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Abraham on Parents, Teens and Piercings

Abraham-Hicks Jan/Feb/Mar 1997 newsletter

GUEST: I don’t get along with my father very well. He has very contradictory ideas about what I want to do, and I was wondering, if he wants something very strongly... Well, I want to pierce my belly button and he does not want me to do that. It’s like a sin, and so if he is wanting very much for me to have a whole complete belly button without any holes or anything, and I am wanting to have a belly ring, how will that work out?

ABRAHAM: All right, now, let us show you what’s happening here. Teenagers are the one example in all of the Universe that defies the Law of Attraction as we know it to be. (group laughs) We are having fun with you.

What happens with any two groups or two armies or any two people that are wanting something different from the other...what happens is, as your father knows clearly what he does not want and gives that his attention, he is disempowered, which makes him mad at you, because it is his attention to you that makes him feel so bad. As you see your father as someone big and strong and in your way from what you want, you are disempowered, which makes you want to blame him for the way you feel. You’re both using each other as your excuse to not be connected to your Energy Stream.

So as each of you, independently from each other, focuses upon what you don’t want, momentarily, because that’s always the best way to identify what you do want. So your father would say, “Well I know what I don’t want. I don’t want her puncturing her body. I know what I don’t want. I don’t want her wearing something that is a symbol of something that I don’t feel comfortable with. It could mean any number of things, but it is representation of something that I am not at one with. I don’t want her getting a belly button ring because I wouldn’t get one. I don’t want her getting a belly ring because it makes her appear to be something other than what I want her to appear to be.”

Now, having said that, his desire may be erupting within him, and so then he could begin saying, “What I want to include, relative to my daughter, is I want her to be so at one with who she is that she acknowledges that all is well with her. I want her to feel so self-sufficient about who she is that she doesn’t have to do anything faddish in order to fit in. I want her to feel so confident and so comfortable and so connected to who she is that she just radiates the essence of that and doesn’t feel any desire to go the way of the fad. I want her to acknowledge that her magnificent body is young and beautiful and delicious, and I want her desire to be to hold it in that place forevermore.”

Now, if your father is saying those kinds of things to you, we don’t think you’d feel so much resistance about it. When he taps into the pure essence of his Nonphysical Energy and expresses that to you, you would not feel nearly so much resistance.

Now, let’s say that you’re saying, “I don’t want somebody telling me what I can and cannot do. I don’t want somebody else making their decisions for me. I don’t want somebody else making the decisions about what I do with my own body.” So you know what you don’t want. And then you begin making your statements of inclusion. “I want my daddy to realize that I’m all grown up. I want him to know that I really know what I’m doing. I want to be self-sufficient. I want to be...”

All of a sudden, when you both start including, you find yourself saying the same kinds of things. In other words, you are in absolute harmony about what you want. And the belly ring is superfluous to any of it. Get it or don’t get it. It doesn’t matter. You can both still have what you want.

(c) Abraham Hicks Publications

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Abraham in Three Steps

Abraham-Hicks from tape G 12/6/95

We want to make three powerful statements to you, and if these are the only three things you ever hear, they will be enough.


The ONLY problem, the ONLY thing that causes you any trouble, the only thing that slows you down, the only thing that keeps you from what you want, the only thing that makes you sick is RESISTANCE.


Resistance is always accompanied by negative emotion, negative emotion and/or pain - in other words pain is an extension of the same thing, physical discomfort.


Resistance is always always always pushing against something.

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Abe Vid: The Vortex Never Leaves You

Abraham counsels a woman whose parents are dying on people leaving us.

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Abe: The Power of the Vision

Abraham-Hicks from the Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 1996

What your purpose in life is, is the visualization process, to look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. Look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. The visualization process is your purpose of life. The Universe will match it with the physical equivalent.

