Monday, August 3, 2009

Abe: Find Yourself Reluctant to Help?

Abraham: What commonly happens with those who are here to be of value, or you coin it into the phrase “be of service,” is that you feel guilty when you are unwilling or unable to help somebody. And the reason that you’re unable to help them is because there is too much spread in your vibrations. Neither one of you can relate to either one of you, you see.

So your desire to help them is so strong that, without meaning to, you lower your vibration so that you can connect, and as you lower your vibration—this is all happening subliminally—out of the desire to help, as you lower your vibration to assist them, you lose your sense of joy.

So, you say, “I don’t want to go do that anymore. This is not what I want to do.” You see what we’re getting at?

As a lifeguard, if you let one of them drown you, you’ll never save another. Or if you get your lungs so full of water, and it becomes a daily unpleasant experience, pretty soon you’re not going to want to go out there anymore.

So it’s balance, isn’t it? It’s keeping yourself in balance, keeping your desires out there loud and clear. Your desire of “why”, not your desire of “how”. Your desire of “why” will keep you in that connection.


Copyright (c) 1995 by Jerry & Esther Hicks, San Antonio, TX 78269

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