Friday, June 19, 2009

Abe: You Cannot Disrespect Yourself and Get What You Want

Abraham, Ashville, 10/23/05

We are going to get all of you with this one!

You would all be all right with who you are if you had been making your decisions based upon how they feel to you all along, but it is because you have been trying to evaluate yourself through the eyes of others

Oh, it is really an interesting thing how whatever powers-that-be choose the way you should look. And then you compare with that and come short almost every time. Because they have AIR BRUSHES and really good lenses in their cameras.

You are so hard on yourselves when you are someplace different than where you want to be. And that is what this message is all about. You must soothe yourself into emotional comfort before your desires can become manifest. You cannot hold yourself in disrespect of self and get what you want.

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