The tricky thing is to not keep getting swept up in the physical equivalent so much that you lose sight of your ability to visualize. Can you hear it? The temptation is to then start observing. The temptation is to just start observing, to let what’s happening around you to dominate your every thought. Your work is to keep pulling yourself back. You go to the gym to work your muscles. We want you to go the {Creation} Box to work your mind.

We want you to work at visualization. It’s not going to come easy in the beginning. It’s going to be hard. Other things are going to call you off. You’re going to find your mind wandering all over the place. You are going to have to work at maintaining a focus. To maintain a focus and feel good can take a strong deliberate intent because it’s easier to follow those knee-jerk reactions. Those old habits are very well entrenched.

Your purpose in the physical experience is to use the data that abounds to collect the bits and pieces of it to create a scenario that rocks your world—and when you do that, the Universe will respond with a vibrational equivalent. But we want so much for you to hear that the vibrational equivalent—the physical manifestation—is not what it’s about. It’s the power of the vision.

Abe: Just One More Time

Abraham-Hicks, CD10 - Addictions

So often the decision is made, "Well I will just do this, just this one more time," when what you are really wanting is to not do it at all. That comes forth because your picture of what you are wanting is not strong enough, not strong enough even to win over this one little decision in this moment...

And once you really want something, you will not let anything stand in the way of it, certainly not something that you can control, you see.

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Seth: Media Confirms Negative Mass Cultural Beliefs Part 3 (Long)

(Seth: The Personal Sessions, aka as The Deleted Sessions from 12/03/77.)

Continued from Part 2:

This session must be taken into consideration with other ones, for I am making certain points here that are important, but that do not of course stand alone. You can if you prefer forget terms like hypnosis, but between tonight's and next Saturday night's session, I strongly advise that you take a half-hour: it can be nap time. Or any time.

Have Ruburt lie of the bed comfortably. You sit beside him or lie on the bed as you prefer-but verbally reassure him. Tell his body that the muscles can relax, that you are there, and it is safe for him to let go. Use relaxation techniques, as in hypnotic techniques, if you want. I have mentioned this before.

Often I do not state the reasons for such suggestions. To some extent - underlined and qualified - you hypnotized yourselves into your view of reality. You helped Ruburt form his. You have not taken my suggestion before for a very simple reason: part of you, Joseph, was not ready to reassure Ruburt in such a fashion, for you were not certain that it was safe to relax in such a world, and you did not want to lie to Ruburt because you believed the newspaper world so thoroughly - with all, now, of its implications, as Ruburt did.

Such an event represents an intent on both of your parts, you see, a joint effect, a changing of bodily response to a situation.

The newspapers act as hypnotic suggestion of a potent kind.

There is no one present who can confirm the newspaper's evidence. You cannot ask questions of a newspaper, or of a news program. The entire pattern of these latest sessions deals with your inner reactions to your beliefs about yourselves and the world. Tonight I am dealing with a specific area.

To some extent, however, these newspaper beliefs shut you off from full utilization from Framework Two's potency.

Hopefully, I am teaching you to reorganize your inner lives, so that you attract the best to yourselves from inner and outer reality.

Your suggestions to Ruburt along psychic lines were excellent - that he do more energy experiments. His own intention to try out of- body experiments again is also excellent because it shows a change of intent.

I want you to encourage his bodily relaxation in the same manner, creatively. You do not take chances, creatively or any other way, unless you allow your curiosity and exuberance some free play.

If the world seems too unsafe, you set up projections often against shadows, because you have accepted those shadows unthinkingly as facts.

Those ideas, mentioned earlier, even inhibit the free creative flow of our books into the world to some extent, for you do not have as clear a channel as possible.

Never compare the sale of our books to the sale of other books.

Different realities are involved-and you can then get involved with cross purposes. I have said what I intended to say. Again, these sessions are more packed than you realize. Each suggestion I give you is not only given for a reason, but has within it potentials that of course remain latent unless the suggestion is followed.

Do you have any questions?

("No, I guess not.")

