Monday, January 4, 2010

Life is Now

Abraham-Hicks - Albany, NY 10/1/02

We're not teaching reaching for thoughts that feel better so that you can make things turn out the way you want them to out. W
e're teaching it because in this moment of your frustration is your life, and we would not squander life on frustration. In other words, we want you to reach for thoughts that feel good not to get end-results that you want (although you will), but because when you reach for thoughts that feel good, you allow the connection of who you are here and now. That's what matters, you see.

We're not teaching the Art of Allowing or the Science of Deliberate Creation because we see the absence of things you need or relationships you need and we want to show you how to get those into your life experience. Your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now, your life is right now. And everything that you've ever wanted, anyway, is because you think you will feel better in the having of it. Feeling is life.

Feeling is life. Life is how I feel. There's nothing more. Life isn't about what has been and how I felt about it, unless how I felt about it is conjuring the way I'm feeling now. What is coming isn't about anything except how I'm feeling now as I'm thinking about what's coming. Life is right now.

Right now is the juncture between me in my focused leading-edge experience and who I really am as Source. And the way I feel now is about the way I'm managing that connection.

Life, my life - whether I call [it] a joyous life or whether I call [it] a miserable life - the sum of my life, which is all right now, is about my relationship with my Source, nothing more.

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