Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Abraham on Inherited Traits

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex"- p. 160

Jerry: But aren't there traits that we pass on to our children? In the same way that physical characteristics are passed on, don't we also pass on other traits?

Abraham: What, specifically, are you thinking about?

Jerry: Like capability of mind, capability of body, abilities, health...How much control does that have over me now?

Abraham: You need not be negatively affected by anything, but when you are negatively influenced, it is because you are allowing your active thought to be one that disallows what you really want.

It is quite common to pass negative expectations on from generation to generation, but at any point, a person who recognizes the discord of that negative thought, who recognizes that the negative emotion means that his Inner Being does not agree, can gradually omit those resistant thoughts, which are at the core of all illnesses, diseases, and negative experiences.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Cannot Have a Problem and a Solution at the Same Time

Abraham-Hicks, Detroit 9-22-07

There are so many things that you want somebody else to do something so you can feel better, and we say, friends, you gotta give that up. You're living a very conditional love. You're saying, that condition feels good to me, and that condition feels bad to me, so make that condition more like that condition and then I'll feel better. And we say, what you're doing is sort of sloppy thinking. You're saying, I don't ever wanna have to deliberately direct my thoughts. I want somebody to figure out how to control the world so I can just sloppily look around and most of what I see will make me feel good.

And we say, that isn't what you want at all. You want the variety, and you want the discipline, and you want to turn your thoughts toward those things that are a vibrational match to who you really are. You want to use your willpower, you want to use your determination, you want to use resources, your facilities, you want to use your valor, you want to use everything you've got girded up. You want to use that toward directing thought. If you will direct your thought toward things that feel good you will not have a problem in the world. You cannot have a problem and a solution at the same time. You got one or the other. Which are you beating the drum of? Isn't that powerful?!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

They Show You What is Active in Your Vibration

Abraham-Hicks, 3/23/02, Phoenix, AZ

We have a new game for you to play. And the game goes like this. “I’ve decided in my physical human form that I’m going to take complete ultimate only responsibility for everything that happens to me. I’m not ever again" ... (it’ll take a little getting used to)... "I’m not ever again going to blame somebody else for where I am, for how I’m feeling, for what’s happening to me.”

Can you imagine if everyone would say “It’s my job.. my life is MY job.” So you don’t blame your mate anymore; you don’t blame your kids; you don’t blame your parents; you don’t blame your teacher; you don’t blame circumstances. You say “I take FULL responsibility.”

The reason that this is ultimately so satisfying is because you have only ever always, only ever always, only ever always, been the only ever always one who could only ever always do anything about anything in your life experience. Nobody else can do anything. In other words, asking someone else to change even if they’re willing, even if they can do it for 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years, even if you can get somebody else to contain their behavior so that you will feel better, you are the ONLY one EVER who can do anything about it.

And so, when you stop and think about it and you think... hmm, let’s talk about the uprising, the seemingly eternal uprising in the Middle East. Everyone thinking that somebody else should do something different. And no one else is willing to do it different for the other. And we say, can you imagine how peaceful and wonderful experiences could be if each individual would understand that “Hey, I can do something. I can do something.” And what is it that we’re asking you to do? We’re asking you to choose any thought, any word, any action that allows who you are to come back in this moment.

So... You’re so angry at your mate, or your mother, or someone... someone you work with, someone you work for. And they just seem to be ruining your life because they will not change their behavior. You do no seem to be important enough to them to change their behavior which hurts your feelings a great deal. And then you discover “Wait a minute! They don’t have to change a thing in order for me to feel better. I can start looking for positive aspects. I can look for things within them that make me feel good.”

“Oh that’s impossible” you say... “there is so much that is bad and not much that’s good. In fact I haven’t seen a glimmer of anything that’s good for so very long.” And we say, there are other subjects to which you could give your attention. “Well maybe,” you say reluctantly. “My dog. My dog is easy to love.. or my cat.”

And we say... do whatever it takes to find something to be your object of attention. And as you give your attention to something that allows you to feel good, you’ve done something about this relationship that was bothering you. In fact, if you will make it your work to feel good, every relationship that you have will be one that pleases you.

Now that’s offensive to some of you because you’ve been holding others as being responsible for you feeling good for so long that it’s sort of hard to let loose of that. It’s sort of hard to let them be whatever they need to be while you selectively choose whatever you need to choose to feel good. And we know friends that it would be a lot easier for you to do this if they’d learned it first. (laughter), but you can’t wait for them to figure this out and you don’t need to because once you figure it out, your life is going to feel so much better.

It does not matter how many aspects of whatever it is that you’re giving your attention to that’s making you feel bad. It does not matter how many negative aspects there are. It is our absolute knowing that in there somewhere are some positive aspects.

Now, it might be that the way your relationship has been evolving that you have begun to focus upon the aspects that you don’t like. So you have activated that part of your vibration to an art. So that when you come together with this person or these people that what they mostly show you is that part that is most active in your vibration. DID YOU HEAR THAT? WHAT THEY MOSTLY SHOW YOU, IS THE PART THAT IS MOST ACTIVE IN YOUR VIBRATION.