(c) Robert F. Butts

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Seth: Media Confirms Negative Mass Cultural Beliefs Part 2 (Long)

(Seth: The Personal Sessions, aka as The Deleted Sessions from 12/03/77.)

Continued from Part I:

(With gentle irony.) You made a remark earlier this evening to the effect that the individual could do nothing in the face of such organized behavior-a remark that by now I'm sure you regret voicing.

(I laughed.)

Those ideas to begin with began with individuals. The people who make and report the news are individuals. The people who read or view the news are individuals. To some extent through the books you are helping people alter their psychic organizations, to look at the world in a different fashion, and therefore to view a different world-a world in which their experiences are different than they would have been otherwise.

Many people are already beginning to alter their picture of the world, but they are afraid of trusting their own intuitions.

Consider the lengthy letter from the young English gentleman. In a large measure, the world in which he now lives is a highly more enjoyable and productive one than it was before. His experiences are entirely different than they would have been. In terms of probability, he took a new probable road, which means that his individual impact upon the world, and everyone he meets, will also be different and more creative than it would have been before.

Unless Ruburt does, no one will remark about this young man. No one will trace the beneficial change in his life, and their effects upon others. People generally have been taught to play down their own heroism, and to concentrate upon man's weaknesses, and so your newspapers contain categorized fact upon fact, emphasizing man's errors and stupidities.

It has become virtuous to keep track of these, as if concentrating upon errors will do anything but compound them. I am, again, not telling you to be blind to physical events, but to realize that the news media, and your organizations, are not giving you an "objective" view of the world, but a view compounded and composed by Freudian and Darwinian beliefs.

I would also like to remind you both of the difference between direct experience and second-handed tales. Examine your own personal experience with physical reality now and then when you have a moment (with irony), relying only upon your own experience.

It is impossible, I know, and not really beneficial, to try to separate yourselves entirely from the cultural world, but you should understand the makeup of that world, and be able now and then at least to separate your private experiences from it, even though they must occur in its context.

How many crimes have you each personally encountered?

How many people have been generally well-disposed toward you?

How many have been actively vicious?

What has actually been your own experience with war, with prejudice, with hatred?

How much of your view of reality has been formed by direct experience, and now much has been formed through secondary sources, such as communications media, or tales brought to you by others?

This is an excellent exercise because it puts you in touch with your own experience, and at least gives you a point from which you can make judgments of your own. Your neighbor, Joe, had pneumonia, or a cold, or the snivels (upon returning from Florida last week).

To Margaret he had pneumonia, because she organizes reality in a certain fashion, and by slightly exaggerating certain data, she then uses it to reinforce certain beliefs. She then must take steps of course to protect herself against illness, and she is in fear of robbers for the same reason. She does not trust her body nor her fellow men. She watches news for stories of illnesses and robbers.

Those ideas do not exist alone. They have an emotional effect. To some extent, it is because you have accepted the newspapers' view of reality as real, that you have allowed yourselves to dwell upon certain attitudes about your fellows-so that for example sometimes the world does not seem to deserve great art; or that you even feel you do not want to share your work with the stupid bastards (Seth said, staring at me. I laughed again).

I am trying to induce Ruburt to drop his muscular armor. In the world of his experience he does not need it. His direct experience has not included it, the cruel adult world that he must protect himself against.

It certainly does not include a frightening psychic world, actually or otherwise. Any fears he had there he picked up through reading, or through the reports of others, so let him also separate his private experience in that respect.

Collecting such distorted data about inner or outer worlds can only make an individual build up defenses, or want to.

The newspaper world is, then, highly distorted, organized in such a manner that its data reinforce negative beliefs, and constantly give evidence only of negative patterns. These then are taken as an objective picture of the fact world.

All of the heroism, the private and even mass triumph, and the good intent, have been left out.

The world is seen as a patient, sick in body, insane of mind, a thing that needs treatment, a Freudian and Darwinian monster.

