Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abraham: Losing Your Temper

Abraham-Hicks Workshop: (If anyone knows what workshop this is from, please let me know.)

Guest: I just don't want to lose my temper.

Abraham: Well, we don't care if you lose your temper or not because your temper is not your Point of Attraction; the vibration that's behind that emotion is, so losing your temper is irrelevant. You think that that just causes them to respond in a stronger way, but they're getting your vibe whether you blow up or not. In other words, people can tell how you feel. They can tell if you appreciate them or if you don't. They can tell if you think they're doing good work or if you don't.

This is the answer to your dilemma here. Don't demand that they do good work before you see them doing good work. If you can see them doing good work before they do good work, they'll do good work. But if you need them to do good work before you see them doing good work, you'll never get there.

Now we just want to wrap this up today with this really big idea and as you ponder it over the next few days it's going to bring all of you to a place of greater alignment: The dominant reason that any of you feel negative emotion is because you've become something that in this moment you're not letting yourself be. In other words, you're denying your own expansion and that's why you feel negative emotion. You're not letting the expansion that has occurred vibrationally blossom in your experience in terms of manifestation.

So when you have, in that way, disappointed yourself by not keeping up with Who You Are then you want to find fault with Everybody in the World because if they'd just be better, you'd feel better. Just know that every time you're mad at anybody, it's your own disappointment about not being Who You Are, you see. And now we remind you it's never about the doing, it's always about the vibrational aligning.

You have options in every moment: You can feel good or you feel bad or you can feel badder or you can feel gooder. You can feel a little better. You can feel a litter worse. You can poison the well a little or you can try to filter the water a little. You can stir it up and more trouble. You can stir it up and make more positive. You can make people smile. You can make people frown. You can make people feel better. You can make people feel worse. You can dig in make a negative point. You can dig in and make a positive point. You can be a little more hopeful. You can be a little more worried. You can make an effort to laugh. You can make an effort to cry.

You have options that you can exercise and as you let what drives you be the way you want to feel, as you reach for feelings that feel like what you think that would feel like and as you achieve them and you will again and again and again and again and again... people that are doing exactly the same thing that they're doing now that are annoying you, will not annoy you, you will see them as children on their path of discovery.

When you see a child who has not yet learned to walk, who is attempting to, but who isn't good at it yet, fall over, you don't say, "Get up, you litle dummy." Instead you say, "That was good and you'll get better. And you'll like it when you're walking because it's really really fun." Just know, that every time you see a deficiency in another, it's about you're own Gap and nothing else.

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