It’s such a wonderful thing... did you hear that? What they keep showing you is the part of them that is most active in YOUR vibration. And all this time you thought it was their doing. It is the part that is most active in your vibration. That’s why when we say to you, “Somebody should do something about it” the person that we’re ALWAYS talking about is YOU... not them, YOU.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seth: Love is Always a Protection

Seth, The Early Sessions, Book 4, Session 176

(Blogger's Background Note: Jane/Ruburt's mother was bedridden throughout most of her childhood and could be very emotionally abusive.)

Seth: He [Ruburt] would do his mother no harm, and for this reason she can do him no harm. The desire and the intent to do violence almost inevitably brings forth violence. We are involved here in somewhat of a basic problem, hardly Ruburt's alone, that will someday take up many sessions. For like does indeed attract like. If you hate, you will be hated. You will attract hate.

There are definite reasons for this. The reasons have been known and forgotten, but the very practical fact remains. If Ruburt would indeed do his mother harm if the opportunity presented itself, then he would indeed be in danger of harm...

...Ruburt's love for you, his ABILITY to love in general, is his protection. So he has nothing to fear. Love is ALWAYS a protection, in a quite literal manner; in a biological and electromagnetic and chemical and psychic manner.

(c) Robert Butts

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evolution, in a Long-Term Committed Relationship?

Abraham, The Law of Attraction in Action DVD Series, Episode VII, Disk 1

But we would like you to understand that moving from relationship to relationship to relationship is not the answer and that in fact the true relationship you seek is the relationship with Source. If you will tend to that relationship, if you will care about how you feel, if you will care about seeing this relationship through the eyes of Source, every relationship could be the long-term committed relationship you are talking to and the expansive, growth relationship you're talking about.

It's easy if you don't like something to just throw it away and start over, but you take yourself with you. And whatever went wrong in your last relationship, we promise you will go wrong in this relationship unless you've done something about changing the vibration. And by changing the vibration, we don't mean just go to another person! We mean do something about changing the vibration, and when you change the vibration you'll evoke from this relationship something different just as you would evoke from a new relationship. So whether you stay or go is not the issue. The issue is - am I tending to the relationship between ME and me first? And once I do that, I will find joy wherever I stand.

You can get so good at your alignment that you could have a wonderful relationship with ANYBODY. With anybody! But you have of course, through your physical experience, given birth to all kinds of preferences and those preferences should be met. You should be able to live with the kind of person that you want to! They should look the way you want them to look, they should behave the way you want them to behave. We don't want you to say: "You can behave in any way you want to behave and I'll just joyously bip along and be your doormat and do whatever it is that you want me to do!" That's not what we're saying at all!

The Art of Allowing doesn't mean let the other get away with things that bother you. The Art of Allowing means tuning myself to the point that I'm not bothered and then they CAN'T do things that bother you! Nobody can consistently give you something you do not want unless it is active in your vibration. And if it is active in your vibration you want to blame the other one because it wasn't active in your vibration before you observed their behaviour. But we want you to take control of your own experience by saying "I'm in charge of the way I feel because I'm in charge of where I give my attention." I can see through the eyes of Source or not. It's that simple.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seth: The Best Kind of Insurance

Seth, Seth Speaks, Session 546:

Quite simply, a belief in the good without a belief in the evil may seem highly unrealistic to you. This belief, however, is the best kind of insurance that you can have, both during physical life and afterward. It may outrage your intellect, and the evidence of our physical senses may shout that it is untrue--yet a belief in good without a belief in evil is actually highly realistic--since in physical life it will keep your body healthier, keep you psychologically free of many fears and mental difficulties--and bring you a feeling of ease and spontaneity in which the development of your abilities can be better fulfilled. After death it will release you from the belief in demons and hell, and enforced punishment. You will be better prepared to understand the nature of reality as it is.

Abe on How to Live a Long, Heathy Life

Abraham-Hicks, Ask and It is Given, p. 289-291

You can live comfortably, joyfully, resiliently, and healthfully as long you have desire that summons life through you. People do not die because they pass through time. They die because they do not allow this arena to stimulate decisions. The only reason people ever die is either because they have stopped making decisions about being here, or they have made decisions about being Non-Physical...

... You could be the one who opened your vortex to continually find new things to want, and those desires would continue to summon the Life force through you. In other words you are living raucously; you are living joyously; you are living rambunctiously, and you are living passionately... and then, from that same framework, you make a conscious decision to make your transition.

The best reason to make your transition into the Non-physical is not because the physical is miserable. It is because you have a sense of completion in physical - and you are looking for another vantage point. Death is a withdrawal of Consciousness; it is like taking attention from here and putting it there.

Every death is brought about by the culmination of the vibration of the being. There is not an exception to that. No one, beast or human, makes their transition into the Non-physical without it being the vibrational consensus that is within them, so every death is a suicide because every death is self-imposed.


Here is a rule of thumb that will help you: if you believe that something is good, and you do it benefits you. If you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is very detrimental experience. There is nothing that you can do that is worse for yourself than to do something that you believe is inappropriate , so get clear and happy about whichever choice you make because it is your contradiction that causes the majority of the contracition in vibration.