Even with your own changed beliefs, the two of you still see that mirror when you read a newspaper, and do not realize the invisible organizations behind the news. It makes it seem foolhardy to relax, doesn't it? (Ironically, leaning forward for emphasis.)

All of these things to some extent stand in the way of Ruburt's recovery. They point precisely to those areas in which both of you heartily agreed, though Ruburt's way of getting work done was not yours.

To Be Continued...

Seth: Media Confirms Negative Mass Cultural Beliefs Part 1 (Long)

(Seth: The Personal Sessions, also known as The Deleted Sessions from 12/03/77)

Seth: Good evening.

Now: in basic terms you form your reality, privately and en mass-through your beliefs, of course, and those beliefs cause you to organize your psychic world in certain fashions. You use such belief organizations to concentrate upon certain data and ignore other, so that consciously and unconsciously, you organize inner and outer stimuli so that it makes sense according to your beliefs, and forms therefore a more or less dependable framework in which action and response are possible.

History is written according to the present beliefs of a historian in his time. As you know, your western world followed its own mixture of Christianity, Darwinism, and Freudian psychology. Because those ideas still are largely in the mainstream of your society, your television news, newspapers, and magazines are invisibly slanted.

The news is invisibly organized to fit certain patterns, so that when you read or hear it, it carries the seemingly indelible mark, confirming the basic beliefs of the culture. I am not speaking strictly of political parties or political newspapers, or of any specialized journals or magazines, but of the overall pattern displayed by all of your mass communications.

You can see easily, however, the highly specialized, intensified view of the world that is apparent in scientific journals. These are in sharp conflict with, for example, religious journals. If you look you can easily become aware of these specialized worlds. Regardless of these differences, the overall picture is largely the same: you cannot trust yourself, your body, the natural world.

You are everywhere presented with the evidence. The headlines speak of problems between nations, mass and private crime, illness. The misuse of animals, man's stupidity and cruelty, so it seems that the species is nearly insane.

Let us look at the invisible organization behind such material, however.

I do not want to shock you, but there are quite as many cases of honest heroism as there are crimes committed.

There are patterns of highly constructive change that never show, as far as your media is concerned.

There are as many people recovering from diseases, even by themselves, as those who succumb.

There are compensating, creative earth patterns occurring in terms of energy, but these do not show.

If you do not understand this, then you will take your newspapers and other news unthinkingly, thinking that a fairly adequate picture of world events is being portrayed-a picture that only deepens the negative feelings that are behind the invisible organization of such data.

In such a way you miss any significant evidence to the contrary.

Privately, then, you will to some extent or another have to take up defenses against that reality.

As long as you think that your physical information about the world, through newspapers and so forth, presents a fairly adequate, objective view of events, then all of the evidence to the contrary will literally be invisible, for you will continue to organize your view of the world in the old way.

You will think, for example, when a story about misuse of political power is concerned, "That's only one story. How many more politicians do the same thing?"

For the newspapers also act in a suggestive fashion, further programming your expectations.

In a way you organize your physical experience as you do your inner life, through association, through emotional association. I am not simple speaking of sensationalism in newspapers or on TV.

When you read the news or hear it, however, because of cultural beliefs you are programmed to behave in a certain fashion, in a fashion that validates, seemingly, the concepts of Freud and Darwin, and the most unfortunate aspects of Christian pessimism.

This is not done with any ill intent. Individuals collect the news and write it. To many people, some kind of organization , even one that is wobbly, is far better than facing the task of setting up an entirely new view of reality. The inner structure of most of your organizations and institutions are based on those old precepts.

Individual lives have been constructed along those frameworks.

(To Be Continued...)

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Abe on Dependency

Abraham: They have to be selfish enough that they don't care what somebody else thinks, and that's not an easy thing. You all have integrated yourself into a society where you very much care what people think. That is the hardest hurdle for most of you to overcome. You do care what others think because you have trained yourself, most of you, to get almost 100% of your connection to Energy from somebody who is physically focused and approving of you.

