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Can She Grow Another Set of Teeth?

Abraham - Phoenix, AZ 03/21/99

Guest: Abraham. I've had a lot of problems with my teeth and about 15 years ago I decided I was going to grow a third set of teeth. So I informed my dentist of this, and he said to make sure to let him know when this happened. But that was about 15 years ago, and I haven't even created a little nub yet.

Abraham: Well, how often are you taking score about this? Do you look every day?

Guest: Yeah. I look in the mirror for that little tooth, and I notice that it's not there.

Abraham: It is fun to listen to you offer that desire into a sea of doubt. You couldn't launch that rocket of desire an inch in an environment of human realists who, like your dentist, mock you as they say, "Well, let me know how that one turns out." But, we say to you, if you have the ability to desire it, you have the ability to achieve it -- provided you align your Energy with your desire. All things are possible.

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Sometimes people want to prove others wrong. Well, you're dead in the water, right now, when you begin that, because now you're pushing against those doubting Thomases, which means, you are now part of that doubting vibration.

You have to let your desire build up -- and then you have to find vibrational harmony with that desire. And for those who have done that, before, all kinds of things have been invented to satisfy those desires that are an easier way of going about it. There are all kinds of teeth. You can buy them off the rack these days.

Guest: Mmm, no, no, no, I've got to grow them. When you buy them off the rack, they're not very comfortable, from what I've heard.

Abraham: When you say, "I want this because I don't want this," you can't get there from there. So talk to us about what you want and why you want it.

Guest: Well, all this dental work that I've had done has been painful...

Abraham: Now, you're still talking about what you don't want. Talk to us about what you do want and why you want it. Talk to us in more detail about the teeth, and why you want them.

Guest: I want great teeth that look good, so that I don't feel self-conscious.

Abraham: Now, you're still talking about what you don't want. You cannot get to where you want to be from the vibration of what you do not want. Law of Attraction says, you must find the Feeling Tone of what you do want. And that's the reason that you're not getting a little nub. And that's the reason that most people don't -- because most of you are so aware of where you are.

If you could go into a sort of dreaming attitude every day for 10 or 15 minutes...and if people say to you, where are you going? You're saying, "I'm going to eat lunch with my new teeth." Don't tell it to anybody who isn't ready to understand, but this is the thing that we would say. "I'm going to eat lunch with my new teeth." And then, just go into your dream state, and close your eyes, and get into your place of meditation, and feel your delicious, powerful, beautiful, strong resilient, teeth. Feel the Energy pulsing through your gums. Feel them, and then eat an apple with them. And then eat something really gooey, eat a caramel with them, and then eat, eat, eat ...

Feel the fun of your teeth, your teeth that are so strong and in your mouth. And then smile in your imaginary mirror, and feel gratitude and appreciation for your teeth. And then go on with the rest of your day. But every day go and enjoy your new teeth. Find the feeling place of your perfect teeth. As that becomes the familiar vibration -- the cells of your body have the regenerating quality to produce the outcome that you are fantasizing.

Imagine Your Body's Perfection

Any condition in your body, if you have the ability to imagine the perfection (that some disease has now highlighted) if you can get into that place -- the Universe has to deliver it to you. It is Law. Ask, and it is given. The question is, "Am I letting it in in this moment?" You've been asking, but you've been taking score.

If I want something that isn't coming, it only means one thing. I'm a match to my old belief and not a match to my new desire. If I'm a match to my desire -- it's happening.

If you will say, "I'm going to have fun in this vision. I'm going to have fun in this dream. I'm there already. I'm there vibrationally, and if I'm there vibrationally, I have to be there in terms of manifestation," it must be.

The manifestation always follows the alignment of the Energy -- it always does.

Where Did This Earth Come From?

How do you think you all got here? How do you think your bodies are formed? How do you think this podium is created? How do you think the earth exists? What did it come from? Is it an illusion? It's not an illusion, it's a reality! A reality that exists because lots of thinkers, somewhere, sat and thought about "new teeth". Someone envisioned. Before there was matter that is tangible and discernible by your physical sensors, there was a thinker, in this case many thinkers, that envisioned and imagined and knew and found it familiar -- before the manifestation occurred.

You, out here on the leading edge of thought, continuing the experience of your physical life, are not different from the Non-physical creators that set your earth into motion to begin with. You, at another level of your being, are that creator. And here you are in this body, continuing that process. You are creators, you see? You have access to the Energy that creates worlds! We think you can create some teeth.

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