Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Positive Aspects Divorce Can Have for Chidren

Abraham-Hicks, Ft. Collins, CO 6-17-06

Guest: I think my biggest question has to do with relationships and specifically dealing with divorce and helping increase my children's ability to stay in alignment with Who They Really Are...

Abraham: First thing we'd like to say about children of divorced parents is that they have a wonderful opportunity to, at an earlier age than others, see Law of Attraction responding to different vibrational points of view. And when they have the benefit of someone up close to them that understands that, then they get an earlier opportunity to understand that they have more control over their life than they might have thought.

When children are born into a sort of feathered nest where two other people are doing everything that they can to make everything be just right, their opportunity for contrast and their opportunity to create their own vibrational escrow is slowed down a little bit, and therefore their opportunity to consciously feel the separation between Who They Really Are and who they are allowing themselves to be has more opportunity (pause)... some of those beliefs can become very well entrenched before you become enlightened to your own Guidance System and to that vibrational crevasse between Who You Really Are and what you are doing right now.

So imagine a child who early on is exposed to contrast and has a mentor up close to them who is teaching them that through the power of your thought you can bring yourself into alignment at an early early age, what an advantage that is. IOW, we won't find these children in some environment later on where they are holding to beliefs that are limiting and struggling to break loose of them because they have, at an early age, had an opportunity to understand the power of their own mind and the power of their good feelings.

So, we always say to parents, your children are the teachers because they still remember that All is Well, you see. They're not bucking the current, they're not fighting the flow, they Know That... until you get hold of them really good and train that out of them which most parents, in a well-meaning attitude, derogatorily do.

You can't teach your children through your words, you must teach through the clarity of your own example which means you have a hard job in having lived enough life where you're not easily releasing beliefs and going with the flow of Who You Are but that's the effort that you must make. You must reach for the best feeling thoughts that you can.

(To be continued.)

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