In your early stages is where most of you begin vying for approval. You began standing on your head, but what you discover is, you cannot get that Energy Stream from someone who is not connected to the Energy Stream. If they are not selfish enough to be connected, they've got nothing to give you even though they want to. Your parents want to give you everything that you need, but they can't give it to you if they're not connected to it. You have all kinds of people depending on each other for their connection.

That's why Teachers like us and Teachers like you have come into this physical time/space reality, to remind you all how to make your own connection, to help you find your connection with Core Energy so that you can set your Tone and never again be dependent upon what somebody else thinks about you.

So that if you have a rough day, you don't need alcohol or drugs. You meditate and reconnect, or you quiet your mind, or you appreciate and reconnect, or you choose one of hundreds of pleasant images that you've been practicing that you keep in your pocket. You get one of them out and roll it around in your mind. You show yourself how to adjust your vibration. You never again depend upon the conditions to adjust your vibration. You leave behind what you have learned about conditional love, and you become one who loves unconditionally.

(c) Abraham Hicks

Abe Classic: When You Both Want Different Things

Abraham-Hicks, St. Petersburg, Florida March 12, 1994

We were visiting with a woman, recently, and she said, “Abraham, what do you do when you want one thing and your mate wants exactly the opposite? How do you ever resolve it? Doesn’t one or the other of you have to give up something that you want?”

And we said, “What’s this about?”

And she said, “My husband is close to retiring and he wants to live in this house for the rest of our lives, and I want to move out of this house and out of this town. And I’m as sure that I want to leave, as he is that he wants to stay.”

We said, “Give us more information. Why do you want to leave?”

She said, "The town is very small. It’s very narrow-minded. There would never be a gathering like this in this town.” She had travelled about 80 miles for the gathering. She said, “I am bored in this town. I don’t have any very close friends in this town. I don’t feel at home in this town. I feel that I’m being smothered in this town.”

We said, “Why does your husband want to stay?”

She said, “Because he’s close to retirement and he knows that our income will diminish, and the house is nearly paid for and he does not want to go out and buy another house in another area. We’ve had this house for many years, so we’d have to pay a lot more for our next house, which means we would owe a lot more, which means our payments would be a lot higher, which means we wouldn’t have the money for the security that we are wanting. And he has done a lot of work around this place. He has the gardens the way he wants them and the garage is organized the way he wants it.”

And we said, “Can you hear what both of you are doing? Both of you, from your predominant place of knowing what you do not want, are trying to make a decision and encourage the other one to go along with it, and you have no power. The Universe is not helping either one of you, so you’re just sort of wallowing in this place of discontent, both of you.

And then we said, in an attempt to bring her from the peripheral, where the issues were about action, to come to the center of the wheel where she is already in harmony with her mate. “Does your mate disagree with you trying to find more uplifting, enlightening seminars like this one?” She said, “No, not at all. He encourages me to go wherever I’m wanting to go, to have those experiences.”

And we said, “Did you have a miserable journey as you left your home and came all this way to this gathering?” She said, “Actually, no, it was one of the better days of my life. It is springtime, everything is beautiful, I had a glorious time on my journey to this place.”

We said, “Are you at odds with your husband’s wanting financial security and Well-being?” She said, “Oh, not at all. I want him to feel financially secure.” We said, “Are you uncomfortable in living in a house that is well organized where the gardens are manicured? Are you uncomfortable with living in a house that is paid for?” “Not at all,” she said, “that’s why I had enough extra money that I could come and do this.”

And as we chatted, a little bit, she began to realize that they are both much more in harmony than they are not in harmony when they got to the deeper, more important issues.

And we said, “Once you find that place of connection, that place of love, that place of appreciation, once you find that place, then, together, in your state of connection, you will be inspired to action—and, moreover, you will be vibrationally in a place of allowing the Universe to deliver to you that which will please both of you out there on the peripheral.”

