Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Play like Michael Jordan?

Abraham-Hicks, El Paso, TX 2/17/01

When you watch the replays of your Michael Jordans, or any of them - there are many of them that have talents that you are wanting to experience yourself - as you watch them, ask yourself one question: Where's his mind? What's he thinking? But most importantly, how's he feeling? What's his mood or attitude?

And what you will see, again and again, is, he feels invincible. He feels sure. He has utter confidence. In other words, it's his MOOD. That's what you're wanting to practice when you're watching. Not what's his shot. Not what's his game. Not how he's moved. Not what's happening with the other players around. You're wanting to look into his eyes as the camera gets there, as much as you can, or look into his body behaviour and you're wanting to ask yourself: What's his mood? What does he know, right now? What's he KNOWING, right now?

There's never a particle of uncertainty or anger or belligerence or getting even or blame or doubt or fear. It's all that other stuff, that knowing, that confidence.

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