Friday, October 2, 2009

Attention to Rape

Abraham-Hicks tape G-4/17/94

Lets say that you are a young woman and your mother, when she was a young girl, was raped, so almost from the first thing you remember she talked about it in a guarded way, and so you started picking up on some of that vibration. Not really worrying about it yourself because you say " I live in different times and different places and I am a different person," but still the seeds of that negative vibration beginning in you.

So then because that vibration is within you, you start attracting from your physical environment information about that. And you become best friends with someone who before you met her was also raped. So now the vibration is starting to feel realer to you. You're thinking about it more, you're feeling more vulnerable about it. So now it's a very strong part of your vibration. And now because of the amplification and the amount of attention that you spend on this subject, now you are vibrationally in the perfect position to be the one that the next raper that is anywhere in your proximity chooses.

Now this is what we were talking about. In other words people interacting in your physical sphere influencing you to a vibrational pattern of thought. Now as you are in that vibrational pattern of thought your vibration reaches to the boundaries of the Universe. So you not only have access to a physical raper you also have vibrational access to any of the vibrations in the thought bank !!

In other words so you could have many other-dimensional experiences. So then you go to a past life regressor and you say, "I've got this trouble. I worry about being raped." And so they do a past life regression and in your past life regression you have the experience of having been raped. Or maybe the experience of witnessing someone being raped in this altered state of consciousness. And then your conclusion is "Ah this explains it!" I was raped in a past life and I didn't get it all dealt with so now here I am dealing with it again."

And we say, Balony!!! All that happened was along this physical trail you bumped up against some influence that caused you to start developing a pattern of influence that caused you to reach to the boundaries of the Universe for more of that experience.

...If you are not in a vibration of well-being before you start reaching, from whatever vibrational stance you are in, that which you will attract will be in harmony with that.

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  1. I don't know where I would be without the guidance or clarity I receive from Abraham & Esther. I thank ME whatever I did to bring YOU guys into my vibration or me into yours however it worked. This subject (childhood sexual molestation and rape) has been a real and serious issue in my life that I mostly lay to rest by ignoring it but because people ask about it (of Abraham) it's back front and center in my mind - not such a good thing.

    But, I understand that serious problems bring about serious solutions. I have to work through the emotional steps on this one rather than ignoring it because I don't think I really am ignoring it and that it does indeed keep me from trusting and fully enjoying a natural relationship between a man and a woman.

    Thank you. I have thanked you a thousand times and here I am still thanking you! Keep doing what you are doing, this world, little by little, is a better place for it :)

  2. My thing it, if this is a Universal Law, why is the rapist in jail?

    If he responded to your vibration to be raped, he should be in jail. He answered your call to be raped and now you are blaming him.

    So by putting him in jail and not standing up and taking responsibility "It's my fault. My vibration was to be raped so and he responded."

    It all Baloney and Ester Hicks is a much richer woman because you give her all your money.