In other words, in that vibration, more people in her town, that are like she is in her thinking, can begin to gravitate to her. And her mate, in his more connection as a result of their harmony, would find himself feeling more secure, and in his feeling more secure, he might be willing to roam more, he might be willing to go out and explore the world a little more with her.

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The Authentic You is the Truth. The Temporary you is the Lie.

Abraham, Mexico Cruise, 4-12-07

Guest: ... when it comes to my career .... I don’t even like to call it a career, because I don’t feel at this point that I have a CAREER .

Abe: That honesty thing is just going to kill you [audience laughter]. You’ve got tell-it-like-it-is-itis. [audience laughter]

G: I know. Yeah. [laughs]

A: Did you have someone up close to you that demanded that you never offer any deception whatsoever? In other words, where did this overeagerness to nail your foot to the floor come from?

G: [long pause] Well you know, you’re onto something there because what you’re saying is, It’s important to me to present myself accurately.

A: And so we would like to present yourself accurately from our point of view. Because we want you to catch a glimpse of who we see you as. We know who you are as you came in. And we’ve seen what life has caused you to become. And we give our undivided attention to your vibrational escrow. And so do all of the resources of the Universe.

And if you don’t turn your attention to what’s in your vibrational escrow, you cause a splitting of energies that keeps your life from going the way you want to. You’ve got to start looking at the Real You. You’ve got to stop being so deceptive and looking dishonestly at the temporary you. You must start looking at the Authentic You. And the Authentic You is over there in vibrational escrow.

You see what we’re getting at? The Authentic You. The You that Law of Attraction is responding to most powerfully. That’s why the stream flows as it does. [Pointing] You’re over here. This is who You are. And you’re uncomfortable until the rest of you comes with it. [Powerfully.] So why are you clinging so hard to the statistics that measure where you are, when the Authentic You is over there with a career that is beyond description from your physical terms right now.

You’ve got to start looking that way and start trying to define it. And most of all you’ve got to stop feeling that that’s deception. Because where you ARE is the true deception. That’s why it feels so bad. Not letting yourself be Who You Are is the great lie you are telling, you see. [huge audience applause]

And there are so many disconnected people willing to help you keep that lie alive. But you’ve come to a new awakening. You’re beginning to SEE Who You Really Are. And you know, now you’ve seen it, you can’t go back. You can NEVER resist going with the stream and feel good. You just HAVE to go with the stream. So, that discomfort you feel isn’t because you’re telling a lie. The discomfort you feel is because you’re beating the drum of where you are and not letting yourself go with the Authentic You.

(c) Abraham-Hicks

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abe Classic: Career 101

Abraham from Career Tape AB-19

Your true career is your joyful balanced
life experience.
That is why you are here.
There are many ways you can express yourself.
Start creating from the inside out.

'I want to feel good.'
'I want to be fulfilled.'
'I want to feel my value and my purpose.'
'I want to feel my freedom.'
'I want to feel my joy.'

Confusion comes from not starting from your center.
Do not start on the outside peripheral edges
and try to fix things out there.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Abraham: Keep to Vision in Committee

Abraham, Tallahassee, FL, March 30th, 1997

This is the best way to work on a committee: Identify what it is that you most want and envision that joyful blissful outcome, and as you hold that image in your mind, people who have never said anything positive in their life will surprise you. But if you show any vibrational pushing against what they are wanting, then instead, you evoke a defensiveness from them that makes them come on stronger. In other words, it’s like the wrestlers. The stronger you are the stronger you are the stronger you are the stronger you are until eventually you are defeated by the sheer weight and time of the event. It’s exactly opposite the way Creation really works.

We would stay away from committees if we were in your physical shoes because it is very difficult to sit in the midst, of and observing, people pushing against and not feel your own defensiveness come forth.