Make a decision about what you want, focus your attention there, and find the feeling-place of it -- and you are there instantly. There is no reason for you to suffer or struggles your way to or through anything.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seth: Witch Doctors in White Coats

Seth, NOPR, Session 659
With the greatest understanding and compassion, let me mention that Western medicine is in its way one of the most uncivilized hypnotic devices. The most educated Western doctors will look with utter dismay and horror at the thought of a chicken being sacrificed in a primitive witch doctor's hut, and yet will consider it quite scientific and inevitable that a woman sacrifice two breasts to cancer. The doctors will simply see no other way out, and unfortunately neither will the patient.

A modern Western physician--granted with the greatest discomfiture -- will inform his patient that he is about to die, impressing upon him that his situation is hopeless, and yet will react with scorn and loathing when he reads that a voodoo practitioner has put a curse upon some innocent victim.
In your time, medical men, again with great superiority, look at primitive cultures and harshly judge the villagers they think are held in the sway of witch doctors or voodooism; and yet through advertisement and organization, YOUR doctors impress upon each individual in your culture that you must have a physical examination every six months or you will get cancer; that you must have medical insurance because you WILL become ill.
In many instances, therefore, modern physicians are inadequate witch doctors who have forgotten their craft -- hypnotists who no longer believe in the power of healing, and whose suggestions bring about other diseases which are diagnosed in advance.
You are told what to look for; you are as cursed --far more -- as any native in a tiny village, only you lose breasts, appendixes, and other portions of your anatomy. The doctors follow their own ideas, of course, and in that system they see themselves as completely justified -- as humane.
In the medical field, as in no other, you are faced directly with the full impact of your beliefs, for doctors are not the healthiest, but the least healthy. They fall prey to the beliefs to which they so heartily subscribe. Their concentration is upon disease, not health.

And Now Seth: Should I Get Health Insurance? Pt. 2

Seth, NOPR, session 661, p. 331

Not only do you operate within your own personal beliefs, of course, but within a mass system to which you subscribe to one degree or another. Within that organization medical insurance becomes necessity for most of you, so I am not suggesting that you drop it. Nevertheles, let us look more closely at the situation.

You are paying in advance for illness that you are certain will come your way. You are making all preparations in the present for a future illness. You are betting upon disease and not health. This is the worst kind of natural hypnosis, and yet within your system insurance is indeed a necessity, because the belief in illness so pervades your mental atmosphere.

Many become ill only AFTER taking out such "insurance"- and for those, the act itself symbolically represents an acceptance of disease. Even more unfortunate are the special policies for the elderly that detail in advance all of the most stereotyped and distorted concepts about health and age. There is a great correlation between the kind of policies that people take out, and the illnesses that they then fall prey to.

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Should I get Health Insurance?

Abraham-Hicks tape 2/9/02-B

Abraham: We are not for a moment suggesting that there is not a place for medicine in your world. We just would not replace our own understanding of wellbeing and our natural acclimating to wellness with something that is outside of us.

Someone said, "Well Abraham should I get insurance?" and we say well insurance is kinda planning on trouble.

And then we said, "How do you feel about it?" and she said, "Well I would feel better if I had insurance."

And we said "Then get insurance."

Do anything that you need to do to feel better you see.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seth: It is Unnatural to Harness the Power of Love to Dominate

Seth, The Nature of the Psyche, Sess 774

I am not saying here that any given sexual performance is "wrong," or meaningless, or debased, if it is not accompanied by the sentiments of love and devotion. Over a period of time, however, the expression of sex will follow the inclinations of the heart. These inclinations will color sexual expression, then. To that degree, it is "unnatural" to have sexual desire for someone whom you dislike or look down upon. The sexual ideas of domination and submission have no part in the natural life of your species, or that of the animals. Again, you interpret animal behavior according to your own beliefs.

Dominance and submission have often been used in religious literature in periods when love and devotion were separated from sexuality. They became unified only through religious visions or experiences, for only God's love was seen as "good enough" to justify a sexuality otherwise felt to be animalistic. Instead, the words "domination" and "submission" have to do with areas of consciousness and its development. Because of interpretations mentioned earlier in this book, you adopted a prominent line of consciousness that to a certain extent was bent upon dominating nature. You considered this male in essence. The female principle then became connected with the earth and all those elements of its life over which you as a species hoped to gain power.

(9:47.) God, therefore, became male. The love and devotion that might otherwise be connected with the facets of nature and the female principle had to be "snatched away from" any natural attraction to sexuality. In such a way, religion, echoing your state of consciousness, was able to harness the powers of love and use them for purposes of domination. They became state-oriented. A man's love and devotion was a political gain. Fervor was as important as a government's treasury, for a state could count upon the devotion of its lieutenants in the same way that many fanatics will work without money for a cause.

(Long pause.) Give us a moment... (A one-minute pause at 9:56)

Some people are naturally solitary. They want to live lone lives, and are content. Most, however, have a need for enduring, close relationships. These provide both a psychic and social framework for personal growth, understanding, and development. It is an easy enough matter to shout to the skies: "I love my fellow men," when on the other hand you form no strong, enduring relationship with others. It is easy to claim an equal love for all members of the species, but love itself requires an understanding that at your level of activity is based on intimate experience. You cannot love someone you do not know...

