Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Visualization Process Is Your Purpose in Life

Abraham-Hicks Quarterly Journal Jul/Aug/Sep 1996

Abraham: What your purpose in life is, is the visualization process. To look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. Look around and see it like it is and then imagine it better. The visualization process is your purpose of life. The Universe will match it with the physical equivalent.

The tricky thing is to not keep getting swept up in the physical equivalent so much that you lose sight of your ability to visualize. Can you hear it? The temptation is to then start observing. The temptation is to just start observing, to let what's happening around you to dominate your every thought. Your work is to keep pulling yourself back.

You go to the gym to work your muscles. We want you to go the Creation Box to work your mind. We want you to work at visualization. It's not going to come easy in the beginning. It's going to be hard. Other things are going to call you off. You're going to find your mind wandering all over the place. You are going to have to work at maintaining a focus. To maintain a focus and feel good can take a strong deliberate intent because it's easier to follow those knee-jerk reactions. Those old habits are very well entrenched.

Your purpose in the physical experience is to use the data that abounds to collect the bits and pieces of it to create a scenario that rocks your world--and when you do that, the Universe will respond with a vibrational equivalent. But we want so much for you to hear that the vibrational equivalent--the physical manifestation--is not what it's about. It's the power of the vision.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Head in the Clouds/Pollyanna vs Dynamic Living

Abraham, Mexican Cruise, 01/23/10:

Guest: I find myself, okay, majority of the time in a really happy place. I don't really look at reality, I just try to be in a place where I feel really good. And so I'm looking for a feeling...

Abraham: Now, we want to just ask you a question, all of you:

So did we make it sound to you like we want you to ignore reality, and just find the feeling place, and then just feel your way around, or did you understand us to say ignore reality because it's easier then to feel your way into the Vortex, then you tune into the whole of Who You Are, and then you give your undivided attention to Life?

That's quite a different subject, isn't it? And some of you aren't quite making the jump. You've got the ignoring the reality part down, and you've got the feeling for something..that's why they call you Pollyanna, but you're sort of, you've got your head in the clouds because you're not really focusing. In other words, we want you to do it all.

We want you to ignore reality long enough to get into the Vortex, knowing that once you are in the Vortex that your undivided attention will cause you then to devour Life.

In other words, when you are conversing with someone who is tuned in and passionate about something, they're not ever accused of being Pollyanna. They're talking about future worlds; they're talking about dynamic things; they're talking about new technology; they're talking about new inventions; they're talking philosophy; they're talking about the best of life; they're talking about how Life is good to them in this way and this way and this way and this way.

We're not suggesting that you go to the Vortex and you sit over dinner and then someone says, "Hi how are you?"

And you say, "Flow and Ease."

And they say, "Did you move into your new house?"

And you say, "Appreciation. Clarity. Blissful."

That's not what we're encouraging. We want you to use the tools to tune in, so that you can give them the real response when someone says, "How are you doing?" and you say, "I have never been better. It's as if everything that I've ever lived is all queued up for this moment." You'll give them a hair blowing back experience, but they won't call you Pollyanna.

Guest: Maybe that was the wrong choice.

Abraham: "I never felt better in my life. Everything is going my way. Abundance is flowing. Ideas are flowing. Books are flowing through me. People are coming everywhere. Anything I want I can be or do or have."

"How are you?"

"Check," they'll say, "Check," but they won't call you 'Pollyanna'.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dead or Alive: There is No Separation Between the Vortex and You

Abraham answers a question about what happens to dead people in Sydney, Australia on 12/13/09

Abraham: And everything that you hear us do through the words that we express through Esther, or the books that we express through Esther, every effort that we make to help you understand... is to help you understand the wholeness of you: that we are all in this together,  that there is not a separation between that which you call Physical and that which you call Non-Physical, but for your lackful vibration that deprives you of it.

Now think about what we just said to you. So in this Vortex where all of the aspects of everything that you're asking for are, and where your Inner Being is, where the larger part of you is,  where the solutions to all things that you want are - it is from that vantage point that all new energies come forth -  this Vortex is this vibrational place that you can tune yourself to, and when you tune yourself to it...

And here's the reason that we love this question more than we can convey to you, and the answer even more than we can convey to you  is because when you get into the Vortex, you get to see what Source sees. You'll be the Lover that Source is, you see, and yet you want to make what Source sees entirely different than what you see when you're happy, or than what you see when your elated.

