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Should He Submit to Diagnostic Medical Tests? Part 2

Abraham - Los Angeles, CA 08/04/2001

(Continued from Part 1.)

Abraham: So then, all that other stuff that people are all worried about becomes inconsequential. The only question is, "Does it lock me on or does it lock me off?" Period.

It's well intentioned. They have a business. They want to be of value to you. They've been taught by the society at large that the society at large does not understand their ability to be well, otherwise everybody would be. And that there are people that are wanting wellness and don't know how to get there.

It's all co-creation. The doctor would not exist if it were not for the people who do not believe in their own ability to be well.

The range of thought is the range of thought that you hold. And you do not have access to those bright happy fluffy thoughts over there when you are messing around in resistant thoughts that are depressing or angry in nature. So the best you can do is just reach for the least angry thought that you can find. But you're not going to find a joyful thought in your range. Law of Attraction says that it is not possible. So you reach for the best feeling thought that you can find, and it's not that much better than the worst feeling thought, in reality -- but there is a distinction between the worst thought and a better feeling thought. So as you find a better feeling thought and you deliberately focus upon it (or even put your brain on pause for a moment while your vibration catches up with the higher vibration) that better feeling thought will then be the mid-range thought, and the terrible thought, now, is slightly out of range, and a little bit better feeling thought is in range. So now you reach for the best feeling thought, and even though it's not all that great, it does feel better than that one over there -- so you hold it for as little as 17 seconds -- and now it becomes the mid-range vibration. Which means, that really uncomfortable thought is gone altogether -- and a much better feeling thought is coming into view.

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Can you see how the exact opposite of that happens when you're looking for trouble: You're a little unhappy; you've been locked off; you've got something that's bothering you; you're not allowing your Well-being. So, you don't feel as peppy as you usually do, or your joints are hurting, or something. And so, you begin thinking about it, you begin talking about it, and then somebody says you might go have that checked. Can you see how you're reaching for a less good thought and a less good thought, and a less good thought? And then they say, let's take some tests. So, which way is that going? How many days for the results of the test to come back, and what's the condition of your mind during that time? More locked on, or more locked off?

It's really easy to see how, little by little, you teach each other, how to lock off your signal. You're looking at the statistics of the world of people whose vibrational patterns you know not, looking at the results of their vibrational patterns as manifestations, and then you're saying, "That could happen to me!" And we say, that is the symptom of being locked off. If you're not locked off, it could not happen to you. And you say, "Well, I worry about it." And we say, locked off. And you say, "And I know people that that's happened to." And we say, locked off. And you say, "Well, bad things do happen; there is a boogey man out there." And we say, locked off, locked off, locked off. You say, like Esther said, "But it's true!" as if speaking something that is true gives you a little latitude in your vibration. Finally you come to this place where you say, "True or not, other people experiencing it or not -- all of what everybody is living, and what everybody has always lived, has always been a combination of their locked on moments and their locked off moments."

And every single time, if you're up close to somebody and you get to examine the content of their day in terms of their mood or attitude, you never, ever, under those conditions question what they're living. Because what they're living is so evident in what they're letting in or what they're not letting in.

The more joyful you are, the more you thrive. It is just that simple. So we wouldn't spend too much time trying to scrutinize any particular sticking point. Get off of it. Go into a clear space, connect with Source Energy, and then if you want to revisit it from a better feeling place, that's fine. But we would not go looking for trouble at the doctor's office.

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