(Session 774 continued here.)

(c) Robert Butts

Friday, September 18, 2009

Monogamy: Is It Natural or Unnatural?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex"- pp. 136-7

Questioner: Where I'm stuck is on the whole issue of monogamy. That is the way I was raised, and so I assume that that's a value of mine, but I've noticed a lot of pain and fear associated with it. First of all, you have to find someone who wants the same thing, and then you have to control that person's wanting, which is not fun by itself, and . . .

Abraham: Not only is it not fun to attempt to control over another, it is not possible. People often believe that what they really want is just some final ruling on the rightness or wrongness of monogamy so that they could then keep the rule or break the rule, but at least they would know what the rule is. And so, in your societies that rule had moved back and forth many times. It varies today depending upon what part of the world you are living in. But we want you to understand that it was never your intention as you came into the physical from Non-Physical to find one way of living and convince or coerce all others to abide. You understood that the world is big enough to accommodate vast difference in desires, beliefs, and the creation of lifestyles.

Which brings us to the first point of this question: I need to find someone who wants what I want. Coming together with another who is in agreement with the desires that you hold does make for good relationships. And, surely it is obvious that there are enough people with whom you share your planet that it should to be too difficult to find someone who is a match to you and what you want. But the thing that hinders most people - as they are looking to find that other person who matches the things they desire - is that they cannot find that person unless they themselves are a match to their own desires.

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People who worry about finding someone who will remain true to them cannot find such a person because the most active thoughts within them are worrisome thoughts of betrayal. People are finding it difficult to find the mate of their dreams not because that person is not out there, but because of their own contradiction to their own desire in the thoughts they offer about the subject every day.

When you consistently offer thoughts about your future relationship that feel good while you think them, that means you are consistently matching the desires that you have discovered as your have lived life. And under those conditions, only someone in agreement with your desires could come to you. Under those conditions, no need for control is necessary.

Questioner: So is it out "natural" nature to have only one relationship over a lifetime? Or is that something that was imposed on use by culture or religion?

Abraham: It was your intent ot interact with many others on many subjects. And whether you choose the subject of sexuality ot be something that you experience with only one, or whether it is something taht you want to experience with more than one, or with many, it is an individual thing. And your ideas about it are continually changing.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abraham on The Vortex

Excerpt from "The Vortex" DVD:

And so..Imagine this Source Energy, let's call it God, you usually do, this Source Energy who is the consensus of what Everyone, even one-celled organisms, have been asking for that would be best for them. Can you imagine a more Equal Opportunity? Can you imagine anything being more right than for there to be a Holder of All Requests and a Pushing Against Nothing? An Environment where what you ask for is always given?
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Does the Media Broadcast Pain, but Censor Pleasure?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" p. 135-6

Jerry: I also notice that in our culture it seems perfectly appropriate for television and movies to depict the maiming of people, and destruction and gore- anything horrible as far as destroying the human body- while it seems inappropriate to show human sexuality and pleasure. I've never understood why our culture has come to the place where it can stand hate and anger and pain, but doesn't want to see pleasure.

Abraham: It is not a matter of their wanting to see hate, anger, and pain, and not wanting to see pleasure. In fact, the opposite of that is true: people do want to feel good, and they want to see things that are successful and beautiful and pleasurable.

Many people are attracting to thmselves unwanted things by virtue of their atettention to those unwanted things. A misunderstanding of the Laws of the Universe is at the heart of this conversation as the people of your society wage wars against the things they do not want: war against terror, war against AIDs, war against teenage pregnancy, war against violence, war against cancer - adn every one of those things is getting bigger because attention to unwanted creates more unwanted.

Your moviemakers, whether they understand the Law of Attraction or not, understand that people do gravitate more toward viewing unwanted things than wanted. And we sumbit that the reason that is true is because there are strong active Vibrations in most people about what they do not want. If you were to engage the average person in coversation about what is going on with his life, you would find him much more articulate in expressing the things that are not working well - things that are unjust and things that need to be changed than he would be able to express the aeauty of his life and world.

Also, once you have decided that the world is leaning toward anger and hate, you are no longer a Vibrational Match to the beauty of the wolrd- and the world, as you attract, then leans in the direction of your belief. Anyone who begins to make list of the positive aspects of the world around them will train their Vibartion and therefore their own point of attraction to more of that.

Meanwhile, the people who make movies will continue to make the movies that people are attracting from them. We would like to help you remember that if you are waiting around for your society to get straightened out before you have a happy life experience, you will have a very long wait. If you are waiting for anybody else in your epxiernce to get straightened out before you ahve a happy experience you will have a very long wait.

You are not here to discover that which is perfect. You are here to create or to attract that which is perfect. As the contrast of your life, and even of what you are calling unpleasant movies, helps you know what you do not want, you also understand more clearly what you do want. Focus upon what you do want, become a Vibrational Match to what you do want, train your point of attraction to what you do want, and watch your personal world become that.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Until You Leverage Alignment, Not Much Will Happen Financially

Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, NC - 10/21/06

There are people who are earning, all around this world, so disproportionate to the action that they are offering that you could not possibly reconcile the wealth that's flowing to them. You just can't reconcile it. There are a majority of people that are accustomed to performing an action and receiving a financial response. Performing an action and receiving a financial response, and when your income is tied to an action, the amount that you can receive, proportionately, is miniscule.