We would committee from afar. We would stand back with an overview, and we would not get close enough to get a whiff of what they’re all pushing against, but we would attract enough information that we could make a very clear decision about what is wanted, and then we would Script it and Focus Wheel it and imagine it and pretend it, and stand back smiling as it comes in to be. As long as you don’t feel that you need the credit, then you don’t need to attend the meetings. Good.

(c) Abraham Hicks Publications

Blogger's note: And isn't life just one big Committee, sometimes?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abraham: Feel Good NOW. It's crucial.

Abraham, 10/9/04-A, Tarryton, N.Y.

No matter where you’re standing, if it isn’t pleasing you, just remind yourself it’s not done. And then take the oh-so-easy, very short time emotional journey and show yourself how you can put ease in your experience...NOW...RIGHT NOW...NOW...RIGHT NOW...NOW...RIGHT NOW and then watch what happens. All of your power is NOW! NOW! This is your point of attraction. NOW.

Do you know that here you are and everything is actualizing around you NOW. So here you are in your NOW and everything is actualizing around your now. So your future experience that you are going to walk into is actually lining up in response to your vibrational output NOW. Interesting, isn’t it? So as you are ornery and upset or in despair, your future experience is lining up in response to that right now.

So you say, “But I have good reason!”

And we say who cares?

“But I have good reason to feel this way!” We say it doesn’t matter you’re still messing up your future experience.

“But Abraham, I know I’m right! This is the way that it is! I’m only speaking the truth!” We say, we know and your future is going to be full of it (laughter). Your future is going to be full of more of this truth that you’re feeling uncomfortable about NOW.


So, you’ve just got to decide that you’re going to do the best that you can now to feel good and stop making excuses about why you don’t feel good now by charting all of the statistics of reasons why you’re justified in not feeling good.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter.You’re should feel bad. But feeling bad only makes tomorrow worse! You’ve got to feel good NOW! You’ve got to make up your mind that nothing is more important than how I feel NOW. Because NOW is everything. NOW is the whole enchilada. NOW is the power of me. Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now!

And if I practice NOW feeling good, there’s a better chance that tomorrow I’m going to feel good too. You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be NOW. Why not start improving your life now? Now. Now. Now.

But you’ve got to stop comparing what’s happening to you and what’s happening to anybody else. Because you don’t know what they’ve been launching into their experience. You might meet someone who is thriving NOW and you might feel jealous that they are thriving NOW, and your jealousy about them thriving now will keep you from ever thriving as long as you feel jealous. You’ve got to feel appreciation! You’ve got to feel love! You’ve got to understand that well-being flows to everyone and you might as well start your flow NOW!

So you see someone who’s thriving and you’re not. Maybe it’s with health, maybe it’s with love, maybe it’s with money. They are thriving abundantly and you’re not. And your tendency is to criticize them or find fault with them or to feel inferior to them. All negative emotions, all squelching your wellbeing and all messing up your future experience.

So instead you stop and you say, “I don’t like that he’s doing better than I am doing” (squelching). “His father probably bought that for him” (squelching). “He probably knows people in power” (squelching). “Somehow, he’s managed to get in vibrational alignment with what he wants,” (alignment).

In other words, when you compare your resources now with someone else’s, the only comparison that you could possibly be making is how in alignment they are with what they want and how in alignment you are with what you want. And that’s the only justifiable equation that makes sense.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Abraham Video Excerpt:
Father/Son Relationship Issues

Abraham counsels a guy on his relationship with his father (excerpted from Law of Attraction in Action DVD):

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Early Abraham: Trying to Fix Others' Lives

Abraham from  8-29-1992

Abraham: The most important thing that we would like you to hear from us is that you came forth in this physical experience because you are a magnificent creator. You did not come forth to fix anyone…to fix anything for anyone else. 

You have such wanting for all to be well. You have within you an Inner Being that is such pure, positive energy that when you are experiencing less than pure, positive energy, you can’t stand it, and when you see those who are important to you experiencing anything less than pure, positive energy, you really can’t stand that. 

