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Expectation, Friendly Fire, Sabotage, and Money Lost

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 02/04/2008

Guest: My heart is pounding.

Abraham: That's good.

Guest: So I'm getting really good at basking, and appreciating, and expecting because I know that expectation summons.

Abraham: Isn't "expecting" a good word? Expectation, expecting, wanting and believing, expectation. Perfect stance.

Guest: Yes, and so, and I've got some like-minded people in my life...and I...

Abraham: Is it possible to expect something you don't want? Not wanting and believing? That's expecting to isn't it? Just had to throw that in a little.

Guest: So, I got excited. I started to expect a Lexus GS Hybrid car. And I went and I gave the guy 500 bucks as a downpayment and started looking. And I was so excited. I was expecting it to come to me. I expected the Universe to conspire, it was going to come.

I shared it with a friend, and she said, "Tara, you need and wait until the checks come in," (because I'm on a path of financial freedom), "You need to wait until those checks come in." "No, no.." So she instilled this doubt. And I listened to her. And I stopped expecting.

Abraham: Well, we want to say to you that we can see how influence from others can influence your expectation, but when you said she instilled within you a doubt that sounds like assertion, and there isn't any of that. And if you make it feel to yourself like someone else has such powerful influence that you are powerless against their influence, that's really the bigger issue here, isn't it?

Guest: Well, I started to say I'm not going to listen to her, I'm not going to listen to her.

Abraham: But those are just words. I'm not going to focus up on this thing I'm focused upon. Go Away from me this thing I do not want.

Now let's go back to the word "expectation" for just a little bit because we wanted to say to you that if your vibration was in the place of the power of the way you spoke the world "expectation", no one could have knocked you off of that. And that's really want you want.

We think your friend is a wonderful helper in helping you to realize you want to be in a place of expectation, you just weren't really there because if you'd been really there and she'd said anything to you that countered it, her words would have sounded to you like "Blah blah blah blah blah blah". And you would've just smiled and said, "I just love how you care about me, and thank you for this information," and you would have just gone on your merry way knowing what you know.

But, now here's the most important thing, you could not from a place of that kind of expectation attract into your experience someone who is delivering to you information that is so counter to what you want. You brought her into your experience. She didn't instill in you, Law of Attraction said you feel just like she feels and that's why she was able to deliver the words to you in such a powerful blow.

Guest: Well I told her to shut up and I didn't want to hear it...

Abraham: Now think about what you're saying, and this is a good thing, and we don't blame you for wanting her to go away and shut up, but here's the thing that we really want you to hear. You're really going to ike this, and you brought us to a place that we're going go into a new place.

The battle that's going on here is not the battle between you and having something you want. It's not the battle between you and a pessimistic friend that doesn't believe in what you believe in. That's not the battle that's happening here, the battle is between you and You - the battle is between what's over there in your Vibrational Escrow that you want, and where you are about it.

And all your friend did was enhance because Law of Attraction will not allow a friend to enhance something that's not present in your vibration. You can't get stuff that's not present in your vibration. When you really expect the people that will be rendezvousing with you will be saying: I can see that. That's just exactly who you seem like to me. I can feel that exactly.

When someone's coming to you that tells you something that you don't want to hear, you've been beating that drum long enough that Law of Attraction has made them come to match you.
Isn't that good to know?

(Continued with Part 2.)

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