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Death: What is the Actual Process?

Abraham, Burlingame, CA - 03/11/00 

Guest: I've heard you talk an a lot about death in the last year that... [Abe: We thought we were talking about life.] The thing that I'm still not complete with, is the actual process of the transition itself. I can think about after the transition and be very comfortable with that, but if I think about drowning or falling out of an airplane or some other horrible way of dying, I don't feel real comfortable with that.

Abraham: Do you ever have a bad dream? [Yes] And do you ever wake up right in the middle of it? [Yes] That's what death is like in those "horrible" situations you just described. In other words, right in the middle of something that you feel would be abhorrent or intolerable, you wake up into the reality of who you really are -- and it is like a distant dream that is not in your now.


And so, we can understand how you would be a little confused about how you would feel about it. But we have to say to you, you live in this Universe that is always yielding good things to you, and that the transition into Nonphysical is like, in one fell swoop, leaving behind all worry and fear. But what happens is, you see it as something not wanted, and so you push against it. Most people are pushing so hard against this death thing that they are not allowing themselves to truly live. So, there are few of you that are really living in the free, good feeling, of this moment, that you could if you were releasing your fear of death.

If we were standing in your physical shoes we would begin saying, on a regular basis, "I love this physical experience. And as long as there are things that are drawing my attention, and as long as I am able to allow the Energy to flow through me, I want to run rambunctiously in this physical body. I want a long, healthy, happy physical experience. And when there are no longer things that are calling me, I will make my transition quickly."

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In this physical time/space reality, it's pretty easy for you to utilize the contrast. You are becoming a global consciousness. You have lots of experiences, early in life experience. There is always more for you, but often you find yourself not able to find something more that you are wanting. But your Inner Being is never in that position. And in the moment that you spend time saying, "Well, I'm really not interested in that, and I'm really not interested in that," and you are not able to muster something that is summoning life through you, your Inner Being always says, "Well, there's plenty going on here, come on with us." So there is a withdrawal of your consciousness from here -- just like getting up and walking out of a movie that's no longer pleasing you, or leaving a conversation that doesn't feel good any more. But your consciousness does not miss a beat.

And so, the only question that we really want to talk about, relative to the death process, is not about the moment of death, that's a piece of cake. What we want to talk to you about is how much you are willing to endure not being fully connected to Source Energy before you make that decision.

We would far rather that all of you walk out and get run over by a truck, in the moment that you leave this building, than that you spend long lingering years worrying about one thing and another, and pinching the Life Force off, little by little. It is much more effective to just get it over with, reemerge into Nonphysical -- and then make another run at something that will summon more Energy through you.

That's what the beasts of your planet do. They come and go very easily because they're not worried about death. They know they're eternal beings. They are always fully focused in life. And they come to their full maturity faster and easier in life experience, and so they come in, they become mature, they experience the deliciousness of life, they make their transition -- and they come again, and again, and again and again. And you are the same.

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  1. Whoa, this is huge. Thank you for sharing this information. Perfect. :)

    I discovered this blog from following you on Twitter and I must tell you that I am so pleased with it. I have been working through your posts, reading backwards. It continues to be very helpful and uplifting. In fact, when I turn on my phone, whatever post I'm reading automatically shows, first thing.

    You've gotten me reinterested in Seth and I'm rereading his work with Jane Roberts, too.

    Thank you so much. Best to you!