So you think that you should orchestrate something in order to make things better for them. And all that happens is they hate you for it. Because you can not want for another. Nor can you attract for another. They become resistant. They say “Nothing is broken here. Back away. Leave me alone. Let me live my own life.” And you are saying “But I want you to be happy”.

Now the way you assist another is by acknowledging that they are here to figure it out on their own. And the sooner you say to them, “You are smart. You are beautiful. And I know you can do it. And I’m out of here,” the better off all of you will be. Release them to their own creation. However you think it is good, or however you think it is bad. Let them do it.

And as they do, they will discover their own strengths, their own weaknesses. As they discover their own strengths and their own weaknesses, at least they will understand how the game is played, you see. We do not know one person in your life that does not have within them Inner Being of Pure Positive Energy.

Your dominant goal as you came forth was to be a catalyst to help them get connected to that. And that has been your goal all along. That has been your overt wanting. That has been what you have been moving toward whether it is a work relationship, whether it is your marriage relationship, whether it is your family relationship, whether it is a friendship relationship. You are here passionately wanting to make the world to be a better place.

But as you see the world not going too well—even in this relationship that you are currently focused upon—then you think you must fix it. But you make all your attempts to fix it from a place of disconnectedness when you have no power, no clarity.

You are getting a sense of what we are talking about?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Abe: Find Yourself Reluctant to Help?

Abraham: What commonly happens with those who are here to be of value, or you coin it into the phrase “be of service,” is that you feel guilty when you are unwilling or unable to help somebody. And the reason that you’re unable to help them is because there is too much spread in your vibrations. Neither one of you can relate to either one of you, you see.

So your desire to help them is so strong that, without meaning to, you lower your vibration so that you can connect, and as you lower your vibration—this is all happening subliminally—out of the desire to help, as you lower your vibration to assist them, you lose your sense of joy.

So, you say, “I don’t want to go do that anymore. This is not what I want to do.” You see what we’re getting at?

As a lifeguard, if you let one of them drown you, you’ll never save another. Or if you get your lungs so full of water, and it becomes a daily unpleasant experience, pretty soon you’re not going to want to go out there anymore.

So it’s balance, isn’t it? It’s keeping yourself in balance, keeping your desires out there loud and clear. Your desire of “why”, not your desire of “how”. Your desire of “why” will keep you in that connection.


Copyright (c) 1995 by Jerry & Esther Hicks, San Antonio, TX 78269

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abe: All Lack is Degrees of Resistance

Abraham, Philadelphia, PA 10/13/04

If you have physical discomfort in your body it is a result of longstanding resistance which means something has been bothering you a long long time and usually what it boils down to is someone or something has made me, consistently for a pretty good period of time, feel like I don’t have the freedom to be or do or have what I want to do.

And sometimes you can assign it to someone else. Sometimes you can assign it to your own insecurity. Sometimes it’s because there has been or is a dominant person in your experience that always wants to tell you where you are going to go have dinner. And sometimes it’s your own feeling of insecurity that makes you acquiesce to others, but it’s a perception of loss of power or freedom usually.


If you have got a little resistance going on in your vibration, it’s going to show up like emotion. And if you don’t do anything about soothing your thought then it’s going to show up as sensation. And if you don’t do anything about soothing it, then it’s going to show up like stiffness or soreness. And if you don’t do anything about soothing it, now it’s going to show up as stronger diagnosis.

In other words, these are all degrees of resistance
. We think it’s very nice to have a real manifested evidence of vibration, because as you determine to take emotional journeys, not only are you going to feel better, but the sensation will feel better too.

Now we want to say something powerful to you here. Earlier we said to our friend. “Can you have sore hips, which is the action journey, and hopefulness at the same time. So if you can separate those two experiences: there is the way my body feels and there’s the way I feel about the way my body feels. And if you will determine that you are going to feel optimistic about the way your body feels now the other part of it must turn around.