When you're trying to make it happen by performing an action, you are limited by the beliefs that you have about time and space. In other words, you will say "I only make this much per hour and there's only this many hours in a day." And then you can work overtime, and you can work double time, and you can work extra time, and you can leverage your time in different ways, but until you leverage through alignment, you really are in the category with millions of other people where not very much is gonna happen.

Where if you say "I'm willing to play the game differently, I'm willing to accept on faith, maybe a little, that Abraham's right and that all of the struggling that I've done has put a lot of money for me in vibrational escrow, and I'm willing to go on faith that this universe is abundance and that there is an open valve for me through which I can receive abundance. I'm willing to go along with that idea. And I'm willing to play it that way for just a little while where instead of considering action in relationship to money, I instead consider emotion in relationship to money. How do I feel about money? How do I feel about money? I'm gonna leverage through emotion rather than bang it out through action."

Now that doesn't mean stop your action. Go to work, do whatever you need to do. Let the money come in in the little, mediocre, pitiful way that it flows into your experience. In other words, you don't want to pinch that off. Let it come. But while it's coming, appreciate it. While it's coming, look forward to it. While it's coming, compliment yourself and compliment others. In other words let it be an energy game while you're living the action game, because you can do both. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Find Alignment First and Then Take Action

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" p. 4-6

In every society of the vast number of societies on your planet today, you have instituted rules, requirements, taboos, laws - along with a great variety of rewards and punishments for conforming or not conforming - as each society seems determined to sort into separate piles the wanted from the unwanted. And although you work very hard at the sorting process, the piles continue to shift around; and you never come even close to a consensus of wanted and unwanted, right and wrong, good and bad.

It is our desire that, as a result of just reading this one book, you will never again require global, community, or even a partner's agreement in order to find your confidence, direction, and power. We want you to remember that the need for agreement from others come from a basis of misunderstanding of the Laws of the Universe and runs counter to who-you-really-are.

It is our desire that, by understanding your own personal Guidance System, you will return to alignment with the power that flows to you and through you. For by your finding agreement with the power that flows forth from within you, the harmony that you seek on all other levels and all other subjects- and with all others - will then (and only then) be possible.

Most people would deem it unwise to load a big clumsy truck, which has a very bad suspension system and a steering mechanism so worn-out that it is almost impossible to keep the truck on the road, with their most precious cargo. Or, most people would deem it unwise to gather a load of precious glass antiques and put them in the carrying basket of the bicycle that their five-year-old son is taking on his first bicycle ride today. Or, most people would deem it unwise to carry a sack containing their life's savings and all of their favorite jewelry and then walk out onto the iced-over lake before they were sure that the ice was actually strong enough to hold their weight.

In other words, it always makes sense to first find fundamental stability before embarking on any journey, especially those journeys that matter most to you. And yet, as people interact with one another on important subjects, they commonly plunge headlong into conversations and decisions and behaviors before they have achieved any sense of true stability, and then the return to stability is often very long in coming. And often, once out of balance, they stumble into the next and then the next and then the next out-of-control experience. Through the examples in this book, it is our desire to help you remember the art of alignment first - then action. Alignment first - then conversation. Alignment first - then interaction. Alignment first - then anything else.

People sometimes say, "Think before you speak." A wise intention, but we would take it further. We would suggest, "Think - and then evaluate the value of that thought by noticing how it feel; and do that often enough that you know, without question, that you are in alignment - then speak, then act, then interact."

Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with Source, who actively seeks alignment with their Broader Perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, and more effective, and more powerful than a groups of millions who have not achieved that alignment.

The historical masters and healers who you revere understood the value of this personal alignment. And in this book about relationships, we submit to you: There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul/Source/God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship first and foremost, you will then, and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships. Your relationships with your own body; your relationship with money; your relationship with your parents, children grandchildren, the people you work with, your government, your world will all fall swiftly and easily into alignment once you tend to this fundamental, primary relationship first.

(c) Abraham - Hicks Publications

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When You Think They Won't Help Around the House

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" p. 34

Jerry: Would you elaborate a little more on ways in which family members could harmoniously share in the responsibilities of common hom maintenance and help with the general flow of the activities of the family, and still maintain their individual feeling of freedom.

Abraham: When you speak of responsibilities, you are usually speaking of action, and we certainly understand that there are plenty of action responsibilities to be shared in the making and managing and maintaining of a home environment. And we also understand how it seems logical to most people that when there are a specific number of things that need to be done and there are a specific number of people to share those tasks, an action regimen seems logical.

The thing that usually goes wrong in such situations is that the people who are assigning the activities of the family are often doing so from a personal place of imbalance - not out of balance because of the amount of work that they are personally doing, but because of the resentment they feel about having to do more than what they feel is their fair share, or the frustration they feel about the work to being done the way they want it to be done.

