Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abraham on the News

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 8/9/03

When you turn on your television and the network news and it shows you what it has to offer, it is not even handed. It's not even close to being proportional to the well being and not well being.

It is so drastically distorted as it goes all over the planet and finds pockets of things it knows you will worry about and brings it to you.

So as you watch the evening news -- or whenever you are watching it, sometimes you can watch it all day -- as you watch the news, do you notice how they scour the planet for negative stuff to show you and can you feel the disproportion as you say "I've never seen anything like that in my life. I know it must exist somewhere but why am I thinking about it now? What does that person – wherever they are, making it their truth – have to do with me? And why are they telling me about it?"

Well, they are telling you about it because they don't understand Law of Attraction. They understand ratings. They understand that if they can get you worried enough about something you'll probably watch it and that's really what we want to talk about here today.

What is it that causes you to focus upon worrisome truth rather than pleasant fantasy? Or even pleasant truth?

Oh, we'll tell you, we won't torture you. (audience laughter) It's because most of you even those of you who are here who have been listening to us for a while, still believe that there is assertion and there is a source of bad stuff that'll get you if you don't watch out. That's the whole premise of the news. In other words, 'There's bad stuff out there and we're going to alert you about it."

Now this has been brought to absolute absurdity as they put those color codes up for you.

"It is a very high alert today. You know what to do." (audience laughter) "Worry!" Disallow well being. Fuss over something you can't do anything about until you've pinched off your well being and become part of their statistic which gives them the justification to put up another warning.

They mean well, they're just stupid (audience laughter). They don't understand Law of Attraction. If they meant well and understood Law of Attraction what they would be displaying are things that would induce good feelings within you. They'd say, "Oh, the world is beautiful place today. And while there are pockets that are not going so well we won't talk about them because they are so much in the minority and let's emphasize, all of us together, what's working, so that we can establish a vibrational pattern within those that we love that will attract only that which is well being."

Because well being is the order of all things, they would say to you.

Well being is the source that flows and unless you are doing something that pinches the source of well being off, you will thrive."

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