Saturday, April 23, 2011

Appeasement of Others Slows You Down

Abraham, North Los Angeles, CA  2/12/11

Abraham: There are so many people who have really overcome adversities that don't let themselves move out of, completely out of the vibration of adversity because it's still entertaining to explain the adversity. And, and here's the bottom line: (Softer) It makes the people who are still standing in the struggling pile willing to put up with your success if you tell them how long you've suffered before you triumphed, you see. And we say, it still slows you way, way down. You want to stop it. All of you. In other words, it still slows you way, way down. It slows you way, way down. (Applause)

But what it really speaks to is that so many people are appealing the way they are perceived by others. 'So, what they think of me really matters a lot to me, Abraham, so I've got to soften what they think. And so, since I'm thriving in every possible way and look at them-they're not happy. They're not happy that I'm thriving. I'm making them jealous.'

And we say you may be inspiring them to understanding what's possible. 'No, they don't like me any more, they're not writing me letters', and we say good. 'They're not coming to my parties', and we say not a problem. In other words, when you want to appeal to them, when you want to appease THEM, then you've got to be enough LIKE them that you keep the connection going. And when you're keeping THAT connection going, you're breaking THIS Connection. 

(Applause) Really strong.

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