But think about those masters of your society, the Masters of Sport, of the Masters of Music, or the Masters of Art,  or the Masters...those that you revere, those that you see who have tuned themselves to the creative energies and have expressed themselves in the most fantastic ways: What are they painting about, what are they singing about, what are they writing about?  They're writing about what Source sees out here on this Leading Edge It's time to accept the bigness, and the wholeness and the goodness of this Physical World that is an extension of Source, and stop trying to hold out for this "Heaven" that man has conjured that he separates himself from every time he condemns himself for not being good. (applause)

When you get in the Vortex and those things occur to you, those thoughts that are occurring to you are the thoughts of Source. IOW, That's what we were talking about earlier as you choose the feeling and you tune yourself to it. You can tune yourself right in and you can answer for yourself exactly how Source sees and what Source sees, and no words that you'll ever hear from anyone else will ever be anything close to satisfying once you've gotten into the Vortex and you've taken a look and a whiff and listen and a feel and a sniff to what Source sees and hears and smells, you see.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to Leave Childhood Insecurities Behind

Guest: I've done a lot of belief work and I've found the beliefs that when I get very up, when I get very excited, enthusiastic there are certain beliefs I've found that bring me down.  And of course, I activate them, but I've discovered the beliefs are basically "I'm not worthy", "I'm not good enough", basically garden variety beliefs. And I've worked hard...

Abraham: And what is a belief other than a thought you keep thinking. The word 'belief' makes it sound power and important doesn't it. A thought that you keep thinking just makes it sound like a thought that you keep thinking. So we want to play with you a little bit and say, why do you keep thinking a thought that doesn't feel good and you say, "Well, because it's a belief!" We say, Yes, but why would you continue to beat the drum of something that doesn't feel good when you beat the drum of it, you see. Do you have an answer?

Guest: I was taught it very forcefully when I was young and that's my guess.

Abraham: Because you were wanting to please someone else?

Guest: Sure. I was wanting to believe the person that taught me these things. Because they were important to me, their respect was important to me.

Abraham: Yes.

Guest. And now it's hard to shake, isn't it? These beliefs don't make sense, and yet they still arise under certain scenarios.

Abraham: Do you think the person that taught then to you...what do you think their greatest motive was? In other words, when someone teaches you something what do you think their motive is for imparting this information to you?

Guest: I could think of ... my brother gave me a lot of these messages. He wanted to make me tough. He he wanted me to be a tough little brother, so he said means things to me to make me strong, I guess, that was his....

Abraham: But do you think his true motive was?

Guest: To make himself feel better? I don't know.

Abraham: But related to you, in other words, if you are guiding someone and giving them what you consider to be your best information, what's your motive? Why do you guide someone? Why do you teach them to be tough? Because you believe they will be better off if they are tough. Why do you teach them the things that you do? IOW, there are few exceptions to the reason being you believe that it is the best for them. IOW most people that are guiding you in most ways, are doing so...

It's like our friend said earlier, his sister is trying to save him. She's not trying to send him to Hell. She's trying to send him to Heaven. She's trying to save him from what she sees are problems. And most people who are guiding you in most ways, really, really mean well, you see.

And so when you say, What do I do now about shaking those beliefs that no longer serve me?  We say get to the bottom of the reason that somebody tried to impart them to you to begin with and accept that that reason was that they wanted you to thrive and they wanted things to go well for you, and then just fast forward to things going well for you, and then thank them for their part in it.

That's a really fast way to shift those beliefs because when you say to someone, "You taught me things that don't serve me. You taught me things that I hate. You taught me things that are wrong." All they do is puff up and try to teach you more of them.

But when you say, "Thank you, for your part, in helping me to be the joyous person that I am" it is our promise for you that in the majority of cases they were wanting your success, and when you emmanate your thriving, many of them they are soothed and then they press less hard about the details that they are trying to teach you.

Guest: And that's what's happening now in my relationship with my brother, but those beliefs still arise.

Abraham: You see what happens, when you're little, or when you're not little, but when you are feeling insecure, and you express your insecurity to someone else,  they want to help you. They want to teach you something.

And so what happens to a lot of you is you felt insecure, you ask others to help you feel more secure,  and then they started giving you their opinion which now you resent. And we say, in the majority of cases they wouldn't have been trying to help you if you weren't feeling vulnerable and asking for something from them, you see.

And so now what's happening and we hear this, you know this, but what happens is... So you were insecure, and from your insecure place, you attracted somebody who tried to tell you what to do. And now you're not insecure anymore, you want them to go away.  And we want to say to you they wouldn't even be there if there wasn't still some of that vibration of insecurity within you, you see.

And that's why your question was worded so perfectly when you say, "I guess I've got these beliefs."  And that's why we said, "And what's a belief. It's a thougth you keep thinking. So, are you feeling how full circle we've come?

You don't have to go back and unlearn those things. You don't have to back and stop believing those things. You just have to believe so clearly, which means practice so clearly, the thoughts that feel good to you when you practice them now,  and only things that match what you're offering now vibrationally can come to you, you see. You can attract the best of your now brother to you now, but you got to stop beating the drum of who he was or who you were, or how what he said affected you then, or how what he said affects you now. Yes?

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