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Abe: You Actually DO Want to Work. Really.

Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ - 04-26-94

Guest: I have a question that has to do with business. I have two businesses that I'm working on right now. And one of them, it's real easy for me to flow my Energy to. And I work alone. And I'm very, very good at what I do - and I like it!

The other business depends on other people, to attract the right people to be able to make a business work for them. And what's happening is I'm not attracting people that are capable and willing to do it without me. I mean, in other words...I'm trying to create a business where, once I give them the idea and teach them how to do it, that they should just do it. And what I'm wanting to know is -- and when they talk to me, they talk like they want to do it and they're going to do it. They never seem to get around to do or it, or they have all these obstacles that stop them from doing it. So...


The promise is to be able to build an income that will continually come in, called a passive income, that if I get up, or if I don't get up, I still have an income coming in.

Abraham: And so, what we want to point out to you is that there is something inherently wrong with that. And what is inherently wrong with it is that you are, from your place of not wanting to work so hard, saying, "I don't want to work so hard. I want to find something that doesn't require so much hard work." So from this place of not wanting to work so hard, from that feeling place, you've involved yourself in a business that promises that you won't have to work so hard, but the *vibration* is lackful!

And so, here is the bridge for that: We don't think that you are not wanting to offer effort or Energy. In fact, we think that if any of you did not have to go to work tomorrow, that you'd fill your day with something else! - You'd be golfing. You'd be shopping. You'd be getting together with friends. In other words, you like the deliciousness of spending your time in purposeful ways. So it's not that you don't want to do something; it's that you want more choice about what you do.

So what you're wanting to begin saying is, not "I want a business that will provide me the luxury of income even if I don't do anything." The bridge that you're wanting to say is, "I am wanting this business because I get to choose every part of my involvement in it. And, as I choose every part of my involvement in it, the dollars will flow to me, abundantly."

Can you feel sort of the difference in that?


So as you put a different twist on this -- in other words, what comes to you is not about earning. It's about opening the valve and allowing. What comes to you is not about justifying, or excusing, or explaining. Most of you work so hard to justify the money that comes to you. And if you'd just chill out, the money would come much more easily, you see!

But you've got yourselves vibrationally convinced that you have to pay a price, that there has to be strain and struggle for there to be any payoff. And we say to you, that is utterly backwards. That only works in a world that is pounding on action. And action won't bring you, in Esther's terms: 'diddly squat'! Action will only provide for you a miniscule, mediocre experience. It is not your action that brings it to you. It's your vibrational Energy flow!


Guest: So, would it pay for me to spend some time with the people that I'm involved in business with, then, talking about how we're flowing our Energy? Or should I do it myself?


Abraham: What you're wanting to teach them, and what you're wanting to remember, yourself, is -- you're wanting to keep your valve open. And if you can keep your valve open, while you worry about what somebody's doing or not doing, you're a miracle. In other words, we've never met one who could do it. If you can keep your valve open while you're talking about getting rid of this job, you're an anomaly to the Law of Attraction as we know it to be. We've never met one, you see!

So when, instead of following the techniques that others have tried -- and we tell you, millions have tried and millions have failed -- instead of trying these techniques that have been bantered about for centuries, if, instead, you will say, "I'm going to keep my valve open relative to this subject. Now what is it about this business that rings my bells?" And you just concentrate on keeping your valve open, you see...

You may have heard it said, "It's not the words you speak. It's the music you're playing." When you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on, when you're feeling great, they gravitate to you. That's why your business grew faster in the beginning, before you knew so much. When you thought they'd all get in and go, your valve was open, and more of them got in and went. But when you started noticing not all of them wanted and not all of them went, and you started noticing that good numbers of them didn't go, and you started concentrating on that, your music stopped. You see what we're getting at?

Most of all, lighten up and have fun!

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