Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seth: You Can't Blame the Government

Seth, ESP classes

You add to society. You are not at its mercy. It is not something outside of yourselves; you are a part of it. Any time you speak or agree or disagree, you are a part of society, and you are contributing to change or to lack of change.

The same applies, of course, in political terms. You cannot blame 'the government' for anything, for that 'government' is a term that is meaningless. It applies to individuals. The individuals in your nation are reflecting your private behavior. You find it shocking. You cheat in your own ways. The leaders have a greater opportunity. You use self-justification in your small cheating, and they simply use more gigantic self-justification in their cheating, and in their activities you see spread across the newspaper for the world to see -- your own private acts, only this time, magnified.

Gold Rush

You cheat at your income taxes. You think it is funny. So you have a president who is a cheat and a liar! Then look to yourselves, for he is the reflection of what your nation has become -- one reflection -- one reflection only. There are better reflections, thank heaven!

For you are not all liars, and you are not all cheaters. And you lie in one area of your life and be truthful in another. But until you learn to recognize your own individuality, and to realize that you form your reality, you will place the blame upon others. At the same time, you will not be able to accept your own joy, or your own creativity.

© Rob and Laurel Butts

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