a point. You are settting up resistances and the more you insist that your way is right, the greater the barrier. Ideas are fluid, like water. Left alone, they will change. You set up a dam when you insist, "You must see it my way". Beliefs form reality.

CM: What if I have never said that? But it may be that I take that attitude, in a certain way, but I don't think that it is that vocal and outspoken, but i understand that I am not the cause of this person's misery, or wish or not wish to live.

Seth: Then let that be sufficient. The individual is using you also, and you are allowing it. As long as someone can point to you and say, "You are the cause of my misery", then they do not have to face themselves. And, as long as you play the game, you take part in it and you do not help. You do not have enough faith in the individual involved. They will find it their own way, in their own way, and joyfully take that for granted.

(c) Robert Butts via Ric on yahoo.

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