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Seth: Media Confirms Negative Mass Cultural Beliefs Part 1 (Long)

(Seth: The Personal Sessions, also known as The Deleted Sessions from 12/03/77)

Seth: Good evening.

Now: in basic terms you form your reality, privately and en mass-through your beliefs, of course, and those beliefs cause you to organize your psychic world in certain fashions. You use such belief organizations to concentrate upon certain data and ignore other, so that consciously and unconsciously, you organize inner and outer stimuli so that it makes sense according to your beliefs, and forms therefore a more or less dependable framework in which action and response are possible.

History is written according to the present beliefs of a historian in his time. As you know, your western world followed its own mixture of Christianity, Darwinism, and Freudian psychology. Because those ideas still are largely in the mainstream of your society, your television news, newspapers, and magazines are invisibly slanted.

The news is invisibly organized to fit certain patterns, so that when you read or hear it, it carries the seemingly indelible mark, confirming the basic beliefs of the culture. I am not speaking strictly of political parties or political newspapers, or of any specialized journals or magazines, but of the overall pattern displayed by all of your mass communications.

You can see easily, however, the highly specialized, intensified view of the world that is apparent in scientific journals. These are in sharp conflict with, for example, religious journals. If you look you can easily become aware of these specialized worlds. Regardless of these differences, the overall picture is largely the same: you cannot trust yourself, your body, the natural world.

You are everywhere presented with the evidence. The headlines speak of problems between nations, mass and private crime, illness. The misuse of animals, man's stupidity and cruelty, so it seems that the species is nearly insane.

Let us look at the invisible organization behind such material, however.

I do not want to shock you, but there are quite as many cases of honest heroism as there are crimes committed.

There are patterns of highly constructive change that never show, as far as your media is concerned.

There are as many people recovering from diseases, even by themselves, as those who succumb.

There are compensating, creative earth patterns occurring in terms of energy, but these do not show.

If you do not understand this, then you will take your newspapers and other news unthinkingly, thinking that a fairly adequate picture of world events is being portrayed-a picture that only deepens the negative feelings that are behind the invisible organization of such data.

In such a way you miss any significant evidence to the contrary.

Privately, then, you will to some extent or another have to take up defenses against that reality.

As long as you think that your physical information about the world, through newspapers and so forth, presents a fairly adequate, objective view of events, then all of the evidence to the contrary will literally be invisible, for you will continue to organize your view of the world in the old way.

You will think, for example, when a story about misuse of political power is concerned, "That's only one story. How many more politicians do the same thing?"

For the newspapers also act in a suggestive fashion, further programming your expectations.

In a way you organize your physical experience as you do your inner life, through association, through emotional association. I am not simple speaking of sensationalism in newspapers or on TV.

When you read the news or hear it, however, because of cultural beliefs you are programmed to behave in a certain fashion, in a fashion that validates, seemingly, the concepts of Freud and Darwin, and the most unfortunate aspects of Christian pessimism.

This is not done with any ill intent. Individuals collect the news and write it. To many people, some kind of organization , even one that is wobbly, is far better than facing the task of setting up an entirely new view of reality. The inner structure of most of your organizations and institutions are based on those old precepts.

Individual lives have been constructed along those frameworks.

(To Be Continued...)

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  1. I agree. When we receive information, we have been processing it according to pessimistic notions, Christian or otherwise. If we are learning to be co-creators, the first step is to stop nourishing undesirable realities and continue to nourish desirable realities.