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Abraham - San Rafael, CA 3/24/01

Guest: Is there such a thing as an economic cycle? Is there a natural law to economics, like summer is summer, and fall is fall

Abraham: Your economics are, in terms of your individual success, your exposure to contrast which gives you your idea of desire, and then your success has to do with your alignment. So, the alignment of your own Energy is the only thing that causes anything to affect you. Of course, your Energy is affected by what you think about other things. And so, your economy is the consensus of the mass consciousness thought, because, as you have become a global world, and as you are all tied into the same media information, you can simultaneously be affected -- and therefore mass consciousness is affected -- therefore your economic conditions are more worldwide experiences.

These are rip roaring times. This is the leading edge of thought. There is not a reason for there ever to be a decline. And the declines are always false. Always man-made. Never necessary. And they always serve some extremely well.

As we watch your television and we see, through Esther's eyes, the newscasts, we notice that although the good news of your planet is huge in proportion to the bad news -- the bad news is what is amplified and given to you. What the media is showing you, is the bleakest picture, in order to get your attention, because that sells newspapers or television programs, or whatever. And even if they are all doing it, it does not need to affect you. But, it usually does affect you. And as it affects you, then there is a greater ripple effect.

How could you go through eight years of one presidential administration, having economic booming times, and then days into a new administration, have economic disaster? It is because a handful of people began saying a handful of things that a few billion listened to. And so, it affected a few billion vibrations, and now you're having the ripple effect of all of that. It is a powerful example of the power of mind.

There are popular trends and there are unpopular trends. And positive attitude has, as long as you've been in your physical body, not been a very popular trend. It doesn't sell newspapers. It doesn't sell television programs. (It doesn't sell "protection".) If you are in a position that you are wanting to soothe people's troubles, then isn't an aggravation of their troubles beneficial to you? That's sort of what is at the heart of all of that.

You are having glorious economic times, and there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you individually. You are having glorious economic times. And there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you as individuals, or you collectively. But don't let what they are doing, collectively, affect you individually. It need not. Begin making statements that always keep you in the receiving mode: "I'm not affected by what's happening outside of me. I'm only affected by the alignment of Energy between my desires. I'm actually benefiting by what's taking place here, because I'm giving more thought to what I am really wanting. I am fine tuning my desires in a more powerful way. I'm pulling more Energy through me than I ever have before. And I'm more deliberately paying attention to when I'm in the receiving mode than when I am not.

"I anticipate that I will thrive even more during these economic times. These are boom times for me. I'm clearer about what I am knowing. I'm in a much better place this time than at any other time. All is really well here, and the Law of Attraction will sort everything out, and we are all doing extremely well."

When you hear others that are expressing otherwise, sometimes it is to your advantage to stop, just for a brief moment, and ask: what is their reason for perpetuating this? In many cases, they haven't thought it through. But, sometimes the answer will be, it is to their economic advantage to do so. And as you begin to acknowledge how many people are using this to their economic advantage -- you won't worry about the economy any more.

Economics has always been about supply and demand. So if you are the diamond dealer and people are digging diamonds up in their back yard, you might want to go find something more rare, like a chunk of coal, or something like that.

There is no shortage. We know that there is no shortage, because we know that when you ask, the Universe has the ability to yield. There cannot be a shortage. All there can be is an individual or a whole bunch of individuals cutting themselves off from the supply of Well-being -- by finding one thing or another to be upset about.

Remember, there are the three points... You ask, the Universe yields, and you just must be in the receiving mode. It does not matter what games anybody else is playing. You have the ability to stand in a place of prosperity -- no matter what. And so, is there ever, really any shortage? There is never ever, ever, ever, ever any shortage! It is all something that is man's making. Sometimes deliberate, sometimes indeliberate. But it is never reality. It is only a perception of reality.

Life is good, let it be. It is our powerful wanting that you let yourself receive half the benefit that we all receive in our interaction through you. It's time for you to begin letting it in.

There is great love here for you.

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