Monday, October 5, 2009

Coffee or Abraham? What if You're Healthy, but Tired.

Abraham from "Money and the Law of Attraction", p. 134

Jerry: If a person seems to be in good health but feels tired or listless most of the time, what would you suggest as a solution?

Abraham: People often refer to that state of being tired or listless as a state of low energy, and that is really a good way of saying it. While you cannot cut yourself off from your Energy source, when you offer thoughts that contradict that source, your resulting feeling is one of resistance or low energy.

The way you feel is always about the degree to which you are in alignment or out of alignment with your Source. No exceptions.

As you tell the story of what you want (which is the story the Source within you is always telling), you feel happy and energized. The feeling of low energy is always a result of telling a different story than the expanded, Source Energy part of you is telling. When you tell a story that focuses upon the positive aspects of your life---you feel energized. When you tell a story that focuses upon the negative aspects---you feel enervated. When you focus upon the absence of something that you desire in your present experience---you feel negative emotion. When you imagine an improved condition---you feel positive emotion.

The way you feel is always about the relationship between the object of your attention and your true desire. Giving thought to what is wanted will give you the invigoration that you seek.

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