Even though we are talking about taking action to organize and maintain the home, it is still necessary to find personal alignment first. Which leads us to another flawed premise:

Flawed Premise #7: With enough effort, or hard work, I can accomplish anything.

When you are Vibrationally out of balance with your desired results, there is not enough action in the world to compensate. Without working to achieve Vibrational alignment with what you really want, but instead, offering action to push against, or fix existing problems, the Law of Attraction will bring you a steady stream of problems to fix - and you will never get out ahead of them. If you are focused upon problems - the Law of Attraction will bring problems to you faster than you can fix them. If you are focused upon a disorganized home - the Law of Attraction will bring more experiences of disorder, disruption, and problems than you can keep up with.

In simple terms, the power of the Law of Attraction's response to your Vibration will always be stronger than your ability to keep up in terms of action. You just cannot get there from there. The only way to bring order to your life or your home - or your relationships - is to tap the powerful leverage of Energy alignment. And when you do, things that were formerly a struggles will seems to flow effortlessly.

. You have to let go of the struggles nad focus upon the end result that you are seeking. You have to find the feeling-place of a cooperative home that is organized and good-feeling before you can inspire that behavior from others. The people in your life will always give you exactly what you expect. No exceptions.

Many people tell us that they believe that their negative expectations were born from observing negative behavior, and not the other way around. "I didn't expect my son to refuse to take out the garbage until he consistently refused to take out the garbage."

You can find yourself in an endless loop where you explain that you feel negative because of the negative behavior of someone else. But if, instead, you take control of your own emotions and you think and improved thought because it feels better to do so, you will discover that no matter how the negative trend got started, you can turn it around. You have no real control of what anyone else is doing with their Vibration (or with their actions, for that matter), but you have complete control over your own thoughts, Vibrations, emotions, and point of attraction.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abraham's 30-Minute Energy Alignment Process

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" p. 39

Find things in your immediate vicinity--such as your bed, your bed linens, and your pillow--to direct your appreciation toward. Then set your intention to sleep well and to awaken refreshed. When you find yourself awake in the morning, like in more appreciation for at least five minutes, and then refresh yourself by bathing and eating. Then, sit for 15 minutes and quiet your mind. Feel whatever resistance you may have fall away, and feel your Vibration rise. Then open your eyes, and sit for five or ten minutes writing a list of things you appreciate about your life.

In doing this Energy-alignment work, your point of attraction will not only yield to you activities and rendezvous with good-feeling people, places, and things - but your ability to experience the delicious depth of them will be dramatically enhanced. Rather than doing things and going places to try and make yourself feel good, deliberately get to feeling good - and let those things and people and places come to you. It is possible that once you come into alignment with who-you-really-are, you will gravitate to a different relationship. But it is also likely that the relationship that you are already in was attracted from your point of being in alignment to begin with, and now that you have achieved alignment again, it will renew itself for you.

If you entered your current relationship from a place of mostly-alignment, its potential for returning to a wonderful feeling-place is great. If you entered this relationship because you were in the process of escaping form something unpleasant, then the basis of this relationship may be more about what you do not want than about what you do want.

In any case, getting yourself feeling good before you take any action is always the best process; and when you do not feel good, you cannot be inspired to any action that will solve the problem

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Friday, September 11, 2009

What if One Doesn't Want the Relationship to End?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex", p. 39-40

Jerry: But what if your desires are really different from those of your mate? What if one of you has decided to bring your relationship to an end and the other wants it to continue?

Abraham: We understand how that may seem like "different desires," but actually there is a powerful mutual desire at the heart of what both people want: the desire to feel better. One believes that the action of separation is the most likely path to feeling better, while the other believes that staying together is the path.

Let us begin this discussion by pointing out another flawed premise, which is a big part of thte basis of confusion on this issue:
Flawed Premise #9: The path to my joy is through my action. When I am feeling bad, I can get to a better-feeling place by taking action. I can focus upon a situation that I think is the reason I am feeling bad, and walk away from it. And once away from it, I will feel better. I can get to what I want by leaving what I don't want.
The positive moments you may have once felt within your relationship were not about the harmony you found with each other (that now seems to be gone), but instead about your own alignment with who-you-really-are. It is true that it is easier for you to be in alignment with yourself when you are not focused upon unwanted things. So a person near you who is pleasing to you can serve as a positive object of attention, causing no distraction from your alignment. But the belief that another person is "making" you happy is incorrect. Your happiness is your natural state of being. The correct understanding is that you are using this currently pleasant person as your reason not to focus yourself away from who-you-really-are; while, in your state of unhappiness, you may be using this currently unpleasant person as your reason to focus yourself away from who-you-are.

Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe that others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage, because you cannot control how they behave or how they feel.

It is natural that you would want to remove yourself from things that do not feel good, but in an inclusion-based Universe that is not possible. You cannot focus upon unwanted things- and therefore activate the unwanted in your Vibration--and get away from it, because the pulling power of the Law of Attraction is stronger than any action that you may offer.

As you walk away from one unpleasant situation, the Law of Attraction will bring another that feels very much like it, and usually quickly. You just cannot get there from there. To get to where you want to be - that place of feeling better - you have to reach for alignment between you and You.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Can One Move from Disharmony to Harmony?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex", p. 64

Jerry: If you were a child born into a disharmonious environment - or even an employee finding yourself in an unpleasant work environment - how could you remain in such a situation and still maintain a positive personal life experience?

