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Expectation, Friendly Fire, Sabotage, and Money Lost Part 2

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 02/04/2008

(Continued from Part 1.)

Abraham: We want you to say to anyone who is saying anything to you, especially those things that you don't want, whether you say it out loud or whether you just say it to yourself ... Let's say someone is rude to you. We want you to stop and say (to yourself), "Clearly, there's something in my vibration that is attracting this."

When we first began playing with Jerry and Esther, Jerry said, "I have the perfect plan for the incarceration system. I think there should be islands where we'll put all the robbers on one island, and they can rob each other. We'll put all of the rapers on one island, and they can rape each other. We'll put all of the murderers on one island ,and they can murder each other." Just seemed like the perfect justice system to him.

And we said you already have that because Law of Attraction is managing that. And the group did not like that answer. They said, "How does the raped end up on the same island with the raper? How does the burgled end up on the same island with the burglar?"

And we say, it's the same vibrational frequency. When you focus upon what you do not want, you activate a vibration that makes you then susceptible to that thing that you do not want. So what you think, and how you feel, and what comes to you, are always a vibrational match.

So if you're attracting people that are discouraging you, your friend's words were the perfect words: It's not time yet. If you're attracting that sort of thing around you, that means you're not in the vibrational stance that you want to be in. You want to be in the place where you say, "I don't care what you think, that's what I'm going to do." When you feel like that then you'll be ready. And then you'll be in a place where the Universe can accommodate you in all the ways that you want, you see.

Guest: Well, I was kind of like that and my husband said "Yes, I see you're going to get there, but Honey, we need to be practical. You need to wait."

Abraham: But here's the thing that we want you to understand: It doesn't matter what any of them say because nobody else has a say in what you attract, but what they're saying to you is evidence of what vibration you got going on. So you've got to leave the peanut gallery out of it. You've got to clean up your own vibration, and when you do, you'll start getting different feedback from everywhere in your environment, you see how it works? Everything that's coming to you is an indicator of your vibration. You've got a lot of ornery people around you? One thing's true, you're ornery!

Now we want to clear one thing up and then we'll take segment of refreshment. Just because you're murdered, doesn't mean you were a murderer. Just because you are raped, doesn't mean you are a raper, but it does mean you've been giving attention to that. In other words, you do not get something that is outside of your vibrational patterning.

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