Monday, November 16, 2009

Recreate Healthy Body Cells Part 3

Continued from Part I and Part 2.

Abraham: So a healer who is really helpful is one who helps soothe his client into a place of allowing the answering to what the cells have been asking for. The very best healing words, if you are wanting to find a phrase that would be beneficial to everyone whether they could really hear it and believe it, and understand it or not would be:

Well Being should be yours. And your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do, and if you could completely get out of the way and trust, you would become well again because the cells know what they need and they are asking from their direct source of life. And if you're not in the way of that, that cell is going to find it's recovery; and if that cell does the other cells can; and if enough of them do, you're going to feel really good.

That's powerful.

So the trick is how do I do that when I hurt? How do I do that when somebody's given me a label that frightens me? And we say, you've got to separate the two journeys. You can have the illness and feel hopeful or you can have the illness and be afraid. You've just got to soothe yourself.

Words like "Faith" and "Trust" are really irritating, we know, but there is a vibration within those words "Faith" and "Trust"; the vibration that is really at the heart of those words is a non-resistant place of expecting well-being even before I have any reason to given the evidence that I have.

And so what people usually say is give me a reason to have hope, and I'll have hope. Or give me a reason to have faith, and I'll have faith. And so that's the reason that so many methodologies, so many different medicines, and so many different processes have come about because people-they're almost frantic for hope, you see. And anybody that can give it to them is a powerful healer. If you can find a way to convey hope, and trust, and faith, then you have helped them with their emotional journey. And when you do that the natural resources will take care of everything else.

And everything else is a dog and pony show. Everything else is just jumping through hoops for some other reason. It has nothing to do with what really happens. So the surgery? Just an afterthought. The medicine maybe gives you reason to believe. All that stuff is just serendipitous, but not at the heart of the remedy.

So what did we just say? We said here you are in a place you don't want to be: you're sick, your body hurts. And out of that contrasting experience is born a louder and clearer desire than has ever been emanated by you before. It went out sharp and clear and source heard it and answered it; and so help was on the way immediately.

And then a surgeon said, Let's do this, it will help. And those words soothed you into allowing the remedy that you were seeking. Or someone said, "Here's an herb." and your belief in them caused you to allow, and so you did. In other words, Alignment; we don't care how you get it. Anyway you can get it is just fine.

We're not trying to guide you away from surgery, or away from herbs, or away from medicines, or away from methodology, or away from sound machines, or away from anything. We're not trying to guide you away from action. We're just guiding you to attending to your emotional journey first, and the action will come so much easier.

Guest: Thank you.

Abraham: Yes, indeed.

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