Friday, April 17, 2009

Abe: Low Opinion of Self Hampers Strong Desires

Originally from a long ago online friend who transcribed his talk w/ Abraham from back in the days before the hotseat. Now from my personal archive:

"Your desire to excel is in strong contradiction with your belief in self.  Your opinion of yourself and your fantastic desires are colliding. So Eastern philosophy would say "Desire not", and you would come back into balance, and that would be right.  Abraham's philosophy says:  Little by little raise the vibration of your belief of self and you will come back into harmony.   That is just not a fast process. 

And a very wise teacher would say to you: "Do some of both", do your best to booster your appreciation of yourself, while you bring your desires in check a little bit so the extremes is not so debilitating. 

We would so some of all of that.  We would do everything in our power to soothe ourselves.  We would sleep more, we would float on the swimming pool more, we wold meditate some, not extreme, we would go to pleasant movies.  In another words, what we want to do, we want to somehow find a way, and we are certainly not in a position to grant you anything.  But if we could, we would like to give you permission to pamper yourself more, to soothe yourself more, to love yourself more, to appreciate yourself more, because that is so very much needed.

When you say "what is it, what is it that keeps me in pain from the faster achievement of my desires?", we say lack of appreciation of self.  Now, you could spend time trying to figure out how you got there, that's ALL COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, you see what we are getting at?

Hold these words with you for a couple of days and use them if they soothe and if they help:

Abraham which is a non-physical energy and certainly the energy at my core - has expressed to me their utter appreciation, ADORATION, and certainly respect for me, and if Abraham, clear and guided and sure as they are, can look at me at as I stand in my humble mess, as I see though my eyes, and they can assure me that I am doing very well, that I am loved beyond words to express, then may I should lighten up on myself a little bit and give myself a break here and there. 

We would think that if you can really hear us when we say: You're loved and you're known fully, and you're appreciated by this non-physical energy called Abraham, which is not different from energy that some called God, if that energy can see me as I am and ADORE ME WHOLLY, and I AM SOMEHOW WRONG IN NOT ADORING MYSELF TOO.

As you focus there and hold this words, it will help you."

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