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Abraham - Phoenix, AZ - 2/19/00

Guest: I'm looking for tools to have better clarity quicker. Often, because I know that it's better to have nothing in my life in a certain area than to be doing something that I'm not interested in, I'll clear the decks and I'll see a Stick (subject) and it'll interest me. I'll pick it up and I'll run with it for awhile, and then it's no longer interesting to me. It's no longer bringing me positive thoughts. So I'll drop it. Then I'll go on and pick the next Stick up. And so, would it be in my better interest to stick with that one Stick (subject) and work with letting go of negative thoughts?

"Clearing the Deck" Eliminates Your Launching Pad

Abraham: Maybe, or to carry more sticks at the same time. In other words, a very fun and effective tool is, let's say you are feeling unfulfilled about something, and so you imagine doing something different. And even though the idea of it isn't a very strong idea, you still go with it just to see what it will give you. You just play it out: Pretend it either way. Pretend that you are doing it, and then pretend that you don't do it. And often, out of that will be born another idea, or another idea, or another idea.

But most of you are accustomed to responding to the reality that you are living -- and so, you are having knee-jerk responses to what already is. You said, "often I find it's better to just clear the deck." So it's sort of like wiping away your launching pad. It is often more beneficial to stand right where you are, even if it's in a place that you don't want to be, so much, and let the contrast net you a really good rocket of desire.

Any subject that you take, if you will run with it long enough, it will do one of two things: It will either produce more clarity of what is wanted, or more clarity of what is not wanted. It will stir something up. And in either way you win, because all genius is, is attention to a subject. So if you get hold of something, and you really focus on it, the Universe is going to give you more information about it.

What often happens, though, is that you're sort of running in two directions with it. You're going with it because you don't know what else to do, but you're not enjoying it fully. And so, you're fanning both ends of that "Stick," which gives you the feeling that you're standing still, until finally it just becomes unpleasant, and then you just put the "Stick" down.

Don't spend much time doing anything that isn't feeling really, really good. If it doesn't get to feeling good, pretty darn fast, then leave it and reach for another.

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