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Abraham: Are Lawsuits Worth It?

Abraham, Boca Raton, FL - 10/30/2006

Guest: I’ve just been doing a remodel for the last year in South Florida, so that should say it all with the amount of aggravation and also about three weeks ago I had my cell phone stolen on the beach.

What I’m getting at is I’m now in the process of possibly suing my electrician and possibly having to sue some tile person and I don’t want to. I want them to just step up to the plate, give me my money back, finish the work. I don’t want to have to go through this trouble.

Abraham: The story we just told you was about them. That person that we were just talking about was about them. You know think about it: So, you’re not doing what you said you were going to do. You’ve got my money. You’ve held me up. You’ve slowed up the job. I don’t like being with you. I thought I was going to have a better relationship with you, but I don’t like being with you for all of these reasons.

But now I realize that I have no control over you, even if I take you to court, all I would do is activate a vibration in myself which will bring me ten more just like you to me quickly. Law of Attraction doesn’t squirrel around. LOA is utterly consistent.

So here you are and I NEED you to be different. I NEED you to be honorable. I NEED you to be the way I need you to be. And never mind what you’re going through. Never mind that there have been hurricanes. Never mind that your demand is high. Never mind. I’m not going to give any attention to what you might be living, I’m just noticing that as far as my relationship goes with you, you are terrible and I don’t like you. And I feel awful.

And the reason I feel awful is because my Inner Being still likes you. And my IB still expects the best from you. And my IB still knows the value of you, but I …you wore me down and I don’t like you any more. I need you to do something different. I need it so much I’m going to SUE you. I’m going to make the courts MAKE you do something different, or I’m going to die trying.

And then you say, oh now how did that story go? I don’t like you for all of these reasons, but I want a relationship with my IB so much and my IB so feels differently about you, that I’m going to see if I can find something that will help me to let go of those oars and turn and go with the flow.

So what thoughts could I think that would get me closer to how my IB feels about you: Oh yeah, you’ve been pretty overwhelmed, haven’t you? And your business has been stretched to its limits. And people have been asking things of you that aren’t even possible. And you’ve had more demand on your time and company and resources than you’ve ever had before. And almost nobody could step up to that kind of plate. And the intensity of your life must be really something.

And yet here you stand as an expert that does hold the key to something that I need. And I appreciate that you have built a company, that you even have the resources to do it, that it’s even possible that you could do what I need you to do. And I feel for you. I know that it must be very difficult for you. And I’m starting to understand that a little bit.

And I when remember choosing you to begin with, I remember feeling the clarity of Who You Are and I imagine that’s why you are in such high demand. And I think that almost anybody could get out of balance in these intense situations, I know I have. And I sure like it when somebody understands me rather than screaming at me when I’m out of balance I like it a lot better when somebody tries to soothe me when I’m out of balance. And now I’m back in balance more and more, and I can do a better job of soothing you.

And without ever having any of this conversation with this person, when you have this conversation with yourself about this person, you come into alignment with Who You Are. And now you and your IB are on the same page. Now your vibration is not scattered. Now you are the one that occurs to him. Now the cooperative aspect of him is in vibrational alignment with you who have come into alignment with that.

Have you ever had the experience where you didn’t do something that somebody wanted you to do and then you you started needing to avoid them because every time you saw them, you needed them to do it so much and you just amplified the absence of them?

(Blogger's note: Abe switched subjects and objects in the previous sentence, but you get the general idea.)

J and E have a situation with someone, they’ve been waiting for a long time. It’s a company that does the most magnificent water features that they’ve ever seen anywhere. And he built one for them in Texas at their property and they want another one built at their new residence. And his part needs to be in place even before they begin the residence because there is so much piping and water and it all ties into a swimming pool which ties into something else which ties into something else.

But the man is under such high demand that even though he adores J & E and wants to come and be there for them, he just can’t right now. And the more they feel uncomfortable with his inability to get to it, the more he can’t even bear to return their phone call because they are a vibration that opposes Who He Is and what he really wants to feel.

IOW, they have to get back into alignment with the water feature he built for them. They have to feel the appreciation for what he has done. They have to come into alignment with their dream because as long as he has made them feel out of alignment with their dream, they can’t get to their dream and that’s why they might resent him, but it isn’t him it’s them.

So we do make it all about you. We make it about you, not your partner. We make it about you, not your electrician. We make it about you because it IS all about you…because you can control your vibrational relationship with you. It’s all you can control, but it’s enough. It’s everything you see.

Ah. The power of influence that you are when you come into alignment with you and when you get lined up and people look at you and they say: How come you’re always on the top of the heap? How come things work out for you? Why are doors always opening for you? I work a lot harder than you do and things are going so well for you.

And you say: I’m charmed. I’m blessed. I go downstream. I’ve lined up my energy. I’ve figured out the secret. I now understand what to do. I was always in charge, I just didn’t know it. I gave my power over to this one and this one and this one and this one, by giving them responsibility for what happened in my life and now I’ve taken the responsibility back because I care how I feel. Now I’m tuned in, tapped in and turned on in every subject in the world and the Universe has all these cooperative beings that help me and I must look really odd because I get every single thing I want and I get it fast.

Guest: (Sings) Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream...

Abraham: Now what? More? Even though we’ve given you everything you ever need forevermore? Such Greed. Yes. Tell me more things that will make me feel powerful. Tell me more things that will help me get to where I want to be.

We’ll never stop telling you. And we’ll never stop knowing your success and we’ll never stop vibrating in your success and we’ll never stop living in your success. And we’ll never stop offering the signal of it, but you got to line up with it because we don’t have control over what you do with your signal.

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