Abraham: The first thing we would encourage you to do is to lay low, so to speak. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible in your awareness of the disharmony. In fact, do your best to be unaware of the disharmony, because in actually being unaware of the disharmony, there will be no active Vibration of it present within you, and the Law of Attraction will then leave you out of any discordant rendezvous.

But if, instead, you are aware of the unpleasant occurrences - if you seek to quell the injustices by drawing attention to them - then you activate a Vibration within you that draws you closer into the unpleasant mix. If, from your point of view, you identify wrongdoing and you point it out, those participating in the behavior you believe is wrong will rise up larger and push back at you in an attempt to convince you that it is really your point of view that is wrong. Then you push back, and they push back, and the discord looms larger while both sides are deprived of any lasting solution.

All contrast causes an asking for improvement by all parties involved, but usually those involved are pushing so hard against someone else that they render themselves incapable of seeing the solution, even though it may be quite near.

Seeing what you do not want until you can no longer stand it, and then leaving the situation and going somewhere else, does not bring a lasting solution, because the reason you left is the dominant Vibration within you, which means more scenarios like the one you just walked away from are making their way into your experiences again. In other words, you did not change your point of attraction by moving to a new location, to a new job, or to a new relationship.

It may sound odd, but the fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation. By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situaiton, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you. But if you rail against the injustices of your current situation, you hold yourself in Vibrational alignment wiht wha tyou do not want, and you cannot then move in the direction fo improvement. It defies Law.

Since a powerful desire for improvement is always born out of unpleasant situations, the larger part of you is already experiencing the benefit of the contrast you have lived, and you can - much more easily than many of you believe - begin, right now, to receive the benefit of that contrast. It may not be easy at first, but it really is as simple as making the best of wher eyou are.

In every particle of the Universe, there is that which is wanted - and that lack of it. By making a decision to orient yourself to look for what is wanted, you will change your Vibrational patterns of resistance, and it will not be possible to remain in unwanted situations for long periods of time.

Jerry: So, a child could be negatively influence by a parent, but that doesn't have to be a continuing influence through the adult life of the child, does it? In other words, that's an individual decision that can be made, at any time, by that child who is now an adult?

Abraham: It is clear, by the way you have worded your questions here, that you believe that the small child has little or no control in relationship to the older, bigger adult. And so, you are delaying your expectation of things getting better for this child until he become an adult and can gain control of his own life and make his own decisions.

(c) Abraham Hicks

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are You Blessed with a Difficult Child? Or Are You a Difficult Child?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex", p. 64

Many children are able to hold to their Broader Perspective even amidst strong human influence. They are often labeled by their parents and teachers as "problematic" or "troubled" children. They are often deemed "stubborn" and "incapable of learning," but we want you to know that a determination to guide oneself, and follow one's personal guidance, is an inherent intention that all are born with. Many are coming into physical form with an even more powerful intention of remaining connected to their own Broader Perspective, and the physical people who surround them are finding them less easy to dissuade from their own determinations. That is a good thing.

Many people have been socialized, in the sense that they commonly seek the approval of others, and they often live very difficult lives because it is no simple task to determine which, of the influential people who surround them, they should bend to.

And many people who have spent many years making an effort to fit in, to not make trouble, and to find approval from others finally reach the point of recognizing the futility of it, because no matter how hard they try to please others, the list of those who are not pleased with them remains longer than the list of those who are pleased. And who gets to decide what the right way of living is, anyway?

You are living in the wonderful time of Awakening. This is the time when more people will come into conscious realization of their own value. It is the time when fewer people will attempt the impossible task of pushing the unwanted far enough away that they will be left with only that which is wanted. It is the time when more people will come to the realization that what they have been long seeking is not a change in the behavior of others, or in the world outside of them -- over which they have no control -- but, instead, an understanding of their own Vibrational relationship with Source, over which they have complete control.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

What Is Our Greatest Value to Those in Need?

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" (p. 59-60).

Jerry: If we see a friend in a negative situation, living something truly unwanted or without something the person very much does want, how can we help? IOW, how can we be of an advantage to others rather than a disadvantage?

Abraham: Whether your friend is feeling negative emotion because of the situation he is in, or whether you are feeling negative emotion because of your awareness of the situation your friend is in, neither of you is aligned with your Broader Perspective. Your awareness of your friend's problem is a true disadvantage to him, because you are amplifying the Vibration of the problem and therefore adding to it.

Often your friend draws you into keener awareness of the problem by continually discussing specific aspects of it, but with every moment of attention that you give to your friend's problem, the further from really helping him you are.

In this contrasting world in which you are focused, any attention to your problems does cause you to Vibrationally ask for solutions, and those solutions do begin lining up for you. And so, you could actually add to the power with which your friend is asking for solutions by dicussing the specifics of the problem, but he does not need help in amplifying his problems in order to intensify his asking. That is a natural process that the contrast of the Universe provides...There is no reason to deliberately stir up problems in order to stir up solutions.

You are of no discernible assistance to your troubled friend unless you are able to focus in the direction of the solution, in the direction of what he wants, or in the direction of what you desire for him. If you are determined to feel good and are able to focus in this direction of improvement for him despite his continual prodding at his problem, your power of influence toward improvement will be powerful. IOW, when you focus in the direction of the solutions you join forces with your own Inner Being, with his Inner Being, and with all of the cooperative components that the Law of Attraction has already assembled. If you allow yourself to be the sounding board for your friend's problems, your power of influence will be paltry, and you will be of no value to your friend.

But something even more troubling is now occurring: Your friend's problem not only launched rockets of desire into his Vibrational Reality, but your association with him and your focus has caused you to launch rockets of desire about your friend into your Vibrational Reality. IOW, this experience has caused an expansion in you, and if you do not focus in the direction of your expansion- if you do not focus on the possible improvement for your friend- you will pull against your own expansion.

It is important to realize that the negative emotion that you often feel when you are worried about a troubled friend is actually present because your focus is pulling you apart form yourself. Your friend may be the reason for your focus, but your friend is not the reason you are pulling against yourself. Your focus is the reason for that.

Looking for positive aspects and expecting good outcomes for your friends in the only way you can be of value to them for there is no action that you can offer that is strong enough to buck your current of negative attention.

(c) Abraham Hicks Publications

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abraham on the News

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 8/9/03

When you turn on your television and the network news and it shows you what it has to offer, it is not even handed. It's not even close to being proportional to the well being and not well being.

It is so drastically distorted as it goes all over the planet and finds pockets of things it knows you will worry about and brings it to you.

So as you watch the evening news -- or whenever you are watching it, sometimes you can watch it all day -- as you watch the news, do you notice how they scour the planet for negative stuff to show you and can you feel the disproportion as you say "I've never seen anything like that in my life. I know it must exist somewhere but why am I thinking about it now? What does that person – wherever they are, making it their truth – have to do with me? And why are they telling me about it?"

Well, they are telling you about it because they don't understand Law of Attraction. They understand ratings. They understand that if they can get you worried enough about something you'll probably watch it and that's really what we want to talk about here today.

What is it that causes you to focus upon worrisome truth rather than pleasant fantasy? Or even pleasant truth?

Oh, we'll tell you, we won't torture you. (audience laughter) It's because most of you even those of you who are here who have been listening to us for a while, still believe that there is assertion and there is a source of bad stuff that'll get you if you don't watch out. That's the whole premise of the news. In other words, 'There's bad stuff out there and we're going to alert you about it."

Now this has been brought to absolute absurdity as they put those color codes up for you.

"It is a very high alert today. You know what to do." (audience laughter) "Worry!" Disallow well being. Fuss over something you can't do anything about until you've pinched off your well being and become part of their statistic which gives them the justification to put up another warning.

They mean well, they're just stupid (audience laughter). They don't understand Law of Attraction. If they meant well and understood Law of Attraction what they would be displaying are things that would induce good feelings within you. They'd say, "Oh, the world is beautiful place today. And while there are pockets that are not going so well we won't talk about them because they are so much in the minority and let's emphasize, all of us together, what's working, so that we can establish a vibrational pattern within those that we love that will attract only that which is well being."

Because well being is the order of all things, they would say to you.

Well being is the source that flows and unless you are doing something that pinches the source of well being off, you will thrive."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harmony in Relationships

Abraham-Hicks - Asheville, NC, 09/05/98

Abraham: You have more harmony points with every person on the planet than you have disharmony points, because there is much more of you that is in harmony with your Core than you realize or that most of you allow. The closer you come to being in harmony with your Source Energy, the more in harmony you are with each other.

When you think about other people and what they think of you, do you understand that what they think of you has very little to do with what you are? It has mostly to do with the habits of thought that they have developed. It has more to do with them as thinkers than it does with you as the subject of their thought.

If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good, you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy, because Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing.

Post NDE: To Achieve a Similar State in the Physical

Abraham-Hicks, Cincinnati, OH 9/24/03

Q: I died a couple of years ago…(near death experience). Now I don’t know how to feel as happy here as I felt there.

Abraham: ... Now you know the goal. You know how happy you are, and you know how happy you want to be. And that’s what you have come to express.

Guest: But the thing is that here is so not… allowing, or something…

Abraham: We know it seems that way, but it’s only the perceptions you’ve picked up. In other words, in that re-emergence into non-physical you left behind all of your limiting perceptions. And so, now your work is about one by one releasing the limiting perceptions, and it is our promise that you can be as happy here as you were there. And now you have this fabulous experience of knowing what you are reaching for.

And think about it in light of what we have been talking about here today. It is not about achieving something, it is not about going somewhere, it is not about being with someone. It’s a state of being, isn’t it? It’s the feeling. It’s the feeling! Can you feel how, as we’ve been moving through emotions here today, can you feel how what you are wanting to do is to move from where ever you are, which is feeling pretty darned good, to that fabulous goal that you now have which is feeling really, really, really good? …

We want to show you how to step here and step here and step here and step here, and then you say, “Hey, this is as good as being dead!!!” [laughter]

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